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Former TSN morning radio partners Steve Warne and Jim Jerome, covered in potato chip crumbs, check in with their unique takes on sports, life, and whatever. New episodes every Thursday. "The best podcast I've ever heard. A triumph of the human spirit!" - Steve's Dad.






Former TSN morning radio partners Steve Warne and Jim Jerome, covered in potato chip crumbs, check in with their unique takes on sports, life, and whatever. New episodes every Thursday. "The best podcast I've ever heard. A triumph of the human spirit!" - Steve's Dad.




930: Golf Ball Distance Rollback; Bedard Addresses "The Rumour" and Tortorella Worries Today's Players Can't Take Hits

Jim marvels at his noise-cancelling headphones and plans to wear them ALL the time. The days of the existing long-distance golf balls are apparently over for both PGA players and weekend hackers. Winnipeg reporters ask Connor Bedard about the ugly false rumour involving Corey Perry. John Tortorella has concerns about the NHL becoming a "no-hit" league.


929: The Curious Case of Corey Perry; A Bizarre Penalty Call; And Remembering Jim Keay

We discuss the curious Corey Perry case after he was dumped by Chicago for undisclosed reasons. We talk about a bizarre penalty call and the Ottawa Senators going down a familiar path again. And we remember our friend Jim Keay, the founder of Jim Keay Ford – our long-time sponsor.


928: The Grey Cup; Tom Brady's Weird Rant About State of the NFL; NHL Coaches Today Have Very Little Power

In this episode, we discuss the Grey Cup which was a great, entertaining game. Afterward, it somehow became a language issue during Montreal's celebrations. Tom Brady has a weird rant about the NFL's good old days. And we talk about NHL coaches being stripped bare of all tools to try and get their point across to players.


927: Is it Too Early for NHL Coaches to be on Hotseat? Should Players Ever Criticize Fans?

Our show originates from Ottawa and Edmonton, so you know we're talking about the struggles of the Senators and the Oilers to start the NHL season. Both teams have coaches on the hot seat. Is it too early for anyone to be on the hot seat? We get into the issue of holding people accountable in hockey. We also ask the question, should players hold the fans accountable when they boo after missing the playoffs for several years in a row?


926: Halloween Memories; NHL Gambling; Matthew Perry's Passing

We recorded this on Halloween, so we looked back at some childhood memories; We discussed NHL Gambling and Shane Pinto; Matthew Perry's Passing; the tragic on-ice incident in Britain and the heritage game in Edmonton.


925: Addictions and Cravings; Fighting in Hockey Really CAN Change Momentum; Peter Puck Turns 50

Steve and Jimmy discuss cravings and addictions. The NHL has jammed in 16 games in one night and we're not sure why. Sounds like fighting DOES have an impact on games. Peter Puck turns 50. Kuznetsov's super slow shootout moves sucks.


924: The Dismantling of Local Sports Radio

We discuss the ongoing changes in local sports radio. We also discussed a great NHL weekend. And Jimmy is terrible at celebrity eulogies.


923: A New NHL Season! Jim is Falling Out of Love with Golf? What?

In this one, we talk about the new NHL season which begins this week. And somehow, Jimmy is falling out of love with professional golf.


922: Officiating Changes We'd Make; Ottawa Senator Changes; Ryder Cup Gets Feisty; and Connor Bedard;

We discuss officiating, umpiring and automated strike zones. The Senators continue with big changes in the front office. Steve thinks Connor Bedard will crack 100 points. The Ryder Cup gets feisty with an American caddy getting under Rory McIlroy's skin.


921: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce; Sens New Owner; Babcock, Coaches and Power

Looks like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce is a thing; "Traylor?" "Swilce?" The Sens have a new owner making all the right moves; Mike Babcock, Coaches and Power; Aaron Rodgers hopes to play again this year.


920: What Exactly is the NFL's Secret Sauce? NHL Oldtimers Chime in with Connor Bedard Expectations

We discuss week one in the NFL that had a lot of out with the old and in with the new; Aaron Rodgers off and running (we recorded this just hours before he suffered his injury); Chiefs lose opening night at home to Detroit; Terry Bradshaw has a rough start; Matt Ryan gets chirped in his debut; the US Open goes to the Joker; Jimmy asks NHL alumni what they think of Connor Bedard. Jim falls for senior citizen scams.


919: Jimmy Buffett's Passing; Connor Bedard Already Ranked Ahead of Sidney Crosby? What?

The passing of musician Jimmy Buffett and NHL defenceman Bryan Maxwell provokes a discussion about how we'd spend our days after getting the worst possible medical diagnosis. How is Connor Bedard already ranked higher than Sidney Crosby? A bizarre incident in women's golf. A new pro Women's hockey league is here. Is this the one that will finally catch on?


918: Jim's Weird Purchase; Political Correctness; Auston Matthews Big Deal

Jim bought something unique online. We get into political correctness, which has taken the air out of Jimmy's tires. Auston Matthews big new deal isn't what inspires us. And much more


917: Sens Among Best NHL Teams Under 23; Craig Anderson to Retire a Senator

Craig Anderson apparently plans to sign a one-day contract with Ottawa to retire a Senator. Austin Watson finds a new NHL home…maybe. We may soon have true best-on-best international hockey. Auston Matthews stays put for four years. When it comes to players who are age 22 and under, the Sens are ranked 7th in the NHL. And Marian Hossa's goodbye game


916: Amazon Will Own Everything Someday; NHL Talks Olympics; Toffoli Tunes up Sutter

We discuss how Amazon is going to own everything soon, including their own NFL TV ratings. The NHL is looking at an international hockey event in 2025, and then alternating Olympic participation and World Cups every two years. Tyler Toffoli wasn't fond of Darryl Sutter's mind games in Calgary. AI helps to get rid of awful Zoom quality audio.


915: Phil Mickelson and Gambling; Future of Fighting in Hockey

Jim's buddy gets two hole-in-ones in the same round. Phil Mickelson and Gambling, and the future of Fighting in Hockey


914: DeChambeau's 58; Orioles Suspend Announcers for No Good Reason; Blue Jays Rookie Goes Wild

We discuss Bryson DeChambeau's 58; the exciting debut of the Davis Schneider in Toronto; the big fight between Cleveland and the White Sox; the bizarre suspension of a Baltimore Orioles announcer for mentioning the club's poor recent record against Tampa; the Erik Karlsson trade and more...


913: Tarasenko Signs in Ottawa; Agents Don't Always Get the Best Deal

Vladimir Tarasenko signs for less in Ottawa and fires his agent. Player agents don't always bat 1000. Jimmy talks about the time his own agent tuned him up. Jim has a weird plant in his hotel room. Ray Romano's unusual movie choices.


912: ChatGPT, Brooke Henderson's 29, Hockey Training Doesn't Stop for Summer Anymore

We consider renaming the show "That's news to Jim." Once we get Jim up to speed on ChatGPT, we mess around with it a little, letting it write our new show intro. Brooke Henderson shoots a 29, the best front nine in majors history. We talk about year-round training for sports and how Gretzky's "try other sports in the summer" isn't realistic anymore. Not if you want to make the NHL.


911: Inspired by Heckler, Brian Harman Wins British Open; REDBLACKS Win Again

Jim fails to break 100 at his favourite hometown golf tournament. Brian Harman wins the British Open. The REDBLACKS win again. Lionel Messi makes a great first impression.