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Ep. 34: "Benny The Pooh"

This week the fellas discuss Victor Oladipo, Mourning over an Ex, Can a relationship go back to normal after someone has cheated, Is it possible to have jealous/possessive emotions for a woman you don't love?, Whats a social media profile red flag?, What's more important face or body? This or That: When smashing fully naked or boxer hole? 90s wrestling or 90s NBA? Sega or Nintendo? Special Guest: Blecks Flex follow him on IG @blecksflex Song of The Week: It Doesn't Matter Wyclef x The Rock


Ep. 33: "Saggy Maggy"

This week the fellas were joined by Whiskey Chick from Awkward Dm's podcast we discussed Future's baby triangle, Cassie & Diddy, Angel Simmons ex fiancé getting murdered, Floyd now an MMA fighter?, Kodak & Bieber. Topics included Eskimo brothers, When your close fridn is dating someone you know they can do better than do you tell them or do you stay quiet?, What makes you lose interest in the courting stage? How long should an engagement be? Have you had sex in front of your kids? Ever say...


Ep. 32: "Pity P*ssy"

This week the fellas are joined by Sybille which is always an adventure. Sybille talks about her Care for Crohns foundation and upcoming Ball. Some topics we discussed were Do you want space or attention when you're mad?, After/before smashing do you prefer to cuddle?, If you're friends with a couple is it your responsibility to tell the one if the other is cheating?, Have you ever fought for a man or woman?, Whose more deserving of the Rock and Roll HOF? Janet or Ice Cube? Better Biopic The...


Ep. 31 "Holey Condom"

This week's episode the fellas are joined by the infamous Yadah Yadah we discussed satin caps in public, Administering tests while in a relationship, How do you feel about women who have condoms readily available?, Is getting someones phone number and conversing cheating?, Cheapest date you ever been on?, Is a man's car a deal breaker?, Could your son join a cheerleading squad? S/O to Vegan Trap Lord, Jed Da Boss, E, Sam and the Nigga Navy Song Of the Week: All Over x Take1ne


Ep. 30: "Toxic Masculinity vs Toxic Femininity"

Episode 30 is here and on time! This week the fellas discuss Cardi B going to jail, Kanye being a coon, Bow Wow losing his girl to Young M.A., the new Gunna/Lil Baby tape & Amber Rose allowing her son to say curse words. Topics we discussed included calling another man handsome is that gay?, How do men compliment each other?, Can femininity be toxic? Bes tpost stripper career Amber or Blacc Chyna?, More Iconic TV Characters Martin or Urkerl & more... Song of The Week: Wiz Khalifa x Hustlin


Ep. 29: "TI vs UTI"

This week the niggas were late...sorry. Plus is still here Ricky talks about getting booted from the stadium for being a dumb ass and the fellas were joined by the beautiful and talented Ms Jazzy Belle. We discussed The Carter 5, Andre Drummond knocking up two broads, Lana Del Ray vs Azealia Banks the fellas also talk about how they would feel if their woman wanted fake tits or a fake ass, Is it ok to have a relationship with your ex parents, Could you date someone dumber than you, Is there...


Ep. 28: "Post Nut Clarity"

Episode 28 the fellas discuss Bill Cosby, Witnessing your friend hitting his GF, Can you have sex with a woman and be friends?, Lil Wayne's new album, Snapchat hoes, The Best Migo and more! Song of The Week: Kid Cudi x Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now


Ep. 27: "Ernie, Bert & Can She Squirt?"

On Episode 27 the guys discuss Drake and his little 14 year old gal pal, Kourtney dating a Haitian, Bert and Ernie being gay, Kanye addressing Drake & Nick Cannon, The Superbowl and more. Topics Included: Ghosting, First time making a woman cum, Squirter or Non squirter, Broke dudes get more play than dues with money?, Cheating on your barber & more


Ep. 26: "Dick and Jokes"

Episode 26 is here we discuss the success of the Live show, Eminem vs MGK, Lil Wayne's new album dropping, Vontae quitting at halftime and Katt Williams. Some of the topics we discussed were Were you planned or were you a mistake? Would you wear a condom post marriage? What's more intimate kissing or fucking? Pussy Pick up lines and more S/O Vegan Trap Lord & Sam Song of The Week: We Good x Fabolous x Rich Homie Quan


Ep. 24: "Cheating Is A Symptom"

Episode 24 is here the fellas are joined by two very special guests DJ Madd Linx former host of BET's Rap City The Basement & Sybille Founder of Care For Crohn's we discussed Nike and Kapernick, The fatal shooting of Botham Shem Jean, Nicki vs Cardi, Meek & Drake, Eminem vs MGK Serena loses to a Haitian. Some topics we focused on Could you date someone you worked for? Are men who cheat dishonorable in all aspects of life? Ever dated a someone your friends thought were ugly? DJ Madd Linxx...


Ep. 23 "Can We Talk?"

Episode 23 is here and we had a lot to talk about including Molestation, We spoke to our good friend Lisa who shared her story, City girls hate for haitians, Bullying, Britney Griner vs Demarcus Cousins, Andrew Gillum, Child support and more... Song of The Week: I'm A Zoe x Black Dada


Ep. 22: Don't Rape... Manscape!!!

Episode 22 the guys are joined by some real n*ggas Hennessy Wills & Sasha Cherice! This week the fellas discuss the sad events that took place in Jacksonville, the passing of John McCain, Swirling, A teacher fired for giving a student head, Sony using fake Michael Jackson songs, and Should social edia have real life consequences. The topics included: Are relationships harder than they used to be? Is it possible to be in a relationship where one person is struggling financially and the other...


Ep. 21 "Did I Stutter???"

This week the fellas are joined by Urban Suite Talk's hosts Tanya D and Marla the gang discussed Aretha Franklin's sad death, Nicki vs Safaree, Nicki vs Travis and D Wade vs Jimmy Butler. The topics included What's the oldest/youngest you'd date? Would you donate sperm/eggs to a friend? Is it ok for your husband or wife to occasionally help the opposite sex with bills? Is it possible to hide your gf? Gift giving, dating a woman with a speech impediment and more...tune and subscribe and tell...


Ep. 20: "Sandy Dick"

We made it to Episode 20 not sure how but this week the fellas discuss last weeks episode and the response it received from the trans gender community, Kanye West and his bar about his in laws, Sam Smith's comment about Michael Jackson, The new Season of Insecure. The topics included Renegotiating sex terms, Sex in Public, Following your ex on social media, How long should a woman have to live with a n*gga's "potential", Back to School, Would you do a prison sentence for your mom and more!...


Ep. 19 "Tranny Tribulations"

Episode 19: Is titled "Tranny Tribulations" This week the fellas discuss the 17 haitians who were awarded 2.5 million for discrimination, Draymond vs Tristan Thompson, Blake Griffin getting raped for child support, Slim Thug comments about Ciara, Travis Scott's new album and his removal of a tranny from the cover, Drake & Big Frieda, Lyor Cohen and his comments. The guys also discussed can a woman be too freaky and have they ever been outfreaked by a woman, an instance where they couldn't...


Ep. 18: "Budnic Got Rick???"

Episode 18 the fellas discuss Stevie J marrying Faith Evans, Demi Lovato, Dak Prescott and the Saga involving Bobby Budnic. The guys also dive into some interesting topics which include Vacations with your bae vs vacation with your homeboys, Bae all girls trips, Pre Pussy behavior vs Post Pussy Behavior, Love Languages, Are you happier single or in a relationship?, Dating a dead friends girl and more Don't forget to get your tix to the NWO Podcast Live show 9/15/19 Link:...


Ep. 17 "Terikashi Chicken"

This week the fellas break down the beating Tekashi received was it real?, 50 vs Floyd, Pusha T gets married, & Michelle Williams checks in a mental hospital. The guys also discuss finding a girlfriend for your homeboy, first experience with porn, women marriage proposals, and Are relationships better when men love the women more? S/O the Vegan Trap Lord, AP, Kenny, Jeff, Dre & Sam Song of the week: White House x Rick Ross


Ep. 16: "I Got A Baby Tour"

Episode 16 the fellas discussed the unfair pay in the WNBA and if its fair, Azealia Banks breakdown on Wild'n Out, Papa John using the "N" word, Mike Epps vs Kevin Hart, Kylie Jenner Lips, Michael Jackson chemically castrated (sorry Ricky), The guys also discuss proper tip on a date, Having a first date budget, Bringing a co worker leftovers your significant other made, Women glowing up after a glow up, Pedophiles, Free food guy. Song of Week NWO Podcast x Gone


Ep. 15 "I Got A Girlfriend Tour"

Episode 15!!!! This week the fellas cover a lot of topics including the return of Power, Nicki Minaj and her twitter breakdown, Boo'd Up (T-Pain), Chris Brown getting arrested, Drake and the success of Scorpion (sorry Ricky) Future, & CiCi and Russ. The guys also talk about Spiteful things they've done to an ex, how to deal with an old slider when out with your new boo, Plate making Hierarchy, How many kids is to many and Dead beat mothers. S/O Chris aka Vegan Trap on the birth of his baby...


Ep 14: "Are You Going To Mention My Vagina???"

On Episode 14 the fellas get lit for Ben's B-day and welcome special guest Sybille @therealtoe This week the fellas discuss the highly anticipated Drake album and give their take, The passing of Joe Jackson, XXX murderer being tortured in prison, Dame Dash vs Lee Daniels, Janelle Monae, Lebron to LA & Jameis Winston touching uber drivers. The fellas also talk about relationships topics like Dating coworkers and lying to women. Sybille shed some light on Crohn's disease and her foundation...