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Donnie DaSilva and Chris Tidwell have been podcasting since before podcasting was called podcasting! This show features hilarious insight and poignant social commentary on whatever is going on in the world each week. We also feature the best interviews around! We chat with Hollywood actors, iconic musicians, killer comedians, profound activists, professional athlete, inspiring authors and more! Follow us on IG @GODFATHERSOFPODCASTING @GODFATHERDONNIE @NOTORIOUSTID






Donnie DaSilva and Chris Tidwell have been podcasting since before podcasting was called podcasting! This show features hilarious insight and poignant social commentary on whatever is going on in the world each week. We also feature the best interviews around! We chat with Hollywood actors, iconic musicians, killer comedians, profound activists, professional athlete, inspiring authors and more! Follow us on IG @GODFATHERSOFPODCASTING @GODFATHERDONNIE @NOTORIOUSTID




Episode 160 with Jacqui Childs

When you talk about powerhouse social media influencers within Canada, you HAVE to talk about Jacqui Childs. Millions of loyal followers across her platforms come to her for information about cannabis, mental health, or whatever is on her mind. Jacqui first gained fame as a member of the Naked News, and the last time she was on our show, she was promoting her highly successful OnlyFans account. Recently she made the announcement that she was shutting down her OnlyFans and walking away from all adult content. Of course, we needed to have her back on to talk about this major life change!Jacqui also chats with Donnie and Tid about a bunch of stories in the news this week and they have plenty of laughs. This is a super fun conversation and well worth checking out!


Episode 159 with DJ Starting From Scratch

Donnie and Tid are back with another killer episode! This week they sit and chat with a true icon in the music world - and a certified legend amongst DJs everywhere. If Donnie and Tid are The Godfathers Of Podcasting, then DJ Starting From Scratch is easily one of the godfathers of DJing. This man who has worked with names like Usher, Kanye, Drake, Russell Peters and more takes time out to hang out and do a deep dive on his come up and love for music. They also break down some hilarious news stories from this past week, and a whole lot more! Don't miss it!


Episode 158 with Humberto Da Silva

This week Donnie and Tid welcome an actual member of Donnie's family to the show. Humberto Da Silva has just released his first book "Compassion Fatigue" and since Donnie is his cousin, he invited him on to the show to talk about it. Compassion Fatigue is a collection of vivid short stories that are well worth the time investment. In this interview, Berto talks about his writing process, the future for young authors in AI world, a little punk rock - and lots more! Don't miss this one!


Episode 157 with Hal Johnson

For parts of five decades - this week's guest, Hal Johnson, has been the face of fitness for Canadians. You've seen his long running series "BodyBreak" that he starred in with his wife Joanne McLeod where they encouraged Canadians to keep fit and have fun. This week, Hal joins Donnie and Tid for his record FIFTH appearance on this show. He talks a lot about his incredible activity schedule, what he's been up to - and as usual - he gets a touch political. Hal is always honest and straight-forward and an amazing listen. Go check it out - you won't be disappointed!


Episode 156 with Chris Kraus

This week Donnie and Tid are thrilled to welcome the NCAA Northeast Conference coach of the year, and the only Canadian head coach in NCAA basketball! From Stonehill University (Division 1), it's Chris Kraus. Chris is a long time friend of the show and he talks to the guys about his amazing career. From what initially inspired him to get into coaching, to the amazing run he's been on for over a decade. Sadly, between issues with Streamyard and weather patterns affecting internet quality - the last chunk of the interview is a little choppy. Definitely not the quality we are used to delivering, so we apologize for that! Regardless - check it out!


Episode 155 with Tiffany Fabiani

This week Donnie and Tid share the story of a woman living her dream. Tiffany Fabiani auditioned twice for The Voice and didn't make the cut. She wanted to give up on her dream of being a professional musician, but her loving husband convinced her to stick with it - and it's a good thing he did. Just a few weeks ago, Tiffany released her first single as the lead singer of her new band "Enemy Of Fate". The song titled "Dear Dad" is receiving positive reviews, and we think it's just a matter of time before Tiffany blows up. Check out our conversation with Tiffany! Also on the episode: the guys discuss USADA and UFC splitting ways, the Logan Paul / Dillon Danis press conference incident, the war in the middle east, and more.


Episode 154 with Murtz Jaffer

This week Donnie and Tid are back and have a super fun episode for you! Our featured guest is a long time entertainment journalist, and the king of reality TV - Murtz Jaffer. Murtz has some great stories including the time he pulled a scam to get up close and personal with Donald Trump. The guys also talk about some big stories from the past week including the passing of an NFL legend, controversy surrounding the end of the writer's strike, a streaming platform looking to the future - and more! Check it out!


Episode 153 with Nicole Layog

Last week, Donnie and Tid welcomed a reality TV star, and this week they welcome another. From Big Brother Season 24 - it's the Butcher Goddess Nicole Layog! Nicole talks openly about her time on the show, as well as the struggles she had reintegrating into regular life after. She's a former police officer, an executive chef, and recently she got connected with an independent wrestling company in Florida, and she may even be looking to step into that world! This is a super fun interview, and well worth a listen!


Episode 152 with Memphis Garrett

After 2 weeks off, the Godfathers are back with another big episode! This week, Donnie and Tid welcome a first time guest to the show. He is a reality TV star that was a two-time house guest on Big Brother. His name is Memphis Garrett. Memphis talks about virtually everything and addresses the controversial stories that broke last week about him and his business. Memphis is open and transparent, and you need to check this out!


Episode 151 with Cody Deaner

Donnie and Tid are back with another episode of your favourite interview show - and this one features a guest who is a long time friend of the show. It's Impact Wrestling star, and the leader of the faction known as "The Design" - Cody Deaner. Deaner dives into a number of topics including the 10 years he spent between being hired, fired and re-hired by Impact ... his work as a motivational speaker and his new venture as a podcaster. Deaner also shares his thoughts on the passing of wrestling legend Terry Funk, and former WWE Champuon Bray Wyatt. News of Bray's death broke an hour before we went on the air, and needless to say - we were all shocked. Tune in, and check it out!


Episode 150 with Marc-Anthony Sinagoga

The Godfathers are back with their 150th installment, and it's a fun one! Donnie and Tid are joined this week by Italian-Canadian comic Marc-Anthony Sinagoga. You may have seen his viral videos or stand up clips online. He's a funny guy that's been tearing up the comedy festivals, and we're excited to have him join us. Don't miss this one, and make sure you tell your friends


Episode 149 with Christmas Abbott

This week Donnie and Tid welcome back a friend of the show! She's a reality TV legend, a published authouccessfu; entrepreneur and an icon in the fitness world! It's Christmas Abbott! Christmas was the first person to ever get naked on our show, and she decided - it was time to do it again! In addition to that she talks about her two seasons on Big Brother, her time as a NASCAR pit crew member, her honeymoon that put her in the hospital - and a LOT more! Don't miss this!!


Episode 148 with Joey Medina

This was a really, really fun episode! Donnie and Tid got to hang out with their pal – stand up comic / award winning director, Joey Medina! The 3 of them chat about all kinds of things including the writer’s strike, his interest in celebrity boxing, his thoughts on Canada’s Prime Minister and more! We also have a surprise visit from a competitor from the last season of Big Brother – Nicole Layog! The Butcher Goddess joins us to talk about the Big Brother 25 premiere party that went down the night before! Don’t miss this one!


Episode 147 with Ricky "Soulman" Johnson

This week Donnie and Tid are joined by a man they've know more almost 25 years. He was a pro wrestler in 6 different decades, a promoter, actor and all around interesting guy! His brother is WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson, and his nephew is one of the biggest stars on Earth - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Our guest is "The People's Uncle" Ricky Johnson! Ricky talks about his career, some fond memories and talks about his experience as one of the people interviewed on last week's episode of "Dark Side of The Ring" featuring the tragedy of Adrian Adonis. This is a fascinating interview, even if you aren't a wrestling fan! Don't miss this one!


Episode 146 with Jeremy Hotz

This week Donnie turns into a total fan boy, and Tid sits and makes fun of him for it. The guys are joined by incredible stand up comedian Jeremy Hotz. Donnie’s been a mega fan of Jeremy for 25 years, so this is a huge moment for him. What makes it even cooler is the fact that Jeremy was an amazing guest and of course, was absolutely hilarious. He diagnoses Donnie’s mental health issues, is fascinated by Tid’s history as a pro wrestler, and shares stories he’s never told before anywhere else! Don’t miss this one!


Episode 145 with KC Armstrong

This week Donnie and Tid welcome a first time guest to the show - but someone that both have been a fan of for a long time! It's former NCAA football star, and former Associate Producer of the Howard Stern Show - KC Armstrong! KC hangs with the guys and talks about his new show that he hosts where he celebrates amazing humans everywhere - and we talk about his two books he's written on the same subject. KC reminisces about his time on the Stern show, his firing, mental health and more! Then the guys hang out, chat with the live audience, and share some stories. It's a lot of fun! Don't miss it!


Episode 144 with Brett Forte

Donnie and Tid are back and this week welcome a first time guest to the show, and we're sure he'll be back again. Comedian Brett Forte is on the show! He's been BANNED by the CBC for his off colour humor, and he doesn't care at all. He's a member of the Danger Cats crew along with former guest on this show Uncle Hack. They run around roasting everyone and anyone and are doing things their own damn way. Don't miss it.


Episode 143 with Godfrey Mangwiza

This week Donnie and Tid are joined by ANOTHER Godfather! Reality TV star and pro boxer Godfrey "The Godfather" Mangwiza joins the fellas to talk about the latest show he's a part of - Bachelor in Paradise Canada, Season 2. Reality fans will also remember Godfrey as the finalist to the grand prize on Big Brother Canada Season 3. This is a super fun episode complete with dating advice, thirst traps and lots of laughs. Don't miss it!


Episode 142 with Altered by Mom

So.... this was an exercise in trust, chemistry and experience. Moments before going live, Donnie and Tid were talking and realized both of them were having tech issues. The guests, and three producers in the virtual studio said everything sounded and looked fine to them - but Donnie and Tid were having the same experience: Everyone sounded like they were underwater, and buffering so we missed every second word anyone said. It was brutal. We tried to resolve the issue, but nothing worked. So Donnie and Tid did an episode where they barely able to hear each other OR the guests ... and somehow, they pulled it off! Our guests are Toronto-based rock stars - Gina and Devon, collectively known as Altered by Mom. This is a great interview with lots of fun. Many of the people in our live chat were learning about Altered by Mom for the first time, and they all said they loved them some ABM! Check out this episode, and hang till the end for a live performance from Altered by Mom!


Episode 141 with Gary Trent

Ok, they did it again! Tid got baked out of his skull, and our 1 hour show quickly turned into a double episode - but we promise, it's worth it! Our guest is 9 year NBA veteran Gary Trent. His son Gary Trent Jr is currently a star for the Toronto Raptors. So it sounds like the guys are just gonna sit around and talk basketball, right? Nahhhhh. Sure, there's some basketball talk - but there's also a whole lotta shit talk about random hilarious nonsense. Gary is always honest and unfiltered - and is one of our absolute favourite guests! Don't miss this episode!