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Team members from get together every week to chat about the latest happenings in the world of nerd culture. From wrestling to movies, comics to music - the Team Newplex Podcast covers it all without even a jot of sincerity. Come join us!

Team members from get together every week to chat about the latest happenings in the world of nerd culture. From wrestling to movies, comics to music - the Team Newplex Podcast covers it all without even a jot of sincerity. Come join us!


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Team members from get together every week to chat about the latest happenings in the world of nerd culture. From wrestling to movies, comics to music - the Team Newplex Podcast covers it all without even a jot of sincerity. Come join us!






Special ep: Lockdown update, WrestleMania 36, and Dungeons & Dragons!

Hello! Well, things have... changed since our lest episode. Although we're unable to get into the studio at the moment, JOPO, Jads, and Conor have recorded some hot takes for you to enjoy in the meantime in this special Coronacast episode of the Newplex Podcast. We're talking WrestleMania 36 (which happened for reasons), how to get started in D&D, and we have the latest movie news. Remember send your comments in - and keep safe!


Ep65. Plex-Con 2020! Troll 2 & Revenge of the Sith reviews

What do you get when you take a hefty portion of the Newplex team and drop them in an isolated cottage in the middle of nowehere? Why a weekend of memes and mems of course! Jads, JOPO, Charles, and Joe recount tales from the first ever Plex-Con, including reviews of the movies watched including Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Batman Beyond, and the cult classic: Troll 2! Plus this week's nerdlines, and will coronavirus impact this year's summer blockbuster season?


Plextra 20: Jedi Fallen Order gameplay review

Jads, JOPO, and Charles have finally had time to have a go with EA's latest offering in the Star Wars video game line with Jedi: Fallen Order. We're all at different places in the game, so in this reaction pod, we try our bestest not to spoil the story for each other while also discussing how fun it is to mess up a load of Stormtroopers with a lightsaber, and how annoying the game-save system is. What did you think of Fallen Order? Send in your comments and we'll read them out next time!


Ep64. Why don't you watch the Oscars? Is Battison part of the DCEU?

The Academy has complained again this year that viewership is down for the televised Oscars ceremony, but in a Newplex office full of film fans, not one us tuned in... But why not, surely it's the highlight of any film buff's calendar? This week we wonder how the Oscars could go about winning an audience. Also, we answer the burning question: is Matt Reeve's new Batman film (starring Robert Pattinson) part of the DC Cinematic Universe alongside Harley Quinn and Shazam? Send in your comments...


Ep63. Birds of Prey review (spoilers!) & the worst listener mail ever

SPOILERS! In this week's very NSFW Newplex Podcast, the gang open by reading some listener mail including the cringiest homemade erotica ever. Then it's onto chat around the latest DC movie, Birds of Prey, starring Margot Robbie returning as Harley Quinn. How does the latest offering in the troubled Worlds of DC cinematic universe compare, and does it give us any hope for the upcoming Batman movie, or other Gotham-centric DC movies? Plus, this week's Nerdlines. Send in your comments to...


Plextra 19: Blam! Nutrition with JOPO

In this week's Plextra discussion, Jads and Charles put their pressing nutrition questions to in-house health and fitness expert, JOPO! That's not before we got a little sidetracked on a.... different scientific topic. Send in your own questions on Twitter or Insta or our podcast email and JOPO will answer them in a future episode!


Ep62. First episode of 2020! Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Q&A

The pre-filled text in this box is telling me "hook [your] listeners in with a great description of the episode", but I'm not sure if there any words in the limited English lexicon that would allow me to sufficiently communicate the cornucopia of calamity that is this, the first Newplex Podcast episode of 2020. What is the difference between Netflix TV and 'real' TV, what are Jads' New Years resolutions, and what did we think of Rey and Kylo Ren's on-screen frenching are all things that you...


Plextra 18: We're back! And we have Oscar noms to discuss...

So, here's the tea - we were meant to be back from our Christmas break *much* sooner, but there may or may not have been a catastrophic technology failure during the recording of episode 62 of The Newplex Podcast... So, to tide us all over (until we're back next Monday) and kick off the New Year, Jads and Charles run through this year's Oscar nominees and share our thoughts on just who should be running out to B&Q right now for some little golden statuette polish...


Plex-Mas Eve 2019 special!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Nearly the whole gang, including the newest Newplex member, is on deck for this festive special of The Newplex Podcast. We have a 100000% spoiler free reaction to Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, talk of Christmas dinner, good will to all men (except Rian Johnson), and other such Yuletide cheer. So, settle in for some laughs with your pals at The Newplex whilst we all wait for Saint Nick to arrive...


Ep61. Wonder Woman 1984 & The Newplex's track of the decade

It's a warm welcome back to JOPO in this week's Newplex Podcast, and following on from last episode's deluge of trailers, they keep on coming today! The gang talk Wonder Woman 1984 which triggers Jads into yet another DC rant (we're going to get those under control, promise), and JOPO fills us in on CW's Crisis on Infinite Earth. Plus, why is Miles Morales called Morales when his dad is called Davis? We'll fail to answer all this and more on this week's Newplex Podcast!


Ep60. Black Widow and James Bond and Mulan, oh my!

It's another week stacked full of movie trailers, my dudes. As Jads and Charles sat waiting patiently for the Wonder Woman 84 trailer that sadly didn't come out in time for this episode, we were instead treated to pretty epic trailers for what will likely be some of 2020's biggest blockbusters. There's a surprise return rumoured for Black Widow, Daniel Craig's 007 swan song looks to be suitably epic, and Mulan has half of this cast incredibly excited (where are the songs and wise-cracking...


Plextra 17: Enter Benoit Blanc (Knives Out review)

Murder mystery Knives Out, the latest offering from Star Wars saboteur* Rain Johnson, hit cinemas last week and Jads and Charles ventured out to see it. With an all-star ensemble cast including Captain America, James Bond, and the OG scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, what did The Newplex Podcast duo make of it? Find out in this 10-minute mini-review! *Only Jads thinks this.


Ep59. Integrating Mutants into the MCU

With Fox now fully absorbed into the Disney pile (ew), Mutants can finally be brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But with so many characters, stories, and awkward explanations for where they've been this whole time, what is the best way to phase these characters into the biggest movie franchise in the world? Jads and Charles dig into five fan favourite theories, as well as suggesting a couple of their own. Plus, this week's Nerlines and tracks of the week!


Ep58. Level Up: An impartial review of Conor's improv comedy show

Team Newplex member Conor had a big week with the hugely successful debut of his brand new improv comedy show, Level Up. Naturally, Jads, JOPO, and Charles took a road trip (via train - a rail trip?) to support their boy, and this pod is the story of that epic journey. It was the gang's first experience of improv, and Conor & Co. did not dissapoint. Also this week: the Justice League Snyder Cut movement, Nerdlines, and our tracks of the week.


Plextra 16: MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2019!

What happened when Jads and Charles took a road trip to MCM Comic Con in Birmingham last weekend? What treats did they return with? And how many Harley Quinns did they count? The answers to this, and precious little else, in this week's 10-minute Plextra chat!


Ep57. The Invisible Man, new and improved Sonic, SCOOB!, and more!

A lot of trailers came out this week, and Jads and Charles are going to review them all! Universal's latest entry into its Dark Universe (which is apparently still a thing), The Invisible Man, sends Jads into an anti-Tom Cruise rage to kick us off. Plus we're talking the latest mainstream Scooby Doo offering, SCOOB! - a new 3D animation from Warner Bros. Then of course there's the new and improved Sonic The Hedgehog trailer, and would it be a Newplex pod without some love for DC's Titans and...


Plextra 15: Pon de Replay

Winter is upon is - well it is if you live anywhere where we have summer and winter and nothing in-between - which means early nights, snuggled on the sofa rewatching your favourite things. But what are those things? This is a thing to find those things out. Let's do this thing!


Ep56. The Official Sidetrack Cast (& Mandalorian trailer reaction)

How many tangents can two Newplex members go on and still work their way back to the original conversation? That's a question we'll fail to answer on this week's Newplex Podcast, where a slow news week leads to some of the most random sidetracks you couldn't imagine. Plus, we recall the epic journey that lead to this week's Tracks of the Week, and spend a few cursory moments breaking down the final Mandalorian trailer.


Plextra 14: World's hardest Batman quiz

Jads and Charles and joined by SophieMags for this week's Plextra 10 minute mini pod. Today, the gang take on what might be the most difficult Batman quiz on the internet. Who's the biggest B-Man fan? We'll find out in this special Battle for the Cowl (lol). Head over to for more shenanigans!


Ep55. Halloween quiz: A frightening lack of knowledge!

SophieMags joins Jads and Charles for this spooky edition of The Newplex Podcast. Because of a strange time warp that occurs with how these episodes are done, we have in fact overshot by a few days and landed on Nov 4th - with the run-up to Christmas now firmly (and cynically) underway. Still, let's not let a small matter like time spoil our fun! This week we take on a scary Halloween quiz and perform terribly, we talk about the wonder or VR gaming, and Jads becomes friends with Dick & Dom.