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The Snappy Hour is a weekly lifestyle podcast with a little added Snapchat spiciness. Enjoy a few beverages with your hosts J.D. and Brian as they discuss lifestyle and pop culture between sharing Snapchat pictures and videos. Snap J.D. @ jdshort, and Brian @ thebrianshow -

The Snappy Hour is a weekly lifestyle podcast with a little added Snapchat spiciness. Enjoy a few beverages with your hosts J.D. and Brian as they discuss lifestyle and pop culture between sharing Snapchat pictures and videos. Snap J.D. @ jdshort, and Brian @ thebrianshow -
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Huntington, WV


The Snappy Hour is a weekly lifestyle podcast with a little added Snapchat spiciness. Enjoy a few beverages with your hosts J.D. and Brian as they discuss lifestyle and pop culture between sharing Snapchat pictures and videos. Snap J.D. @ jdshort, and Brian @ thebrianshow -




TSH #83 - Snappy Express: Auto-Tunerotica

On this special half-hour episode, we ask the Snappy Nation about the title of their autobiographies, as well as what they could say during sex that they could also say during dinner with the family. We also talk about some recent silly news and messages in bottles. #YouZuccedUp


TSH #81 - Stinky Cheese and Sharpies

For the first time in history, two West Virginia college basketball teams will face off against each other for a spot in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament. We talk a hot minute about that (#GoHerd) with our guest Josh S. (milehigh_native), as well as the #KanyeBracket challenge, weird TV show titles, how much it would cost, Stone Cold Day, and odd smells. Also join us for an exclusive performance of "Questions" by our guest Josh S.! Special thanks to Ice Cream Social Podcast...


TSH #80 - Barbara Streisand Cloned My Dick

We hang with our friend Corey (leukopenia567) and talk about dog cloning, our favorite cities in the US, and gravity vs. time, as well as Review the new low-carb beer by Corona. Pop that pussy. Special thanks to Ecosia ( and Ice Cream Social Podcast (! #EvilAlexa #StraightFaces


TSH #77 - Ay! Sharkeisha! My Jeans Are Still Wet!

Welp, Snapchat done gone and effed up and changed urrythang. We talk about it with our girl Gracie (gracieh89), and also gab on about jean-washing frequency, Cheddar Man, our favorite song lyrics, Logan Paul (again), and sending a car into space. #StarMan #DancePants #HuntingtonWonderful This episode is brought to you by Ecosia! is the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue. You're gonna search the Web anyway, might as well plant a tree while you're at it! For more...


TSH #76 - The Super Snappy Groundhog Bowl: It's A Doozy

You think you got what it takes to stump The Snappy Hour? Join us as we talk about marriage proposals, deleting Facebook from your life, various dips, and the movie Downsizing. Also play a new game with us! #RiseAndShine #AndPutYourLittleHandInMine


TSH #75 - Ten Minute Snapcast

Join your hosts J.D. and Brian along with their producer Gracie for the Ten Minute Snapcast! We talk about creamy vs. crunchy peanut butter, Hayden and Claudia's missed Tinder connection on campus, Coldstone Creamery, Donald Trump, Stone Cold Steve Austin, pontificating, and Coldstone Steve Austin. Check out Ten Minute Podcast ( on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, or anywhere podcasts are found.


TSH #74 - The Sister Hour: Our Hour of Estrogen Power

Join Gracie (gracieh89) and her sisters Fran (franniehunley) and Gina (ginamrcooper) as they try to take over The Snappy Hour. We talk about bag bodies, Tide Pods, movies and food (obviously), as well as play the Sibling Game. LLLLLET'S GET READY TO FAMILYYYYYY! #BloodBabies


TSH #66 - Snappy Halloween: The Second Krumming

You won't believe what happens on this episode...or maybe you will?!?! Gracie (gracieh89) and Chase (chaseintehface) lead a raucous crowd of Snap Stars and friends in showing their Halloween spirit. Many Shots are Fired and Fireball cupcakes are eaten. Yeah those are things apparently. #TootsieRolls #ReesiesPeesies


TSH #64 - Friday the 13th: Seinfeld by Proxy

Our friends Ryan and Derek from Preconceived Notions Entertainment ( celebrate the release of their newest film, Recepta-KILL Part Two, with us on Friday October 13th, in the worst year of all time, Two-Thousand and Seventeen. We also Review Mystery Oreos, take plenty of Shots Fired, and play a fun game of Mystery Spoooooky Tunes. Glory be to Jerry. #FuckEggplants


TSH #63 - Snappy Express: Sex or Music in the 90s

We wanted to make a short show this week but we had so much fun with our surprise #FloatingHead Jeff Zenisek (The Grounded Podcast, that we just didn't give a heck. We get nostalgic about what we'd bring back from the 90s, we debate whether you could live without sex or music, and we also discuss the possible events of PODCASTAMANIA II: Sports Edition. #FreeDoggin


TSH #61 - My Milkshakes Bring All the Cops to Netscape

We're joined by Gracie and Chase (gracieh89 and chaseintehface) as we wax nostalgic about the Internet, go full-pumpkin-spice-circle, and enjoy a nice Aldean-o Burrito. #OneMilkshakeTwoStraws #FourGirlsOneMilkshake #Skiyurt


TSH #60 - Mensa Mandela and the Hurricanes feat. John Dough

Our friend Josh S (milehigh_native) joins us and our Hurricane Irma correspondent Cole Woodard reports from the field. We talk about skipping Snap stories, high IQ societies, and if you have done something no one else ever has, while reporting on Hurricane Irma, a.k.a. Hurricane Tentacles Gonna Squid Ya, Hurricane Creamsicle, Hurricane Fatgirl Slim or Hurricane Krispy Kareem Doan-Hunt. #SlutPuppy #SleepyTime #HarrisonFord #WrongTits


TSH #58 - Bezos, Gates, Putin, Swift, and Bacon

We play America's newest, hottest, sweetest, tightest game show with our new friend Fran (franniehunley) as well as Review some ridiculous sodas from the Hilton Head Candy Company (, and wonder if Mario Kart could ever truly be real. We also ask the #SnapNaysh what their rap names are, as well as what else WTF could stand for. #WickedTaintFunk #AdamPervtitz


TSH #57 - Snappy Express: Final Gump

The eclipse is upon you. We have reached the apex of the pinnacle of the Gump of the sun and moon. Children shall change. Also we bullshit about Sarahah, and flashing people via mobile devices. The eclipse is upon you. The Sun and The Moon. Yin and Yang. Lasagna and Ravioli. Football Gump and Shrimpboat Gump. #Gumpocalypse


TSH #56 - TIL About Warren Buffett's Balls

We join our friend Dwayne The Boulder Johnson (dumplin81) to talk about your weirdest memorizations, your favorite cartoons, and many other silly topics. We also Shots Fired about fake news and red lights, and Review the SeaQuench Ale by Dogfish Head. #ProstiTots


TSH #53 - Plant Man and His Journy for Powers

Join us and Josh S (milehigh_native) as we celebrate Americas birthday weekend talking about hot dogs, fireworks, mowing lawns, Kodi and Napster. A Review of a Universal Yums box and plenty of Shots Fired await you, along with an exclusive world premiere of an original song by Josh S himself. Also, help us get WSAZ anchor Tim Irr on the show. #SnappyIrr


TSH #45 - Pepsi Points, Pussies and Dick

Join us as we love the 90s with Gracie and Chase, as well as chat about the future, dealbreakers in a relaysh, and those glorious points of Pepsi. #FILA


TSH #43 - St. Snaptricks Day

We put Scrapple in our teeth with our friend Jay (jaydehart84) while we bullshit about the Pacer Test, charcoal whitening, and Daylight Savings Time. Also, what the fuck is Saint Patricks Day, for real? #DoBeDoBeDoDoDo #Aah


TSH #42 - Do You Hate Your Job? So Did We

Barstar Josh Bush (jbush1505) joins us as we give advice to 20-somethings while talking about our worst jobs ever, our favorite quotes, and our 2017 names. We also open lots of snaps, and discover one of the most interesting pieces of 90s memorabilia. #KellyBundy


TSH #39 - The 1st Snappiversary

We have loads of guests, loads of snaps, and loads of #Blirts. Welcome to our 1st Snappiversary! We have been doing this show for a year now, and that is ridiculous. We play clips from past episodes as well as talk about Snuggies and T-shirts, the Grammys, and what you would do for $1,000 a week. Also, Brian is not wearing any pants. #FlandomRandall


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