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The Slump is a podcast designed for lazy people who don't quite understand this modern, fast-paced world. If you're feeling tired, hungover, bored, or in any way lethargic, then this is quite literally a podcast.

The Slump is a podcast designed for lazy people who don't quite understand this modern, fast-paced world. If you're feeling tired, hungover, bored, or in any way lethargic, then this is quite literally a podcast.
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London, United Kingdom


The Slump is a podcast designed for lazy people who don't quite understand this modern, fast-paced world. If you're feeling tired, hungover, bored, or in any way lethargic, then this is quite literally a podcast.




The Slump 294

The chaps have been out for a team-building exercise, by which we mean they went to some pubs. And they've strengthened their bonds to such an extent that they decided to sit in a studio for a while, talking about topics as diverse as chess, delinquent drivers, and more that I can't remember as I type this.


The Slump 293

It's a bit of a different Slump this week, as due to an accidental non-pressing of a crucial button, we didn't actually record the podcast. To make up for it, we did a new podcast but as a Facebook live video thing, so you can watch us instead. Then we realised that a lot of people won't bother doing that, so we've taken the audio from that and put it here. So it's a bit like a podcast and a bit not. You should watch the Facebook thing anyway, cos it's like we're on TV, and you can pretend...


The Slump 292

Dan's gone all louche, swanning about town like an oligarch's plaything, Ian's been to Sweden, and Brendan has just been normal. There is talk of condiments, a strange McDonalds Robin Hood, and a whole heap of passive aggression from Dan towards the others.


The Slump 291

Ian is in Sweden hunting Daim bars this week, and without his calming influence, Dan and Brendan get a bit more passive aggressive than usual. It makes for a palpable frisson which can only add to your enjoyment of this podcast. Topics this week include Dacia's advertising, insects, and some other stuff that I can't remember right now because I'm tired. Just listen, it doesn't make any difference if you know what we talk about beforehand. Thanks.


The Slump 290

It's a landmark episode, as we're just ten away from a big round number, so we celebrated in the only way we know how - by talking rubbish with slightly patchy sound quality. In more detail, this week Dan discovered a superpower, we map the UK in condiments, Ian is a traitor (he's not, we all support his new endeavours), and someone's re-invented something that didn't need to be re-invented.


The Slump 289

Parts of this Slump went out of date by the time we'd made it, and I don't mean Condiment Corner. I'm talking about the various references to the football, as this was recorded before our brave boys left the World Cup. However, it doesn't make much difference and there's much to distract you from all things football-y.


The Slump 287

This podcast was meant to come out on Friday, yet here I am, uploading it on Monday morning. For many of you this won't matter at all, and for those of you for whom it does matter, well I'm sorry you had to wait three days to get your Slump fix. However, with topics of conversation including a big letter "H", how to get the most from your ketchup, and much more besides, I'm sure you'll forgive the delay in creating such vital content.


The Slump 287

We've got WORLD CUP FEVER! Or it might be allergies. Either way there's football chat, condiment chat, and much, much less in this week's edition of someone's favourite podcast.


The Slump 286

Is margarine a condiment? Is it possible to stretch a footballing metaphor too far? Is a smell-based alarm clock a good invention? The quick answer to all these questions is: No, yes and no, but you'll have much more fun listening to the long, rambling answers, which is basically what this podcast is.


The Slump 285

A little later than normal, but here nonetheless, Slump 285 is here. This week we didn't have much to discuss, but that didn't stop us stretching out a couple of topics for ages, until there was enough for a podcast. Also, we invented perhaps the most innovative app yet seen by man - the Bob to Robert Converter. Find out more inside...


The Slump 284

Well it all got a bit technical this week, as Ian and Brendan weren't free to record on the same day as each other. Not to be put off by a ridiculous plan, Dan simply recorded separate podcasts with each of them and stuck it all together to make what is almost a normal Slump. But not quite. It's hard to explain, you'll just have to listen.


The Slump 283

This is a short episode, and so this is description.


The Slump 282

Not only does this Slump contain some wonderful chat about rock bands, old crows, and fresh condiments, it also features at one point the rudest word in the English language. The C one. So do be careful if you think that'll ruin your day. Otherwise, dig in and enjoy the heck out of this podcast. Bye bye.


The Slump 281

Hark! What's that, creeping around the internet? Don't scare it, for it's a flighty beast. Why, 'tis a new Slump, episode 281 no less, in which you'll find tales of annoying waiters, lazy men, and condiments a plenty. Lap it up, like a little cat.


The Slump 279

Everyone's got a podcast these days don't they? Yeah, well just remember that we've been doing it for ages and it's not always easy to think of stuff to say every week for years on end. Just keep that in mind when you listen to us rambling on about sinkholes, ketchup and dogs scratching their bums.


The Slump 278

Pickles. Video games. Lead poisoning. It's all the fun of the fair here on The Slump! And we're legally obliged to inform you that we are prohibited by a court of law from running a fair.


The Slump 277

Rude words, silly names, and strangers calling Dan "Daddy". Plus, a triple-pronged Condiment Corner, and more besides which I can't remember right now because I'm tired.


The Slump 276

Ian and Dan present this, Slump 276. But where of Brendan? Well, he's not here this week, but that doesn't stop the remaining members discussing such wide-ranging topics as slow cookers, European time disparities and administrative holidays. If this is your first time listening and you're just looking at the description to see what it's all about, then we promise it's more entertaining than that sounds.


The Slump 275

Emails from people, emails for people. It's a technological wonderland as emails are read, sent and discussed. Plus, things taken out of context, and the usual melange of talking nonsense. Essential listening for the modern age.


The Slump 274

This week we talk about dogs quite a lot. But if you're not interested in dogs don't worry, because we also talk about arms dealing and the impending apocalypse, so it kind of balances out.