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Ep. 77: ”Benpathy” Ft Jizzle

This week Ricky, Ben, Plus and Chris are joined by Jizzle yet again the guys discussed some interesting topics which included: If your partner is suffering from depression, are you responsible? How if at all? What advice would you give to someone falling in love with you? Can a man claim his ex girl while they’re broken up? If you could unfuck anyone, who could you unfuck? This or that: Denzel vs Samuel Song of The Week: Plies x 100 Years


Ep. 76: "Re-Establish These Nuts"

This week the fellas get together and discussed some interesting topics which included Is QC the new Cash Money? Thanks to Sam for providing young nigga logic. If you could ask a woman any question who would it be and what would you ask? At what age do you think you stopped being a child? If offered an acre of land where would it be? This or That: Zephyrhills, Aquafina, Smart Water or Evian? Better Feature artist: Wayne or Drake? Durag or Wave cap? Song of The Week: Lil Baby x Freestyle


Ep. 75: “Ben Bath & Beyond” Ft Comedy Bones

Ben, Chris, Plus & Ricky are joined this week by Comedian and actor Comedy Bones. The guys discussed quite a few topics which included: How does it make you feel when your old bae gets married?, Ever intentionally had sex in front of an audience? In front of another person/people?, Ever been scammed?, Can a man claim his ex girl while they’re broken up?, If you could unfuck someone who would it be and why? This or that -Thug Motivation 101 VS The Recession -No bra or no panties -Most...


Ep. 74: "Manifestation Of Her Passion" ft The Whiskey Chick

This week Ricky, Plus, Ben, Chris were joined by The Whiskey Chick to discuss a lot of events that have taken place and some interesting topics which included Epstein's death, Rick Ross/ Thugga's new albums, R Kelly now having an STD, Katy Perry and sexual assault, Jay-Z's NFL deal, Brian McKnight, and Nicki Minaj. Some of the topics the crew discussed were If your partner is suffering from depression are you responsible? What advice would you give to someone about to fall in love with you?...


Ep. 73: "The Moon Don't Spin Bruh" Ft Jizzle

This week Ben, Plus, Rick, & Chris are joined once agin by Fan Favorite Jizzle. The guys discussed plastic surgery would you accept surgery on any part of your body if somebody offered to pay for it. Are sex hot lines a thing of the past?, Do you change pronouns when you sing female R&B songs?, Would you trade never having sex again for 500 million cash?, Aliens, Would yo go to your future you 5 years from now? This or That: Whats worst? Nigga with lady hips or a woman with a mustache?...


Ep. 72: "A Burning House" Ft Jizzle

Ricky, Plus, Ben & Chris get together this week and are joined by Fan Favorite Jizzle to discuss some interesting topics which included How often do you turn down vagina?, If a due got your girl a drink at the bar would it bother you?, A woman you attracted to asks you to put her down with a friend of yours Do you facilitate or hate? This or That: Better Guitar Solo? Beat It x Michael Jackson, Purple Rain x Prince, Who's that Lady/ Summer Breeze x Isley Bros Better version: Jay-Z or Outkast...


Ep. 71: "Over Abundance of Ni**ery" Ft Jack Frost

This week Ben, Plus, Ricky and Chris are joined by Jack Frost and discuss current event that have happened including Odell Beckham's comments, Dick pic misdemeanors, Marcus Hyde, R Kelly, Puff and Lori, Nicole and Anthony Fuqua, Bow Wow and more. Are you happy with the names your parents gave you? Could you date a woman fresh off a 20 year prison sentence for murder? This or That: Hangnails? Paper cuts? Burn in your mouth? Better Interscope label: Deathrow, G-Unit, Aftermath Song of The...


Ep. 70: "Certified Pre-Owned Puhsee" Ft AB & NeferTiTi

This week Plus, Ricky, Chris and Ben are joined by AB & Nefertiti of the ABnormal Minds podcast to discuss some interesting topics which included Would you date yourself?, Have you ever sent nudes to the wrong person?, What is refurbished pussy? Has it stopped you from going after it? Kill, Feature, Sign: Bow Wow, Romeo, Lil Zane Mario, Sammie, Omarion This or That: Ranch vs Blue Cheese Huge wedding or a 5 star Honeymoon Song of The Week: The London x Young Thug x J Cole x Travis Scott


Ep. 69: "The Sassy Smoker"

This week Ricky, Plus, Ben & Chris get together and discuss quite a few topics including your 17 year old step son squares up with his mother is that enough for you to kill him? What makes you a good parent? Should you stop someone from killing themselves? Whats the process to making a good plate? This or That: Better party song Cha Cha slide or Swag Surf? Better Side Dish Mac and cheese? Rice? Mashed potatoes?, Corn? Reggae vs Reggaeton? Song of The Week: Hard In The Paint x Rick Ross...


Ep. 68: "Risk Your Soul"

Plus, Ben, Rick & Chris get together to discuss some very important topics which included What are your religious/spiritual beliefs? What were your beliefs when you were younger and what are they now? At this point in your life whose your emergency contact? Why? IF you could start life over again as a woman would you? How many friends could you leave your girl alone with? Ever caught your homeboy lying? What's one habit you can't give up? This Or That: Most quoatable lyrics: Jay-Z or Drake...


Ep. 67: "Nut Cut"

This week Plus, Ricky, Ben and Chris got together and discussed a few topics including How will your kids view your heyday? If someone offered to pay for your surgery on any part of your body would you accept? If so where? Would you get a Vasectomy? Does it make you less of a man? This or That: Date 10 years younger or 10 years older? 48 hours seal your asshole or your dick hole? Song Of The Week: Never Can Say Goodbye x Jackson 5


Ep. 66: "Dead Without The Thread"

This week Plus, Ricky, Benny and Chris link back up to discuss a bevy of topics which included Reparations, Bernie Sanders and his plan for student loans, JE being free, Lavar Ball, Is your name in somebody else's phone important to you. Michael Jackson's 10 Year anniversary since his passing and more Song of The Week: Lonely Girl x Eddie Holman RIP Michael Jackson


Ep. 65: “Dancing Like A Whore” Ft Jizzle

Ep. 65: “Dancing Like A Whore” Ft Jizzle by Bennessy, Plus, Ricky Da Prince


Ep. 64: “Sporadic Strokes”

This week the fellas hang out and discuss a bevy of topics including The Central Park 5 documentary, Future’s Album Black Mirror, Tyler/Khaled, Obama’s new Spotify deal, Leveon Bell’s City Girls encounter, Ciara/ESPN Humanitarian Award and more -This or that: Would you prefer your children being super successful but your relationship with them is non existent or a great relationship with a moocher/failure? -Ever fucked before you knew her last name? This or that Jada, Lisa Raye or Halle, who...


Ep. 63: "Wet Beaks" Ft The Whiskey Chick

Plus, Ricky, Ben and Chris are joined this week by The Whiskey Chick topics included: How many times can your partner be too tired for sex before its a problem?, Can you see good sex just by looking at someone?, Can you be in love with 2 women? This or That: Bronny vs Zaire Better TV Neighbor: Mr Wilson, Urkel, Bruh man, Roger, or Ned Flanders? Best TV Freeloader: Bruh Man, Rachel, Uncle Jesse or Hakeem? Song of The Week: Who Is It x Michael Jackson


Ep. 62: “Patient Scumbag” Ft Haitian V

Ep. 62: “Patient Scumbag” Ft Haitian V by Bennessy, Plus, Ricky Da Prince


Ep. 61: “From Morehouse To The Whorehouse” Ft Hennessy Wills

This week the fellas are joined by Hennessy Williams the guys spoke about Trey Songz secret baby, Ayesha Curry, Alabama new abortion laws, Robert F. Smith’s contribution, Lamar Odom, Zeta Phi Beta bans transgenders Kill One Sign One Feature One: Da Baby, Lil Baby, Baby Blue This or that: Better ending: drumline stick drop or Columbus short slide? Who’s more responsible for the dating climate? Men or women Song of The Week: Kimbe’ Sa Nan Rin’w x 5Lan


Ep. 60 "The Back of Forest Whitaker's Neck" Ft Pucci The Fashionista

This week had the pleasure of being joined by Ricky's younger sister Ashley aka Pucci. This weeks discussions included If you could choose how you would be dumped what would you prefer?, Being Pro Black, Are women the only ones blinded by potential? Must one person always have the upper hand in a relationship? Is watching porn bad or good for a relationship? Plus more This or That: Slavery or Holocaust? Song Of The Week: I'm a Skat Man x Skat Man


Ep. 59: "Space Bae" Ft The Ambition Hour Podcast

This week the fellas are joined by The Ambition Hour Podcast topics discussed topics included were Are you a listener or a fixer? If caught cheating what's more relevant? The act of cheating or the fact your spouse went thru your phone? Has a woman ever asked you for space? This or That: Better Michael in his realm? Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan or Mike Tyson, Michael J Fox? Who had the better voice? Christina Aguilera or Ariana Grande? Marvel or DC? Kill one, Sign one, Feature one: Beanie...


Ep. 58: "Beast With A Heart of Gold"

This week the fellas discussed Demetria Obilor's post about Parent Dress codes, The death of a 13 year old girl who was jumped, The Democratic candidates. Would you date someone you weren't physically attracted to if they treated you like a king? Are there any rules for happy hour dates? Is Kevin Hart washed? Whose more demanding in a relationship men or women? This or That: Crew cut socks or Ankle socks? Better theme song Smart Guy or Sister Sister? Song of the week: Beyoncé x Before I Let...