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WOT Ep #14: A Giant Emily Muffin

Episode 14: I Second That Emotion (Original Air Date: November 21, 1999) Guest: Ollie Brady (Best Aquantances Podcast) Is it possible for a robot who can feel no emotions to feel? Bender is forced to feel all of Leela's emotions after he flushes Nibbler down the toilet in a fit of jealousy. Ollie Brady returns and tries to explain how fish teeth work, Steve is still ignoring his dog, and Emily is suffering from bronchitis.


WOT Ep #13: Damn, Fry. You sassy.

Episode 13: Fry and the Slurm Factory (Original Airdate: November 14, 1999) Guest: Robert Brower The Planet Express crew take a trip to a magical "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" parody when Fry swallows a golden bottlecap. Steve did a lot of research on things, Robert has never seen the original film, and Emily has trouble ending the show.


WOT Ep #12: There’s That Segue Czar! There You Are!

Episode 12: When Aliens Attack (Original Air Date: November 7, 1999) Guest: Mark Prosia **AUDIO WARNING** Emily’s audio is weirdly loud as the levels were set way too high without Emily’s knowledge. The saga of an Ersatz Ally McBeal and a spilled beer. There are beach shinnanigans, Wiki-wormholes, and Emily almost dying - live on air!


The World of Tomorrow - A Futurama Podcast Presents: Futurama: The Worlds of Tomorrow (A Futurama Podcast!)

SPECIAL EPISODE: The Worlds of Tomorrow - Radiorama (Original Airdate: September 14, 2017) In this mini-episode, Emily and Steve explain the brief hiatus of the show. Steve was off gallivanting the world and winning awards, and Emily was living it up in Disney World and winning against Mother Nature. We also give a brief rundown of the new Futurama episode (!!!) - Radiorama, produced and released by Nerdist. (Thank you, Chris Hardwick!)


WOT Ep #11: Are Trolls Goats?

Episode 11: Mars University (Original Air Date: October 3, 1999) Guest: Jessie Cooper (Turn To Page Podcast, Random Sampling Podcast & Alphabet Flight Podcast) In the future, there is not only life on Mars, but institutions of higher learning. Professor Farnsworth’s attempt at a Nobel Prize has Fry matching wits with a genius monkey in a bowler hat, and Bender’s reputation has him restoring the name of ROBOT HOUSE! Steve can’t properly pronounce Guenter’s name, Jessie remembers the episode...


WOT Ep #10: Accidentally Smooth

Episode 10: A Flight to Remember (Original Air Date: September 26, 1999) Guest: Meghan Griffin (Fableulous Retellings Podcast and Judging Book Covers Podcast) It’s all about Titanic parodies in this one, when Professor Farnsworth surprises the crew with a company holiday.Is it also the beginning of romance for Fry and Leela? And Amy’s parents are the worst. Steve and Meghan have been left behind by their mothers. Emily has a sunburn and went swimming with the gators.


WOT Ep #9: Look At Me, I’ve Been To Art Basel

Episode 9: Hell is Other Robots (Original Air Date: May 18, 1999) Guest: Tony Ochre The (first) season one season finale! Bender learns that sometimes, it pays to just say no. Especially when saying yes can send you to New Jersey, and coming face-to-face with Beelzebot. Steve and Tony are Beastie Boys aficionados. Emily has been told that she’s “my friend.” It was just as awkward as it sounds.


WOT Ep #8: Dinkleberg!…

Episode 8: A Big Piece of Garbage (Original Airdate: May 11, 1999) Guest: Robert Brower The past comes back to haunt the citizens of New New York when a giant ball of space garbage from the 20th century is discovered by Professor Farnsworth and his Smelloscope to be hurtling towards the Earth. Steve and Robert spend more than half the episode torturing poor, exhausted Emily. Emily briefly recounts how she meets her future ex-husband, the incomparable Billy West (Yes! There’s photographic...


WOT Ep #7: Shilling For Big Awkward

Episode 7: My Three Suns (Original Airdate: May 4, 1999) Guest: Katie Roy What happens when a shiftless 25-year-old delivery boy from the 20th (or 21st, whichever) century becomes Emperor of a planet? Nothing good, as far as Leela is concerned. In this episode we discuss the short reign of Fry the Solid, Bender’s newest unrealized dream of becoming a chef, and Leela’s tendency of treating Fry like a baby.


WOT Ep #6: That’s Going To Be A Great Shirt

Episode 6: A Fishful of Dollars (Original Airdate: April 27, 1999) Fry finally begins to feel nostalgic for bits of home when he learns he is a billionaire. But even all the money in the world cannot buy the one thing he wants - anchovies. Steve knows a lot about Friends. Emily derails the podcast for almost 20 minutes discuss voice actors and her (not so) secret dream of becoming one. And both Emily and Steve are firmly anti-chovie.


WOT Ep #5: I’m Fine With Robupus

Episode 5: Fear of a Bot Planet (Original Airdate: April 27, 1999) Can a planet of human hating (and non-fans of humanoid aliens) really solve all societal issues? Probably not, and they know it. In this episode, we learn of the magical…? sport of Blernsball. Without a guest, Emily and Steve discuss voice actors, Broadway, sports? and Sports!


WOT Ep #4: We’ve All Got the Stupid Mouth

Episode 4: Love’s Labours Lost in Space (Original Air Date: April 13, 1999) Guest: Mary Lou Lopez Leela is out looking for love, but finds Nibbler. Brannigan is out looking to hot alien babes, and finds one! Kif is looking to get away from Brannigan, with little to no success. Steve remembers horrible truths from his youth, Emily tries to understand saucy puppet shows, and Mary Lou explains how Futurama helped her find love.


WOT Ep #3: Apologies to Our Listeners

Episode 3: I, Roommate (Original Air Date: April 6, 1999) Guest: Mac Crowley The most problematic episode to date! We lose our guest, we lose a host, and Fry and Bender almost lose one another.


WOT Ep #2: You Know Multiple Emilys

Episode 2: The Series Has Landed (Original Air Date: April 4, 1999) Guest: Ollie Brady (Best Acquaintances Podcast) This episode introduces us to new characters, and the podcast introduces new people. This episode has it all: Blackjack, hookers, dueling Crushinators and Hedonism-Bots, and so many segues. Ollie shares anecdotes, Steve provides updates about the (already) lost episode, and Emily apologizes for nothing. Get in contact with the show at,...


WOT Ep #1: This Is NOT The Moonlighting Podcast!

Episode 1: Space Pilot 3000 (Original Air Date: March 28, 1999) Our first episode! Emily and Steve go through Space Pilot 3000, explore Fry’s gift for accepting the strange as normal, Emily’s fears of aliens, and Steve makes multiple references to The Simpsons.