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Justin Roiland, Ryan Ridley, and Jackie Buscarino discuss the burning topics of today, chat with special celebrity guests, and so much more than that. You have to just believe me, there is so much more going on. I don't know what else to say.

Justin Roiland, Ryan Ridley, and Jackie Buscarino discuss the burning topics of today, chat with special celebrity guests, and so much more than that. You have to just believe me, there is so much more going on. I don't know what else to say.
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Justin Roiland, Ryan Ridley, and Jackie Buscarino discuss the burning topics of today, chat with special celebrity guests, and so much more than that. You have to just believe me, there is so much more going on. I don't know what else to say.




GVP Episode 44: The End?

After two long years, we're back! Things are discussed. Crazy characters come a knockin. And old dynamics are re-established. But is this finally the end or is it the beginning of a new era? You be the judge! Special thanks to Alex Moore for the episode art!



Holy crap! What a blow out episode! It's a full extrava-ganza! We talk about comic con. We talk about this. We talk about that. I don't care about episode discriptions! Who needs em anyway?! Not me! Check this episode out! Step right up! Someone else write this! I don't want to write this! Someone else do it!


GVP 42: "South Park" Veteran Ryan Quincy

In this amazing episode, the fantastic Ryan Quincy sits in and shares his perspective on casting Justin over Ryan in the role of "Chris" on his new IFC animated show "Out There". We also discuss his 15 years spent on South Park, the grueling schedule, and how he got involved with the show. Justin reveals the truth behind everything you’ve ever known. An incredible discovery about mankind and the end of the Mayan calendar and everything all rolled into one. Forget about it. Might as well...

GVP 41: Ryan, Voice Actor

In this fantastic episode, Justin Ryan and Jackie talk about all sorts of stuff! You wouldn't even believe all the things they discuss! Some of the topics include: Ryan's voice acting career! Justin's skinned knees! Jackie's philanthropy! Justin's new pet! And even more stuff! Just tune it in and drop out! Big thanks as always to our wonderful announcer A. Smith Harrison! Check out his brand new facebook page! Thanks to Brian Bass for the episode art!!

GVP 38: Abdul-Wahed Teryl Gheith

"Real life" Abed drops by and delights us with tales from the fringe of the law. Justin has an existencial crisis. No Jackie this week. All that and your email! Enjoy! Thanks to Benton Patrick Webb for the poignant episode art!

GVP 32: Jen Kirkman

Writer/ Actress/ Comedian Jen Kirkman stops by and hangs out! Legendary actor Jack Nicholson drops by and hits on jackie! Psychic abilities swings by and discusses his race and his position on smokers! Huge thanks to Krocky Meshkin for the Psychic Abilities raps, Thanks to Jack Cusumano for the amazing episode art! Thanks as always to Smith Harrison, our wonderful announcer!

GVP 30: Chris Tallman

It's episode 30! We made it! Special guest Chris Tallman sits in and shares a bit about his career, his strange life as a husband and father, but also does a great job of interviewing Jackie, Justin, and Ryan! Justin discusses his feelings about Minecraft's parent company "Mojang". Rapper "Psychic Abilities" stops by to perform some of his newest songs live in the studio. Special thanks to Chris Piers for this weeks episode art! Thanks to Krocky Meshkin for the new rap beats! Thanks again...

GVP 29: "Scud" Creator Rob Schrab

Special Guest Rob Schrab stops by and delights us with personal and career stories, as well as discussion about his brand new Image Comic's art book! Abed stops by and wows us yet again! The Nintendo 3DS contest results! Wowie! Thanks to Rob Schrab for the episode art and for being our guest! Thanks to Smith Harrison our announcer! Click his name to see his website!

GVP 28: Tom Gammill & Max Pross

Comedy writing legends Tom Gammill and Max Pross sit in and share stories from working on SNL, The David Letterman show, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, and more. Mister Scoops stops by for some hot off the presses celebrity news, and more!! Thanks to Daron Nefcy for this weeks incredible episode art!! Click her name to see more of her work!! Check out The Doozies at!

GVP 27: WWII Vet Bert Gladstone

GVP interviews an 89-year-old ACTUAL WW2 vet who also happens to be Ryan's Grandpa. Another one of Jackie's news segments, and another hilarious email segment. Get ready! Thanks to Nico for the amazing episode art!

GVP 26: Kent Osborne II: The Kentening

Look, We've had Kent on a few times, but this time Justin was armed with some interesting questions. It's a great interview. Thanks to Morgan Locke for this weeks episode art, Thanks to our new producers Dean Pelton and Sam Lembeck. Thanks as always to our lovely announcer Smith Harrison. Check out his facebook page!

GVP 25: T.J. Miller & Thurop Van Orman

Actor/ comedian TJ Miller stops by, sick, and wears a mask to protect us. He discusses his brain surgery, the Yogi Bear shoot, and other stuff. Surprise visit from Thurop Van Orman the creator of Cartoon Network's Flapjack! We introduce a BRAND NEW SEGMENT! More inside! Thanks to Ryan Elder for the new segment's theme music, Thanks to Meredith Wier for this weeks amazing episode art!! And thanks to our announcer Smith Harrison!


Here it is! "The NINTENDO 3DS Sponsored by Nintendo Grandma's Virginity Crazy Audio Contest!" DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: MARCH 25 2011 First prize gets their choice of ONE the following = 1. brand new Nintendo 3DS system,2. Framed original art asset from Mr. Sprinkles (art actually used in an episode) 3. A date with Jackie (if Jackie approves and you can provide your own transportation and accommodations.) Second prize gets to pick from the two prizes still left after First place picks. Third...

GVP 24: Dino Stamatopoulos & Dan Harmon

First show of 2011! We discuss our holidayz, then Dino stops by with friend of the show Dan Harmon and tells us all sorts of neat stuff. We listen and talk back too! We also read emails and more. Is this our year? I don't know! Hold on to your jammies!

GVP 23: Merry ChristMAL!

It's a Jewish Christmas miracle! A new episode on Christmas eve day?! How can this be? Jackie, Justin, and Ryan spend time chatting. NO GUESTS! Toppy stops by. Justin re-lives his visit with Tom Green. Kent's Kloset returns! AAAAND more. Special thanks to Ryan Elder for the Toppy theme, thanks to Josh Manderville for the awesome episode art! ALWAYS: Thanks to Smith Harrison, our heroic announcer. MERRY CHRISTMAL!

GVP 22: Grandma's Virginity Origins: Justin's Parents

Justin's parents stop by, and Abed sits in for a very sick Jackie! WOOOEEEOO!! We'll be back with jackie on board with a new episode next week just in time for the biggest holiday of the year!

GVP 21: Kyle Kinane

Abed stops by and talks about his recent stint in LA country jail. Kyle Kinane drops in for some laughs and smiles. All that.

GVP 20: Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman stops by for some talk, Ryan and Justin tell stories of traumatic events from their childhood, Jackie talks about her love of shit and farts (much to the disgust of Ryan and Justin), Kent Osborne stops by for another installment of "Kent's Kloset" and a bunch more. Episode 20! We did it! Thanks to Sophie Kipner for her episode art, Thanks to our announcer Smith Harrison for being a great announcer, and all around wonderful fellow.

GVP 19: "Blue Mountain State" Creator Romanski

Romanski from "blue mountain state" stops by and wows us. Jackies corner, Kent's kloset, and all sorts more. Thanks to Chris Piers for the amazing episode artwork!

GVP Special: Leftovers Vol 2

It's leftovers volume 2! Tons of cut segments that we dug up and edited together for you becasue JACKIE HAD THE FLU. This is Jackies fault.