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The Fake Unibrow Show

On this November 21st episode of The Heide Show... Heide welcomes Mikey of The Mikey Mix, and busts her interview cherry with filmmaker Todd Jones. Check out the trailer for Todd's movie "Throws of Passion" on YouTube! Schnikes' (aka Mike Esparza) art gets some internet attention, ; Where the Wild Things Are; Oprah's awful ass; Heide's beer store guy; Mafia Wars; Cockney calls in with a...


Mostly Rape Tunnel Show

I don't even know what to tell you. At least it's a mercifully short 2 hours this time. October 17th Heide Show: If we pooped pellets; Cockney's friend Kristen or Christian or Watoo; Balloon Boy's music video;Yankees in ALCS; Feety Jammies; who will piss on Heide?; Rape Tunnel; The Mikey Mix; Mr. Deej's Movie Review; Gardasil risks; Heide retells the trapped penis story because she was too drunk last time to remember telling it. Heide Show is your air. Tell me, how you gonna breathe with...

The Fake Mustache Show

I know you can't see it, but Heide's wearing a fake mustache for this episode. There will be no question as to her sobriety, or lack thereof. August 29th, 2009. Very special guest star Cockney Tony skypes in from Manchester, England. Topics include: Barbie doll high jinks; German toilets; voicemails from Cockney and Mr. Deej; willy nilly listener banning; Heide gets really pissed off at Cockney; roaches are freaky; PS3 Slim and Wii; Anti-Muslim hate crime on Long Island; first date...

Columbian Sleeping Sickness Show

August 1st, 2009 episode of The Heide Show. Topics: Heide is sober and has the Columbian sleeping sickness; Australia woman rescued after a week in her bathroom; AR Karaoke Party; What Heide is reading; Kurasawa marathon update; Pat Dixon's new cd "Goodbye Forever, Fatty" ; Heide's dream life; The State; Arturo Gatti suicide; beer summit b.s.; Cockney skypes in; Sikh soldiers to take over guard at Buckingham Palace; Skype to shut down?; In Bruges was awesome. She's...