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This podcast is not what you heard on the radio. It's still us being us but on this podcast we have no censors. This is your chance to get inside the minds of the cast from your favorite radio show.


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This podcast is not what you heard on the radio. It's still us being us but on this podcast we have no censors. This is your chance to get inside the minds of the cast from your favorite radio show.








#147 - Made Love To A Unicorn feat Ava Max

This week it's just you, Tino, and pop sensation Ava Max! Tino's also talking his new agent, being addicted to Monster, and a ton more. Enjoy!


#146 - S&D feat Michael Rosenbaum

Lex freaking Luther is on the podcast this week! You know him from the hit TV show "Smallville," his podcast "Inside of You" is awesome and he took the time to talk with Tino about everything from personal struggles to lip balm branding. LOL! Enjoy!


#145 - Confession

The time has arrived.......Tino and Nicasio have a BIG confession for Matt. They're scared about his reaction but it has to be done.


#144 - This Is Us (Part 2)

The TCR team is answering more questions and giving you an idea of what makes them, them. Only problem is that Tino lost the questions from last week and this weeks questions are from a Teen vogue article. LOL! Enjoy.


#143 - This Is Us (Part 1)

One of our TCR affiliates sent a "get to know you" questionere to Tino and he decided to share it with the crew and they're answering the questions this episode! From their biggest fears to what they'd change about themselves, get ready to dive inside the minds of your favorite radio show cast members!


#142 - La Boof

The crew is super excited about their NBA JAM arcade game that Matt bought for the studio. Tino shares his fiancée's medical scare and Nicasio shares his! The crew also debates on the proper pronunciation of the world HALLOWEEN. So dumb. LOL!


#141 - Truffle Butter

This week the TCR crew debates on recording the podcast daily instead of weekly, they also recap Nicasio's expensive birthday dinner. Tino actually tried medium well steak instead of his usual overcooked well done, Raquel's roommate wants her to join a dating app, and we found out Matt drove with expired tags for a year. WTF.


#140 - A Contract With Black America feat Ice Cube

The iconic Ice Cube checks in with Tino Cochino to discuss his "Contract with Black America." The goal is to build a society that benefits EVERYONE by creating long lasting solutions instead of temporary ones. This conversation has a ton of knowledge and a much needed perspective. Please listen, share, and enjoy!


#139 - Dirty Dishes

Tino and his girl have an argument over dirty dishes but her response was unexpected! Raquel's six year old nephew hurt her feelings. Matt's son doesn't know the difference between his elbows and knees. Nicasio and his girl don't agree on when the trash should be thrown out! LOL! Enjoy!


Potty Mouthed Parents

Tino & Raquel's crazy dreams - and what they might mean, what Tino's fiance watches that annoys him, cursing in front of kids, & how Nicasio scams people on OfferUp...


#138 - Yellow Springs

Tino met Dave Chappelle! He flew out to Dayton then drove to Yellow Springs to catch the social distanced "Courage" cornfield show! LOL! He shares the full experience. Raquel had a super scary dream and doesn't know the meaning behind it. Nicasio filmed Matt's butt and explains why. Hahahaha! Enjoy!


#137 - Discipline Dilemma

As a kid, Tino called his mom a very bad name and got smacked for it! Matt opens up about his marriage counseling. Raquel's giving up on manicures until quarantine rules are over. Nicasio trolls as per usual. Enjoy! Brought to you by Estrella Jalisco. Reach for a star, reach for an Estrella Jalisco.


#136 - Lord of the Rings

Raquel's been getting a ton of DM's and explains why she doesn't respond to all. Tino can't stand that everyone is complaining about everything, including the new Whataburger restaurant. Nicasio believes arguing should stop once you hit 50 years old. Matt enjoys an ice cold Estrella Jalisco. LOL!


#135 - Pinworms

So, Matt's son has pinworms and the team grosses out at his description of what they are. Raquel explicitly text Nicasio while drunk and Tino can't figure out how to get verified on Instagram. Enjoy! LOL! Brought to you by Estrella Jalisco! Reach for a star this summer. Reach for Estrella Jalisco.


#134 - Matt is Back

It's Matt's first podcast as our official Executive Producer! Yay! We're talking about how his wife took the news that he was quitting his job of 19 years to work with TCR, the covid-19 vaccine, the crews individual coronavirus tests and more!


#133 - United For Justice feat Big Boy & Saweetie

This was such an awesome and important conversation. Tino had a day of discussion with The Voice of Los Angeles, Big Boy, and "My Type" hit maker, Saweetie. They talk about racial injustice, the possibility of defunding police, being bi-racial, voting, children understanding race and so much more. Please listen, comment, and review this podcast! Let's get it heard!


#132 - High School

It only took us 132 episodes to finally start recording video! LOL! We're talking about why High School was so awesome and the dumb things we did as kids. Subscribe, rate, review, and for more follow us on Instagram: @TinoCochinoRadio


#131 - There Is Hope feat Armonee D. Jackson

Armonee D. Jackson is an NAACP State & Youth President that's making her community beyond proud! From leading peaceful protests to running for state representative in 2022, this young woman is on the road to greatness. We definitely value her perspective and are excited to share this conversation with you. We hope you listen, learn, and enjoy. #blacklivesmatter


#130 - Puff Ball

Raquel's back from her weekend camping trip with her (ex) boyfriend and the recap is....boring. Lol! Nicasio, as per usual, has our our comments flooded with reactions to his insane beliefs. Tino thinks he's bi-polar. WTH?! Enjoy!


#129 - Set Up For Failure

This week the TCR crew opens up about Ronnie's new role, their first week back in studio, Raquel's upcoming camping trip and more!