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Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell rant, rave and ramble their way through whatever is winding them up this week. Twenty minutes of barely concealed bitterness, masquerading as social comment, from two extremely out of work comedy writers.

Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell rant, rave and ramble their way through whatever is winding them up this week. Twenty minutes of barely concealed bitterness, masquerading as social comment, from two extremely out of work comedy writers.




Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell rant, rave and ramble their way through whatever is winding them up this week. Twenty minutes of barely concealed bitterness, masquerading as social comment, from two extremely out of work comedy writers.




#185 - Thrusting into the Abyss

A two deleted episodes, we finally managed to record a whole episode. Other Possible titles: Ghost in the Machine, A Full Interactive Multimedia Experience, A cap based Monologue, Release the Cute Little Piggy. Facebook Twitter Instagram Donate


A Very Brief Public Apology

It's too painful to write down. Have a listen and hear two broken men try to explain/excuse/console themselves. With a bonus comedy sketch from deep in the previous employer archives because we felt bad.


#184 - Roll it Forward

Dec's Osteopath to the Stars, The Return of Trade Wins Radio, and we ask the big question, should you roll it forward? And somehow we make it through a whole episode without once mentioning Joe Hildebrand. #livephoner #rollitforward Donate and get a big boy stubby holder Facebook Instagram Twitter


#183 - Relaunching the Hildebrand

Other Possible Titles: A Shane Jacobson Sidebar, Shane Jacobson's Contractually Obligated Caravan, Have your A**e Cake and eat it, On the front lines and loving it, The Greatest Hits of Harry Laconic Jnr and Zoom Zoom Zoom Let's go back to my room. Starring: Joe Hildebrand, Shane Jacobson, An Unnamed Former TV Star, Scrooge, Harry Connick Jnr and Craigie. Donate to stop the brand going dark Follow Us for #constantcontent Instagram Twitter Facebook


#182 - Going Analogue

Welcome to the quarantine lockdown iso-f##kfest! In this episode we'll find out Why Chris and Bec Judd keep locking their tradies in Optus Oval, Why Declan struggles to do dinner at the table, and what happens to Nick's brain after watching way too many hours of Joe Hildebrand on Studio Ten. Donate to keep the brand shining bright Facebook Twitter Instagram


#181 - The Fat Jimmy Page Stage of Parenting

Our first podcast since the ten year anniversary, recorded live from isolation. We record in two different houses and don't totally stuff it up. Cultural references: Jimmy Page, Bec Judd, Pro Hart, Campbell's Cash and Carry, Delilah, Paul Kelly (not the good one). Facebook Instagram Twitter Donate


180!!!!!! - Live Ten Year Anniversary Show

Live from the Rochester Hotel, it's our ten year anniversary show, recorded just before everyone went into lockdown. Features poetic tributes, all year round trade radio, Nick's TV pitches, and a conclusion to the Scott Fisher Arc. Thanks to everyone who has listened over the last ten years. A Boom Boom Pow Facebook Twitter Instagram Donate


#179 - A Small Adjustment/Ten Plum Years

Other possible titles for this episode: Airborne Chilean Beans, Sucking on the Bus Stop Hole, Fisto in the Shoulder, Ready or Not, Aromatic Advertising, The Miseducation of Declan's Osteopath. Outdated references: He-Man, Moss-Man, Fisto, The Fugees, Alcopops, Margaret Court. Plus we talk a lot about what might happen for ten year gig/Episode 180/Friday the 13th March. Grab tickets here.


178 - I'm Smart, I Know Business

In another brand new podcast rebrand, Nick shows you why he's smart, and why he knows business. Also... Buy tickets to our ten year anniversary gig on Friday March 13 at the Rochester Hotel.


#177 - Flummoxed by Joy

As voted by our audience, our brand new podcast, "Flummoxed By Joy" Outdated references: Shane Jacobsen, Scott Fisher, Bruce Bolden, Baker Street, Man O Man, Jason Dunstall, Blue Murder, Richard Roxburgh, Tony Martin, Pat Cash. Facebook Twitter Instagram Donate


#176 - This Guy and The Bloody Mongrel

Discussed: Maurie Fields, Shane Bourne, The Great Aussie Joke, Chris Anstey, A Shirtless Scotty Fisher, Michael Jordan, Robot Vacuums, James Packer, Declan's Drunk Irish Relatives. And Vote Now for your favourite new Sweetest Plum Podcast: Why do they say that? You idiom; Flummoxed by Joy; The Lark and The Laugh; I'm Smart, I know Business; Packers to the Rafters; Have a Crackronym; Too Much Joy, Too early. Or feel free to invent your own one that we've forgotten. Vote on social media...


#175 - The Black Dots Floating in Our Eyes

Alternate titles: Nick throws himself under the bus, Nick's guide to Melbourne Laneway culture, Space Demons, How to meet girls by firing out lies, One foot on the Urinal cake, The Laneway Blasting Game. Bought to you by the brand new app: FuckMyRestaurant. Follow on facebook Twitter Instagram Send us a Christmas Bonus


#174 - It's Just a Shame

A short podcast due to illness. Another longer, less diseased episode out before Christmas. Discussed: The Fine Art of Sculpture, Michelangelo, Dodgy Massage Establishments, Western Sydney Wanderers, A-League. Follow Us on Facebook Instagram Twitter


#173 - Tools of the Trade

Discussed/Debated/Debased this week... Trade Radio, Nick Dal Santo, Sam McClure, The Oval Office, murderers, the Tradies on the building site next to Nick's new house, Pier Fishermen, and Nick's Fanfare for the Common man. Donate and have Nick add you into his prayers Follow on Facebook Instagram Twitter


#172 - A Stain on the Carpet

DRAFT TITLES: Back in Bow River, The Content Cheater, Top and Tail, New Years Eve 1997, Rock the Rotunda, The Uprising, Scott Cam: An Elite Everyman IMPLICATED IN THIS EPISODE: Scott Cam, The Block, Cold Chisel, Jimmy Barnes, Tim Burton, Some vain bloke Dec went to uni with, Pier Fishermen, The Henderson Kids. Donate to become part of the wider community (and join the uprising) Harass us on Facebook - Instagram - Twitter


#171 - A Terrifying Home invasion

Dedicated to all our friends from Under Tens Cricket. Discussed: Declan's very advanced child, Nick's Embouchure technique, The poetry Phillip Larkin and Why Nick never allowed The Wiggles in his house. If you want Nick keep you in his prayers, Donate Here and join the wider community Send all your correspondence, user generated content and pictures of Giant Nutella Containers to... Facebook Instagram Twitter


#170 - Tears in Rain

Other Possible Titles: Twisting the Knife, Grab the Parmagiana by the Tail, The Vasectomy Obsession, Nicotine Dreams. References: Vince Colosimo, Rutger Hauer, Dr Snip, Paul Barry, Paul Eddington Bought to you by our inaugural sponsor Young Henrys. (For once an actual sponsor, not one we just made up) Best correspondence/user generated content on the next episode wins a slab of Young Henrys.) Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter Or Donate and we'll send you a bunch of stickers...


#169 - A Load of Bull

Other possible titles: Tipping into Irrelevance, On the edge of the youth zeitgeist, Pumping It up and Mucking Around, The Puppet and the Master, Rated X and It Takes a Village to Raise a Podcast Outdated references in this episode: Pearl Jam, Tony Martin and Alex Dimitriades in Wildside, Geppetto, Corey Worthington (Bernardi), The Comedy Company. Links Donate (To become a part of the wider community) Facebook (To join the conversation) Instagram (To see a raft of images which are...


#168 - The King of Pop is Dead

Other possible titles for the episode: Just a Boat Ride, Deliverance Style, Blue Light Disco, The Meaning of DNA, You Don't Complete Me, Car Boot Party. Topics discussed: George Clooney, Richard Kind, Jerry Maguire, 24 hour Pancake parlour, Ethnic Dad Comma Johnny, Damian Cupido, Burt Reynolds. Donate to get our bonus online content easter egg and stickers Like us on Facebook to be bombarded by random plum references


#167 - The Right to Remain Soft

After a few months off we come back with some big questions: Is it okay to rat out your soft mates? Is barracking a form of sexual release? How many times can we discuss "Ethnic Dad, Johnny"? What kind of pranks are George Clooney and Matt Damon actually playing on set? Is Nick a George Clooney apologist? And please send through your 50 word blurb to describe Nick Maxwell (must contain at least one mention of the word dark). Best blurb wins a "Sweetest Plum Rocks Cumbah Grammar"...