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Two besties in the buff are on a mission to get to the naked truth. Yorkshire duo Jenny Eells and Kat Harbourne undress with a guest for revealing confessions & conversations.

Two besties in the buff are on a mission to get to the naked truth. Yorkshire duo Jenny Eells and Kat Harbourne undress with a guest for revealing confessions & conversations.
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Two besties in the buff are on a mission to get to the naked truth. Yorkshire duo Jenny Eells and Kat Harbourne undress with a guest for revealing confessions & conversations.




An ode to our vaginas: “Red tongue, front bum, vulva or a prune"

In the last episode of this series (sob!) Kat and Jen talk about how far they’ve come since first baring all to each other and there’s a 'Pause For Thought' from Reverend Kate Bottley. The final hurrah (for now) features the duo's first ever chat with blokes in the buff, recorded during a trip to a nudist festival in Doncaster on a damp Bank Holiday Monday! And to end on a high note Jen reveals her mighty VAGINA SONG! In this week's nude news Jen's boobs are weighing her down and Kat’s...


"I AM"

Jen and Kat hit the road to Manchester to meet social media influencer Emma Hill. The star of BBC Three's 'Too Fat for Love’ strips off and tells the duo about what she learnt from making the documentary, and reveals whether she really does use a wedge to have sex. The 22-year-old tells all about the realities of earning money from social media and being in the spotlight as a plus-size woman. She explains how her aunties are tying to reclaim the "c" word and how she deals with unsolicited...


“You can’t be bald without a statement earring!”

Twenty-one-year-old Genesia Kalsi, aka “Queen G”, strips off with Kat and Jen and reveals what prompted her to shave all her hair off. The self-confessed extrovert talks about how proud she is of her Punjabi roots, the beauty of going bra-less and why she’s started talking to herself in the mirror. The actress chats about how posting photos of herself in undies on social media helped her view herself in a new light and she shares the secrets of her kick-ass attitude to body confidence. The...


“It’s basically like dying slowly"

Twenty-two-year-old Gabby Willis gets naked with Jen and Kat and opens up about overcoming anorexia. The Sheffield Hallam University Women’s Officer has waived her right to anonymity to reveal how speaking out as a victim of sexual abuse has helped her reclaim both her body and sexuality. The student explains why she’s now “sex positive” and how, despite her "strange relationship" with her breasts, they can perform a particularly awesome party trick! It’s all round to Kat’s and a change of...


“I woke up and he was having sex with me”

Thirty-four-year-old Ellie Skinner gets naked with Jen and Kat and shares the impact a traumatic sexual experience with a former boyfriend has had on her life and mental health. The writer and maker reveals how she came to terms with her dad's transition to become "Dawn" and what happened when she died. Ellie also talks body image and how Emma Thompson's prompted her to get a permanent tribute to the Bard on her body. It's the hottest day of the year and Jen's got spots, whilst Kat...


“God knew what God was doing when God made the clitoris”

Gogglebox star and BBC Radio 2 presenter Reverend Kate Bottley strips off with Jen and Kat and talks about everything from her naked photo shoot to getting her bum pinched at a funeral. The 43-year-old shares stories about attempting sex during pregnancy and how a pilgrimage across the Pyrenees pushed her faith to its limits. The Church of England priest reveals her thoughts on religion, having ginger pubic hair and talks prudes…and prunes! She’s also got some top tips on how to deal with...


“I’m proud of my scars because they’ve saved my life”

Fifty-five-year-old Mary Mutch talks about how her body’s been pushed to its limits by several serious operations and what her family and the NHS have done to help heal her wounds. The city centre ambassador undresses with Kat and Jen to reveal how her scars prompted her to pluck up the courage to shed her clothes for the podcast (with a little help from her husband!). Mother and grandmother Mary talks about finding love second time around, being a motorbiking babe, an eventful skinny dip...


"That is a vulva riding a horse. It's got a crossbow and a flail and it's wearing a little crown"

Archaeologist and PhD student Rebecca Hearne bares all with Jen and Kat to reveal how she ended up with a permanent picture of a crown-wearing flair-bearing vulva riding a horse under her arm. The trio ponder questions over pubic hair and the pitfalls of keeping your private parts looking pukka (and whether anyone really goes in for 'intimate' bleaching). Good sex, big O’s and Sting’s tantric teachings all get a mention too. Jen and Kat have lots to catch up on after Harbourne’s holidays....


“I’ve perfected the art of standing in front of a mirror and not seeing myself”

Tracy Viner from Sheffield’s Cathedral Archer Project heads to Jen’s flat to chat about conundrums facing curvy women, including big breasts and bra techniques. Tracy explains why food and over-eating have dominated the bond she has with her body and how boarding school affected her relationships with men. The 52-year-old swaps vaginal injury stories with Kat and reveals why she’s sticking two fingers up to online dating. Oh and everyone’s VERY sweaty!! This week’s all about #TMI – Kat’s...


“I said: 'I’m going to keep my baby', and Mum said: 'No yer not!'”

Director of Sheffield charity ‘The Suit Works’ Vanda Kewley strips off with Kat and Jen and talks about coming to terms with getting older and how working with men’s bodies has given her a better understanding of how blokes feel about what’s underneath their clothes. The fifty nine year old explains how a conversation with her sister in later life revealed they’d both had abortions at the age of fifteen. Vanda also chats about growing up with a ‘Tiller Girl’ and what it was like having Ken...


“Black women are realising we ARE beautiful!”

Founder of social enterprise 'Our Mel' Annalisa Toccara talks about embracing her identity, her role in championing people of colour and why we all need to be a bit more “Bey”. The event director plays host to Jen and Kat to discuss her experience of adoption and how issues surrounding her weight have affected her life. Annalisa also talks candidly about how her struggles with mental health almost led to suicide. In this week’s Nude News, Jen’s been on her hols and has thoughts on “bikini...


“I looked different, parts of me were missing”

Liz Wick from Sheffield lives with a condition called wet age-related macular degeneration. Liz confesses to the terror she felt when she realised she was losing her vision and how she's working hard to make sure other people are supported through their own diagnosis. The 54-year-old disrobes with the duo to explain why she’s on a 'yes' mission and how speed dating nearly landed her two caravans in Ingoldmells! In their usual honest and frank fashion Jen and Kat have a few confessions this...


"Life's too short to give a s*** about this stupidity!"

This is a bonus episode of the podcast, featuring your emails and messages and shenanigans you might have missed since launch week! Jenny and Kat get all official and record in an actual BBC studio, which means Jen can't help but mind her Ps and Qs and no one gets naked. Hear from Jo Whiley, Jeremy Vine, Stuart Maconie, dancers from The Dreamboys, Jenny Eclair..... ....and find out the unlikely duo that looked down from Kat's wall as a teenager! YOU TOO can get in touch: Twitter:...


"I just kept thinking Kylie's fine, I'll be fine"

Breast cancer survivor and body equality campaigner Emi Lou Howe had a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 33. She documented her treatment and surgeries with a nude visual diary and blog. Cheshire based Emi Lou makes the journey to Jen’s flat from across the Pennines to talk about her mission to get fair representation of women in the mainstream media. The mum of two explains how overcoming the illness helped her realise her body’s strength and how two...


“The first thought was that I was going to die"

HIV positive campaigner Becky from Sheffield sits down with Kat and Jen to chat about coming to terms with her diagnosis, accepting her status and how the virus has changed her attitude towards her body for the better. The blogger opens up about sex, the challenges of online dating after the end of her ten-year marriage and why we all need to know what 'u equals u' means. Jen’s had a birthday, got a big balloon and now has a bright red face while Kat is concerned creeping anxiety is...


“There’s no such word as fat. It’s PHAT - pretty, hot and tempting!”

Pregnant with twins, fitness instructor Kellyanne Sharman kicks back with Kat and Jen and shares how pregnancy has changed her body. The community health and fitness development manager, and queen of positivity, talks about how we can all learn to love ourselves more, her experience of racism, why she thought she'd never have children and how her ultra positive attitude led to an onstage encounter with Alexander O’Neal. Back in Jen’s flat, find out why Kat’s come armed with her sex towel...


“I went through a stage of calling it my Margaret, because it reminded me of my nan!”

Comedian Lou Conran terminated a pregnancy at five months because she found out her daughter wouldn't survive after birth. She shares how she turned this heart-breaking experience into a comedy show. This is the article Lou wrote about losing her daughter: Lou also discusses what she calls her vagina, the perils of erect nipples on stage and how an unlikely character from Sheffield is now shaping her life. As always, Jen and Kat debate life's...


“It was between prison or the Territorial Army”

Personal trainer and self-confessed "hairy woman" Emma Oko gets naked with Jen and Kat to explain why her job is more than just a fitness fix for clients, how she reached a rut in her life that made her consider turning to crime and what life was like for a black woman in the Army. Jen and Kat reflect on how The Naked Podcast has made them feel stronger and fitter and more accepting of their bodies - bar a small food poisoning incident! If you are feeling more accepting of your body since...


"I put my tiara and my sash on and THAT gave me the confidence"

Former ‘Miss Sheffield’ and self-proclaimed “snazzy geek” Chantelle Parker explains how entering beauty pageants forced her to confront her severe agoraphobia. She talks about the body issues she’s overcome to have the confidence to use her looks competitively and you might be surprised to find out the secret talent she wowed judges with! Whilst disrobing in her flat, Jen discovers she's got a commando comrade and Kat's got mouse, really! Seeing as you've clicked to find out...


"Women can enjoy sex! It's actually allowed!"

Social worker and stand up comedian Isma Almas shares stories of growing up in a Muslim household, getting her head around sex education at school and why she insisted on keeping her knickers on during labour! Kat and Jen head to Bradford to get naked again, and warm their derrieres on a real coal fire. Kat has a cold sore and Jen thinks she has a nail infection. #bestlife If you're loving this podcast (and with all this medical chat who wouldn't be?!) why not leave a glowing review,...