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Ep11. Our NXT UK adventure!

Jads and JOPO took Charles to his first ever wrestling event this week, and what an event it was; NXT UK! In this episode of The Team Newplex Podcast, we talk all about our trip (including why Tyler Bate is just the worst), plus we go over the week's nerdy news and share our favourite Michael Jackson hits.


Ep10. Poetry slam!

Another week (fortnight), another controversy that the gang struggle to comprehend. Why was CW Batwoman Ruby Rose forced off Twitter? We haven't got a clue, but we'll talk about it anyway. Also on this episode, Jads, JOPO, Ben Senter, and Charles deliver some hot-fire bars in our first (and last) poetry slam! It's not to be missed!


Ep9. (Not) Gunning for Gunn

In this week's Team Newplex Podcast, JOPO bought everyone coffee and so they spend the next 60 mins buzzing off their tits. Before the inevitable caffeine crash, Jads, Ben, Charles, JOPO, and Conor chat about ITV's WOS Wrestling, SDCC trailers (including Shazam and Aquaman), Edinburgh Fringe, and - of course - the controversial firing of James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy. Stick around until the end for a cameo from a disembodied voice which throws the team into chaos...


Ep8. F#@k Batman.

Despite all the controversy (which still remains alien to us), the gang are incredibly excited to talk about the new Titans trailer in this week's episode of the Team Newplex Podcast. Jads, JOPO, Charles and Ben react to the dark, gritty, goodness highlighted in the trailer for DC Universe's flagship original show, brought to us by the minds behind CW's infinitely popular Arrowverse. And of course, f#@k Batman.


Ep7. Foreseeable Entry

Crazy Tom Cruise, Jay-Z on a Jet Ski, people who don't sponsor us, and terrible Enzo Amore are up for discussion with Jads, Charles, JOPO, and Ben Senter in this week's edition of the Team Newplex Podcast. Plus, as soon as Charles leaves for his hot date, the remaining gang talk about their favourite wrestler theme songs (and Jads' fave WWF album, *Foreseeable* Entry) as well as the most ill-informed stock purchasing advice you will ever hear!


Ep6. NXT UK, Deadpool 2, and annoying foods

Charles, JOPO, and Jads are together for this week's episode of the Team Newplex Podcast. There's nothing on the agenda as such, but the gang chat about the news of NXT UK, review Deadpool 2, and share their hot takes on the likes of health foods, soft drinks, and how amazing the X-Men cartoon was. Also Jads had a horrible curry.


Ep5. Civil War debate: Iron Man or Captain America - who was right?

This week on the Team Newplex Podcast, we hold our first ever debate. Captain America: Civil War left fans with one simple question: amongst all the chaos, who was right? Captain America or Iron Man? Conor Bailey moderates the teams of Ben Senter and JOPO (for Cap) against Jads and Charles (for Iron Man) in this special edition of the podcast.


Ep4. Cartoons, Nostalgic TV, and Nando's

Jads, Conor, JOPO, and Charles got together this weekend for a Nando's (cheeky) and our first ever podcast recording with the gang - or some of the gang at least - together in person. It's one mic, one round table, and chat about our favourite cartoons and TV shows from our childhoods, including Power Rangers, Avatar, Fairly OddParents, and - of course - Dick & Dom in da Bungalow.


Ep3. Avengers: Infinity War: So. Much. Nerd.

Jads, Ben Senter, JOPO, Charles Warner-Whyte, and Conor Bailey are back for a bonus episode of The Team Newplex Podcast to discuss all things Avengers: Infinity War. We’re analysing the biggest movie of the year with our usual blend of forensic nerdery and an exaggerated irreverence to try and seem cool. What will happen in Avengers 4? And what happens next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We wildly speculate on the pod today! Beware of spoilers!


Ep2. Summer blockbusters 2018: Our picks (plus Avengers: Infinity War chat)

Jads, Ben Senter, JOPO, and Charles Warner-Whyte each share their picks for their most anticipated movie of this year's summer blockbuster season. Plus, we devote a healthy chunky amount of time to chatting all things Avengers: Infinity War. This episode of the Team Newplex Podcast was recorded on the day of release, before any of us had seen it - so there are NO spoilers!


Ep1. WrestleMania 34 & NXT TakeOver reactions

Jads, Ben Senter, and JOPO discuss their highlights from WrestleMania 34 and (more importantly) NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. What did the gang make of the weekend, and what will happen next in the world of WWE? Join the gang for some fun wrestling chat!