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The FuMP is a twice-weekly podcast featuring new, rare, and unreleased songs by some of the biggest names in funny music. These artists are regularly featured on The Dr. Demento Show and routinely perform at science fiction conventions and other places around the country.

The FuMP is a twice-weekly podcast featuring new, rare, and unreleased songs by some of the biggest names in funny music. These artists are regularly featured on The Dr. Demento Show and routinely perform at science fiction conventions and other places around the country.
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The FuMP is a twice-weekly podcast featuring new, rare, and unreleased songs by some of the biggest names in funny music. These artists are regularly featured on The Dr. Demento Show and routinely perform at science fiction conventions and other places around the country.




DoneKirk by Amy Engelhardt

Should've seen the movie before being inspired by the title...


It Runs In The Family by Steve Goodie

Ummm... this is another gross song about poop, which is gross. People seem to like poop songs. So, yeah. Words, music, guitars, drums, bass, piano, vocals, arrangement, production: SG


The FuMP's OK by Devo Spice

At some point while we were planning FuMPFest I heard the song "Hip Hop Hooray" by Naughty by Nature and started singing "Ooooh kaaaaay" on the chorus and thought this might be a good way to start Opening Ceremonies. It was a very last-minute thing, as I finished writing the lyrics the day before FuMPFest started. Ian, Luke, and Chris knew what I was planning to do but none of them had heard the finished piece, so the song was as much as surprise to them as it was to everybody else....


Binary Love by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction

Google has an AI called Magenta that they're trying to teach to write music. And when they announced the release of Magenta's first song I was intrigued. Turned out it was only music in the loosest definition of the word. This song is what I was hoping Magenta's first single would be.


Robot Party by Consortium Of Genius

The meatbags have finally been defeated! Robots rule the lab, and soon the entire Earth, so now's the time for all droids, 'bots, mainframes, cool A.I.'s, and cybernetic beings everywhere to party down. Recorded and mixed by Drumbot at the C.O.G. Secret Lab Featuring: Drumbot on drums and vocals and these meatbags: Dr. Sardonicus on guitars Dr. Z on bass Dr. Neo Sporin on keyboards Dr. B.P. Hatbox and Dr. Formelda Hyde on background vocals Robot Party Guests: I.D.10.T Oxymoronatron The...


Don't Talk About Size by Carrie Dahlby

Here: have a body positivity anthem! Parody of "Let's Talk About Sex" by Salt-N-Pepa. Lyrics, vocals and trumpet by Carrie Dahlby. Instrumental by Ben Stahl. Vocal / trumpet recording and cameo appearance by Insane Ian. Mixing and mastering by Jace McLain of Nuclear Bubble Wrap. P.S. "GGG" is an acronym invented by sex advice columnist Dan Savage of Savage Love. It stands for "Good, Giving and Game" as a way of describing how one's lover is in the sack. P.P.S. "Squick" marking is for one...


Fish Man Man Fish by Bonecage

April 20th was a weird day for me. I made this song in about 6 hours starting at about 6:00 AM. I was told later that I had apparently been channeling Mighty Magiswords. Good times.


Channel Surfing by Dino-Mike

Starting off Summer with a nostalgic kick to the swimsuit parts. Written and Performed: Dino-Mike Produced, Mixed and Mastered: Bob Emmet Video Editing: Dr. Don


Why Do You Torture Me? by Marc Gunn

Every musician has been there. You get a song request for some obscure part of your music catalog. You're expected to remember the lyrics and sing it during your live show. That's not how I work. I realized long ago that many songs are not meant to be performed live. So I stopped trying to learn those lyrics. Nevertheless, my hardcore Gunn Runners are still requesting songs like "Christmas Time in Texas" by my old band, the Brobdingnagian Bards. It was posted here on The FuMP years ago....


The Long Pig by Killy Dwyer

From the upcoming all female comedy-music compilation album Madam Opus: Funny Songs by Funny Women comes this submission by Killy Dwyer. Pre-order your copy by backing the Kickstarter for the project today!


Cyber Sex by Steve Goodie

actual size is back! Hooray! Here's a ditty that was about three years in the making. Music: Andy Corwin and SG Lyrics: Andy Corwin, SG, Maya Rogel Guitar, banjo, vocal: Andy Corwin Banjo, bass, tuba, vocal, production: SG


No Man's Sky by Insane Ian

Oh look, a reviewsical. This is from that Kickstarter I did back in 2013 that pretty much became a failed experiment. The album will finally be finished this year, but MAN did that ever take a long time. Folks like Bonecage and Dan Bull can do video game songs like every week. I can't do it as fast because...well, I have to have other people do the music. Regardless, here's this track, suggested by Kickstarter backer Mark Burger. Music, mixing, and mastering: Ben Stahl Lyrics, vocals:...


Konami Code fm_П_rmx by Pankow by The Gothsicles

Formed in 1979 in Florence, Italy, PANKOW is one of the most formative and formidable acts of industrial music as a genre. More importantly to The FuMP, they are the ostensible progenitors of industrial comedy. Check out the classic, "Me and My Ding-Dong". I basically worshiped them in high school, so receiving this remix was pretty personally insane. ALSO appearing on this mix are vocals from industrial comedy pioneer, CAUSTIC. This track, along with more stellar remix work, appears on...


Dotard Featherhead by Joe J Thomas

"Dotard Featherhead!" a song about a somewhat fictional president Dotard: a weak-minded old person Featherhead: a foolish scatterbrain parody of John Denver's "Grandma's Feather Bed" by Joe J Thomas of Joe's Dump Copyright 2018, Joe J Thomas, Joe's Dump All rights reserved. Not a Quinn-Martin production.


Duct Tape On A Broken Plot by Clearly Guilty

Sometimes, a movie is so disappointing, the only thing you can do is take matters into your own hands.


Everything's A Song! Super Rad! Version! by the great Luke Ski

The short version: Luke Ski covers Carrie Dahlby's "Everything's A Song" in the style of The Aquabats!, making this the "Super Rad" Version of the song! ENJOY!!!andnbsp; Featuring Genuine "Aquabats Super Show" Announcer: Mr. Lawrence! Music, mixing, andamp; mastering by Jace McClain of Nuclear Bubble Wrap! ~~~ The long version: In 2007, the first year the FuMP existed, the first lady of the FuMP, Carrie Dahlby posted an original mellow-tempo happy tune titled "Everything's A Song", about...


Loch Ness Cafe by New Middle Class

Joe Giacoio first imagined Elvis at the Loch Ness Cafe�, and we invited all of the other characters. Turns out that there actually is a Loch Ness Cafe� in Inverness, Scotland, and they contacted us for permission to hang these lyrics on the wall. We're proud to say that this song was a finalist two categories in the UK Songwriting Contest, and was played on BBC Scotland radio.


Bowl With You by The Belle Isle Rats

This song is about a man who chases a woman all over the world just because he wants to take her bowling. Yeah I know tons of other bands of written about the same subject, but this is our take on it. This song combines two genres which don�t normally play well together - hard-core metal and soft FM pop, and with as many syllables as we could cram into every verse. Enjoy!


Me and Mike Pence by Holy Bongwater

Parody of "Me and Michael" by MGMT.


Just Say No 2 H2O by Circuits or Gears

Since the early 80's, human children have benefited from helpful educational songs to warn them of dangerous habits before they get in over their heads. Robot children have never had this advantage... until now. And this silicon service announcement also has a hip beat you can dance to! Spread the word, before it's too late. Credits: Words, music, and drums - Drumbot Synth solo - ID10T Turntable stylings by ScratchBot 33.333333333333