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#7 An Interview With A Real Life Grownup: Gaffs, Babies and Blogging

We were finally able to clear our hectic schedules to sit down with our favorite real life grownup and super close gal pal, Fiona, (get her on Instagram @fionamknight) and get the low down. She schooled us on making a fresh start and getting yourself a few new pals, planning a wedding and the problems with public "breast-feeding facilities." We chat about having a life plan, getting engaged, drinking post baby/weight loss, the lack of all-day breakfast places in this country and how...


#6 YouTube, Rubbing Shoulders w/Hugh Grant, Camel Toe and OITNB

Indulge yourself in your shite of choice and join us this week as we attempt to educate people about and provide support for those suffering with the much misunderstood situation that is "camel toe", we take a look at YouTube, who was suckin' diesel when we started watching and how the biggest YouTubers' can fall off their pedestal. We start the countdown for the sixth season of Orange is the New Black, CAN. NOT. COPE. Gam schools Gray on that Wetherspoons life, Gray loses her Love Island...


#5 Shite Money, Photoshop, Hulk-Out Moments and Living With A Man

After taking a bit of our podcaster annual leave, we are back this week chatting about Photoshop and the pages that are calling it out, shite money (if you don't know what that is you'll just have to listen!)and the tormenting masquerade that is living with a man. Gray shares a recent epiphany and unveils some top hulk-out moment handy tips and Gam a bit late to the disliking Katie Hopkins party. What's your thoughts on shite money? Are you guilty of the odd hulk-out moment? (C'mon, we're...


#4 Bloom, Being Socially Awkward and A Series of Cringe-Worthy Events

This week we are discussing all things effected by the horrible, life-threatening and really truly debilitating disease that is social awkwardness (you may not have heard Bob or Bono shiting on about it; it's just not "sexy" enough), which just so happened to be inspired by our time at the gorgeous Bloom Festival! (ALL OF THE FOOD SAMPLES) We (mostly Gam) take a look back at some of our (mostly Gam's) most cringe-worthy experiences. Gam is gone terrible Sex And The City and Gray ponders...


#3 Reactions to the referendum, 13 Reasons Why, Silage Season and Being a Teen in the Noughties

This week we react to two totes emosh events, the referendum results and 13 Reasons Why season two. Join us as we discuss silage season, which happens to coincide with poxy turf season,summer time and being a teen in the sticks in the naughty noughties. Gray has issues with Gam's confectionary choices, while Gam puts it to Gray: Could you cope on your hollibops technology-free? As usual, beware of cackling! Let us know about your stand out moments/looks/trends from the naughty noughties...


#1 Summer's first shave, fossil fuels and what others think

We hope you enjoy the first episode of The Madness of Life! Have a listen as we rabbit on about loads; the HORRIFIC first shave of the summer, ponder over the whole notion of caring what others think and Gam has some mind-blowing news about fossil fuels! Feel free to subscribe, rate and leave a review! T'would be much appreciated ya sound aul' shite. Find us on instagram @themadnessoflifepodcast or send us an email