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WTR Episode 38 - Derailed and Distracted

Are your ears bleeding from our surprise guest last week? Well have no fear, because Heather D has returned to the mic in this episode of Welcome to Rantyville! And you definitely want to hear what's got her blood pressure up after a week away from the show. As always, we start with an idea of what we want to talk about and then completely lose our focus and sidetrack into anything and everything. We start with Shit You (and I) Hate, Dear Abigail, and a Tale From the Uber that includes Megan...


WTR Episode 37 - Meet the Laura

This week's episode is brought to you by alcohol! That's right, not only is TRB taking shots of tequila and vodka, but he's brought Tyler Daniels along for the ride! With Heather D out of commission this week due to a sick kid, our Ranty Studios partner gladly and ably fills the second mic, and he brings us all a surprise too! Our conversation drifts in and out of things like Shit YOU Hate, morons in public, the farting Uber lady, and then it happens - we meet Tyler's roommate. His drunk...


WTR Episode 36 - He's Side Dick

Welcome to Rantyville everyone! TRB, Heather D, and the baby bring you another fun filled episode fueled by beer and botttled water! This week, the baby is practicing her kung fu moves on Heather's innards, we answer your listener questions, and we continue our tradition of trashing the people that write in to Dear Abigail. Throw in some shit we hate, another awkward Uber story, and the age old question "Tacos or Burgers?". So sit down and enjoy a trip down the road to Rantyville, where...


Stupid Questions W/ Tyler Daniels

Stupid Questions takes off the training wheels this week, as your host Tyler Daniels orders a stiff drink while learning all about everyone's favorite person - the bartender! Seasoned barkeep Matt Anderson joins Tyler to educate him on the finer points of dealing with booze, brawls, and bars in general. The guys talk mixed drinks, bar etiquette (or the lack of), and $6,000 bar tabs. Chances are you aren't a bartender yourself, but don't let that stop you from fixing yourself a tasty...


WTR Episode 35 - The Flashback

Welcome back to Rantyville everyone! After taking last week off due to craziness in their lives, Heather D and TRB have returned with a brand new episode for your earholes! The familiar format is back as well, as we discuss everything from Dear Abigail: 4th Grade Whore to Shit We Hate. Ranty's Book club makes an appearance, there's one weird/awkward/just fucking strange Tale from the Uber, and we answer all your #AskTRB and #AskHeatherD questions. We close the show out with a listener...


Stupid Questions W/ Tyler Daniels

Welcome to the very first episode of Stupid Questions with Tyler Daniels, the newest addition the the Ranty Studios family! This week we put one toe in the water with Tyler's debut into podcasting. And he's popping his podcast hosting cherry with everyone's best friend/ favorite cohost, Heather D (@IBECeptAfterC)! Together they talk about playing video games, introducing the lower case d's (Heather's kids) to Mortal Kombat, and the Guitar Hero "Queen of the Dorms" for an interesting pilot...


WTR Episode 34 - The Bullshit Episode

So what happens when TRB and Heather D take a week off? Well, we can tell you one thing that doesn't happen - show prep. This week your two favorite residents of Rantyville ditch planning, bits, and any type of format to bring you a show where we just talk. Not about anything in particular, just two friends talking. Now don't fret - it's still a fun and enjoyable trip down the road to Rantyville! So listen in and enjoy! And on a side note - we're still waiting for the first listener...


WTR Episode 33 - Poontang Pie w/ Graham Cracker Crust

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delayed release this week, but we promise to make up for it with content! This week TRB and Heather D are joined by the newest member of Ranty Studios, Mr. Tyler Daniels! In his first show as an official podcaster (hosting the soon to be released "Stupid Questions w/ Tyler Daniels"), Tyler teams up with us to cover all your favorite topics as well as invent a new craze that will be coming to your bedroom soon. Throw in a polygamous Dear Abigail: 4th Grade Whore,...


WTR Episode 32 - Ranty's At It Again

With Heather D on the sidelines this week, TRB is going back to the well again to bring you a bonus episode of The Retail Rant. You know what this means, so kick back, relax, plug in those earbuds, because wearing someone else's nametag is NSFW.


WTR Episode 31 - The SEXY Episode

That's right, TRB and Heather D are back, and we brought a little something with us - the SEXY! In a departure from our usual topics, this week we decided to go SEXY and see how many listeners we can gain or lose. Spawned by a tweet from a friend of the show and perhaps the weirdest/sexiest/grossest Uber ride TRB has ever done, everybody's favorite pod duo grabs your ears and drags them down into the gutter with us. And how do you wrap up such a perfect episode? You'll just have to pop in...


WTR Episode 30 - I've Seen Enough Tits Today

The British are coming! The British are coming! That's right, this week TRB and Heather D welcome our first international guest to Rantyville, Mr. Nick Lawrance Ellis! (Yes, that's exactly how it's spelled) And not only is Nick an amazing and hilarious guest, but he is kind enough to educate us Yanks on so many things! We cover a lot of ground on this episode, including our abuse of the English language, what "pants" really are, how dumb we look as tourists, and why our highways suck. We...


WTR Episode 29 - TRB's Mexico Road Trip?

Welcome to Rantyville boys and girls! TRB and Heather D are serving up another fun filled episode, and we brought along fellow podcaster (and fan) Mr. Kyle Rothfus (@digipen79) for the ride. And will there be a ride to Mexico in TRB's future? Find out as we finally make THE announcement regarding Heather's baby! We're gonna cover it all on this one, from your #AskTRB questions and Dear Abigail, to Best & Worst, Tales from the Uber, and more! So buckle up and plug in those headphones...


WTR Episode 28 - The Butthole Gag Reflex

Welcome back to Rantyville everyone! TRB and Heather D get a bump in the population this week as our good friend Syndic (@5YND1C) joins the show! We spend some time helping her find the most annoying Vaelntine's Day gift, how bad third shift sucks, and have some fun with our usual topics. It's not hard to see how we all agree on this week's Best and Worst, TRB teaches the ladies what a "card swipe" is (no chip reader), and Heather gives us yet another enlightening edition of "Dear Abigail,...


WTR Episdoe 27 - When Hairy Met Salad

Welcome back to Rantyville, the town with a small population with a couple of foul mouthed inhabitants! What better way to kick off your weekend than letting a new episode of Welcome to Rantyville infect your earholes? TRB and Heather D are back at it once again, covering all the things that gave us micro-aneurysms in the past week. We get an update on the Lil D, tell a Tale from the Uber, discuss some shit we hate, and make fun of a sad 100 year old advice column. We delve into the world...


WTR Episode 26 - Jake's Tea Party

Welcome back to Rantyville, where it's population 2.5 plus you! TRB, Heather D and the baby girl are all back for another episode full of fun and laughs! We take delight in a countless number of sidetracked conversations, shoutouts to friends of the show, and the return of the infamous "Fuck You Notes". Despite being all over the map, we cover your favorites, including - #AskHeatherD/#AskTRB - Dear Abigail: 4th Grade Whore - Shit I Hate - Tales from the Uber - Best & Worst - and more! It...


WTR Episode 25 - The Hot Stepdad

Hi there kids! It's time to put on your scarf and gloves and come out to play in the snow in Rantyville! Heather D and TRB are back at it again, lamenting the ridiculously cold weather, and covering all your favorite topics. So kick back and check out the newest episode of Welcome to Rantyville, where we will cover - #AskTRB/#AskHeatherD - Hank Hill makes an appearance - Shit I Hate - Dear Abigail: 4th Grade Whore - Tales From the Uber - Best & Worst - and lots more! So grab those...


WTR Episode 23 - Leave Me Alone!

The Bastard is back! After a brief absence due to illness and retail, TRB has returned with Heather D to bring you a brand new edition of Welcome to Rantyville. We talk about so many things on this one, from the holidays (that are thankfully over now) and Heather's addiction to Raisin Bran, to the shit flu and how angry TRB gets when his meal gets interrupted by someone he doesnt like (Periscope video highly recommended). And then we've got our usual topics such as - Dear Abigail 4th...


WTR Episode 23 - The Gist of the List

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late release, but TRB was down due to sickness and work, so Heather D had to make a call to the bullpen. Flying in Ranty's seat this week it's our good friend Tyler Daniels, who fills TRB's mic admirably once again. It's a great episode filled with wholesome goodness, ranging from 2017's top Google searches to Tyler's war on stupidity. So strap in and enjoy, and don;t worry - Heather's cat survives the fall. Social Medias of the Peoples Tyler -...


WTR Episode 22 - Cat Defense Force

Hey everybody! We're back after taking a week off, and TRB has brought Mrs. TRB along for the ride! Check it out as we talk about the week that was, kids, and more, including - #AskTRB/#AskHeatherD - Dear Abigail 4th Grade Whore - Shit We Hate - Cheating in The Uber - Best/Worst - and more! The @s Heather D - @IB4ECeptAfterC Mrs. TRB - @agapch79 TRB - @TheRantyBastard


Return of the Rant

That's right boys and girls! While Heather D is off prepping Thanksgiving dinner, TRB is going back to his retail roots. Joined by "Retail: The Comic Book" creator Steven Petrivelli, we break down the fuckery known as "Black Thursday" (and why you should hate it too). So strap in those earbuds as these two retail survivors take corporate greed to task, and just maybe this will help you make it through another shitty shift in retail, on the shittiest of weekends. Enjoy, persevere, and as...


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