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Gina Grad and Randy Wang have reunited for a weekly Pretty Good Podcast!


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Gina Grad and Randy Wang have reunited for a weekly Pretty Good Podcast!






PGP #550 – What Do You Like More? T Or A?

To Celebrate 550 Pretty Good Podcasts, The T&A Sandwich return for 2 hours of hardcore PGP!. Plus Ashley gives Gina and Randy the greatest gift of all!

PGP #549 – Clogged Blowholes

Gina, Randy and Elijah have some crazy ass news including Dolphin love, stoners quick to stir up netflix’s troubles, celebritys swapping wives, and Even more terrible remakes of your favorite movies! Plus The PGP gets their own lighters!

PGP #548 – Nobody Wants To See Your Penis

Gina and Randy recap the amazingness that was the Tim and a Half Men party and then get into some great website wednesdays including a PSA for victims of dick picks, Biggie rappin to Thomas the Train, and A song about Plants VS Zombies!

PGP #547 – You Look Great…?

Randy’s sportin some questionable new fashion choices, and it’s up to Gina to bring his ass back to reality! Plus Randy watches Mayweather’s knock out punch, Gina gets screwed by some bad pasta, and Elijah brings back the PGP Montage with the best voicemails of the week as part of the mix!

PGP #546 – You’re Outta Touch, I’m Outta Here!

A Carls Jr Overdose triggers beautiful high school memories for Randy and massive rage for Gina! Plus It’s weekend weecap time with Gina and Mama Grad at the Hollywood Bowl and Randy learning who would win in a fight between Zombies and Vampires!

PGP #545 – Mama Knows Best

Gina blesses the PGP with the presence of Mama Grad! It’s a very special Pretty Good Podcast full of fun, love, brisket and kid Gina stories!

PGP #544 – All Hail The Frontloader

Gina and Randy are blessed to be sitting with the one and only Teresa Strasser! Teresa talks garbage trucks, Toy Story 3, riding the greyhound bus as a kid and many more things that make her the most interesting woman in the world!

PGP #543 – You Just Ate Balls!

Gina gets all her last minute cleaning in for Mama Grad, Randy gets Eastbound and Down and the PGPeeeps finally get their emails read on the air! Plus Randy Wants To Try Rocky Mountain Oysters!

PGP #542 – And He Called It Butt Rock

Gina and Randy plan their next Tattoo excursion, Gina’s brother writes a song for Randy Panda, and the PGP finishes this weekend’s recap!

PGP #541 – Does Gina Respect Wood?

Gina and Randy hit the weekend recap running with another legendary Shakeys party, Gina’s newest HBO GO Discovery, The Wang/Wong Family’s drunk Home Depot Adventure and more!

PGP #540 – The Cock Is In The Refrigerator

Gina, Randy And Elijah are blessed with the presence of the king and creator of the PGPeep Page, Keith Brower! Find out a bunch of reasons when you know you’re a PGPeep and enjoy some Cock Cola with Gina and Randy!

PGP #539 – Mmmmmm…Beety!

Gina and Randy have the greatest news of all time including Back to the Future shoes, Toddlers and Tiaras whores, and Schweddy Balls Ice Cream! Plus WHY is Vinnie Vincent in the news? Also the heavy metal versions of your favorite pop hits!

PGP #538 – Curse Of The Tequila Gun

Randy has to sit through the tale of how drunk and stupid he got AFTER The Gina and Randy Show last sunday from Gina and Elijah’s viewpoint! Plus Gina goes to a lesbian pool party and Auntie Pam Gets Her PCM On!

PGP #537 – A Shakeys Miracle!

The PGPeeps Get Their PCM On, Gina and Randy Experience A Carl Jr Rodeo, Elijah goes off on the no homo, and thats only the beginning of this legendary weekend recap! Find out the most innapropriate PGPeep gift exchange ever, and Randy’s tip on a Target that’s always a ghost town!

PGP #536 – Licking Mozart’s Ass

Gina, Randy and Elijah have some crazy news stories for you including ICP Licking Mozart’s Ass, 4 Year Old With Giant Fake Boobs, And A Kickass Willie Nelson Cover! Plus Gina is a Kinectaholic and Randy is fat according to his mom and his doctor…

PGP #535 – Seeking Bromance With DJ NICE!

Gina, Randy and Issaiah bring back fan favorite DJ NICE from Watch This Radio! Get ready to hear some legendary tales including DJ NICEgetting high for the first time ever this year! Plus Gina and Randy race against time to finally get Gina Kinected!

PGP #534 – Bitin’ The Flinstones

It’s The PGP And We’re Here To Say, There’s A Lot Of Rappers Who Suck In A Major Way! And Rap Master Maurice Is Just The Beginning! Plus Randy has a bone to pick with Subway’s new Crispy Baked Chicken.

PGP #533 – Wu-Hoo For Disneyland!

Gina and the Wu take on Disneyland starting with a great way to save $$$ on tickets! Plus, Elijah Rocks The Bells, Randy watches more Hardcore Pawn, AND Gina realizes how she massively insulted Not on yesterdays PGP!

PGP #532 – The Orgy Angel

A PGP News Investigative report – Gina Grad actually goes to an Orgy and has all the deestails you want to hear about! Plus Randy in his never ending quest to have girls reject him, gives online dating another shot!

PGP #531 – Drunky Balboa

I Really Can’t Explain What Happened In The 2 Hours This Podcast Was Recorded…I Really Can’t Say What Went Down….Good Luck…If You Must…