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Everything and Anything, Top to Bottom. Thoughts and Theories by yours truly...Drew Hahn. City life to country boy, a golden gal pal to sports enthusiast (go Packers), spa nights to camping, wine to beer; its all rolled up in one. Funny takes on the everyday life as observed and experienced by Drew. Take a Listen ;)

Everything and Anything, Top to Bottom. Thoughts and Theories by yours truly...Drew Hahn. City life to country boy, a golden gal pal to sports enthusiast (go Packers), spa nights to camping, wine to beer; its all rolled up in one. Funny takes on the everyday life as observed and experienced by Drew. Take a Listen ;)
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Appleton, WI


Everything and Anything, Top to Bottom. Thoughts and Theories by yours truly...Drew Hahn. City life to country boy, a golden gal pal to sports enthusiast (go Packers), spa nights to camping, wine to beer; its all rolled up in one. Funny takes on the everyday life as observed and experienced by Drew. Take a Listen ;)




TDHS #82: Knack For Challenging The Artist

This ep is full of fall flavor, so do me A Simple Favor and dive in. Ill be reviewing a movie, reviewing Hopeland Music Festival from Green Bay Wisconsin, as well as some music updates for and from Appleton Wisconsin, plus as the seasons change so does our moods and I'm lightly treading on the topic of Seasonal Depression to help us understand our mood swings this time of year. As usual stories from the wonderful world of Drew our peppered in. So cozy up, turn on that wax warmer and lets get...


TDHS #81: A Titch Tipsy

the last episode was a disaster and this one inst much better, but im making a few corrections ;). Im also reviewing some movies. It was a great summer movie season and now as we head into fall and winter let me guide you into movies you may want to rent if you haven't already seen them yet. Its a good full list with colorful reviews by yours truly. So grab some popcorn and join along. As always I've peppered in some music also. Listen along. Smoochz


TDHS #80: Iceberg Lettuce Doesn't Count

In the follow up to all the greatness that was Mile im discussing returning favorites happening in the Appleton area which includes the magnificent Dan Rodriguez. Plus I have a new artist find im all about right now, Brett Newski. Ill be featuring the music of both these guys in this ep. I also have a news segment for ya, not done in a while, im resurrecting my perspective on what headlines really mean. Its a hodgepodge of fun, so take a listen, you might just like. ;)


TDHS #79: Love Letters to the Artists, Part Two

Thank you for the music! This is part 2 of my love letters to the artists. In this episode we are celebrating all things Mile of Music and its artists. Discussing highlights and favorite finds from Mile of Music festival this episode takes you on a journey with the music. From moments like moving on in life, to dealing with trouble times and harsh experiences the world presents. Peppered thru are shared experiences, words of wisdom and personal experience of powering thru the bigotry the...


TDHS #78: Love Letters to the Artists, Part One

Discussing Mile of Music, Mile 6! Another successful Mile on College Ave in Appleton, Wisconsin. Im reliving some highlights I had during Mile and also sharing some stories and music from artists of Mile 6 including Pip The Pansy, Caleb Hawley, Flagship Romance, and Wilderado. Plus, catch the follow up to the last episodes game of Marry, Shag or Kill - Mile of Music artist edition. Lets just say the bees got burnt and I got stung! We are just getting started, this is part 1 of 2, my Love...


TDHS #77: Road Trip to Mile, Part Three

We are in the final leg on our Road Trip to Mile. Rounding out this three part series featuring music and conversation highlighting a variety of Mile of Music artists I think deem special recognition. Most of these are new to me or new to Mile scene. With an ecentric collection, these set of artists are sure to send you speeding to Mile of Music. I also attemp to blend the flow of the music with the rush of the lyrics and real world story telling. Diving alittle deeper then usual with some...


TDHS #76: Road Trip to Mile, Part Two

We are inching closer and closer to Mile and so is the quality of this podcast. lol. Heres part two of our Road Trip to Mile. This episode we are discussing returning artist to Mile of Music and featuring some of their NEW music they've recently released. PLUS I have a Mile exclusive for you in the podcast. Also I went and saw the movie Skyscraper and whoa- nelly was it crazy. Find all the deats on the mentioned topics by taking a listen, this is The Drew Hahn Show!


TDHS #75: Road Trip to Mile, Part One

Thanks for all your patience and pardon the mess that is this podcast. Recorded in different locations/surroundings with different devices its not always the most cohesive, but its finally available. After a long hiatus to do to life and then computer/program issues Im hoping i can get things ironed out again because Mile of Music is just around the corner! In this episode Im previewing an artist that will be at Mile 6, Caleb Hawley. You definitely want to hear this and get the deats as you...


TDHS #48: Snatching Poodles

Have you heard about the poodle snatchers!? Bailee and I once again explore an array of dumb facts. But only after we discuss the twitter story of the gal who fished out her poop from a toilet while on a date. Thats right, you read that correctly. Take listen to hear the details. FREE. iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeartradio. Stream or Download. Facebook the show!


TDHS #47: Price Buyin Wine Guy

Its a solo edition where its everything and anything Drew and apparently I look like a Drew per someone who asked my name. Plus the great Reuben Casserole Ingredient debacle - who the heck is buying all the caraway seed! And adventures of Wal-Mart...stuck talking to the strange folk at my local store. Oh, and I self declared myself a Price Buyin Wine Guy. Take a wont be dissapointed. Smoochz. Like the Facebook page and download and subscribe on all platform including iTunes,...


TDHS #46: Improper Walking Leads To Exhaustion

This week Bailee joins me discuss some dumb facts like whats the deal with nose hair or how bout the high percentage of lefties dying from using right handed products. Plus Bailee shares her world of Potty training twin boys. Oh and we discuss the title topic Improper Walking. Stay tuned, this one is going to crack you up. Take A Listen :) and like the Drew Hahn Show on Facebook


TDHS #45: Sample Paula Deen

A Colon Cleanse, the fix-it place, a cell phone holder and missing glasses. These things all inter-twine into amazing Drew Moments and Mom Moments. This is a must hear. Plus I have some American Idol news and a sensational Shut The Fuck Up section, because thats right, more of you people are driving me nuts. Okay not you, but society. Take a listen to find out the scoop and like The Drew Hahn Show on Facebook :)


TDHS #44: Don'tchya Don't

Its New Year with New life experiences. Its greats to be back with a brand new ep featuring new resolutions, being called a prude, some classic mom moments, a vital Bullshit section and audio sound bite of me and a gal pal back from Halloween a bit tipsy and frolicy. Join me and lets get frothy together...take a listen :)


TDHS #42: Hair Line Is Important

The Trials and Tribulations of the Love Domain. Tammy returns in this very T-Swift infused episode as we discuss our misfortunes in (online) dating. We have some funny stories and wise experience to pass along and insights and tips for muddling thru the murky waters that is date fails. Take A Listen, You wont regret it.


TDHS #43: Mistletoe FM 101.5 WERD, The Holiday Happiness

Happy Holidays all. Let me help you get settled into that holiday moment or tradition with some great Christmas tunes. Hand picked and delivered by yours truly; perfect for that car ride to the in-laws or for wrapping all those gifts or perhaps stringing up those Xmas lights. Its all here for you. So turn up the radio and let Mistletoe FM be your Holiday spirit. Take A Listen!


TDHS #41: Hocking Wood And Stoking Fire

Whoopsidusal! Tammy joins me for her very first appearance on the show in an Random Questions Session. I get down to the nitty gritty of the essence of Tammy asking questions like whats her favorite sandwich, straight straws or bendy straws, and who would play her in a movie. We also discuss some camping adventures, changing a spare tire, our love for the Jungle Book and much more. Take a listen, Tammy's a hoot!


TDHS #40: Hunter FM 101.5 WERD, The Alt Rock

Happy Hunting. Hit Control Alt Delete on your day with another DrewCast featuring some great new music by mostly Alt Rock groups and artist. Great for getting ready to head out to the woods, or just sit back and grab a drink and work around the house or collecting thoughts. Featuring Mumford & Sons, Vance Joy, Hozier, Luke Bryan, Awolnation and more. Listen to DJ Drewsome take you thru these melodic beats. Take a listen.


TDHS #39: A Plunky Job

Im BACK, solo....and this one has it all. Im talking The Evil 3...U know, when you have all the bad luck, indeed there are some Drew stories there. Plus a major Bullshit section and Shut the Fuck talking too you WAR on Christmas. All that; but not without the crippling Online dating experience. That and more including a KC jam of the week; take a listen!


TDHS #38: Hypocritical Contradictive Profile

Flying this solo this week and guess what, Selfies Kill! I discuss that, plus I putting you the listener to work as I need advice. Im playing the dating game with online dating and wont your vote who I should message of 3 not so tempting men. Later I have 2 Things!-Ballers Blend & For normal body shape only Clothes. Plus Headlines, Sports Chit Chat and Insightful Words and then some...Take A Listen!