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Your Weekly Thunder - December 10, 2018

The Jotuns tried to black out Asgard and sever the Bifrost Spectrum connection to the rest of the nine realms but we were victorious enough to bring this edition of Your Weekly Thunder with more on the Rawvengers and the new Daniel Bryan, we finally reach an endgame on the mystery of that Avengers 4 title, HOLY CRAP SO MANY TRAILERS, and Sexy Thor gives an early review of "Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse" as he had the opportunity to watch the sneak preview last...


Your Weekly Thunder - December 3, 2018

Monday Night Raw continues to be more Empire Strikes Back-y, Monday Night Football says "No new Star Wars? No problem! Have a Captain Marvel trailer!", James "Logan" Howlett gets a second crack in internet radio land next winter and more in today's Your Weekly Thunder!


Issue 6 - Thunder Talk: RESURRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!

Give it to us, Thunder Faithful!!! We're baaaaack!!! We debut Beth and Kawika, Sexy Thor gives famous dick kicker and WWE Champion Daniel Bryan a good talking to while reading you a Deadpool bedtime story, we say farewell to Missy as she goes off to the wonderful land of Colorado, and Lightning Lad assists people worried about what people might say about their marital bedroom habits. Like four mini lion bots coming together to form one super bot, we're back and better than ever. Welcome to...


Your Weekly Thunder - November 26, 2018

The Chiefs and Rams gave us an early Super Bowl, Dean Ambrose gets a Thanksgiving beatdown that's deserved but sadly doesn't count, college football has too many damn overtimes and more in today's "Your Weekly Thunder"! Instagram: @thundertalkthor


Your Weekly Thunder - November 19, 2018

Raw not only survived but thrived Sunday night, THERE'S A MOVIE COMING OUT ABOUT PAIGE AND I'M SO EXCITED, historic NFL injuries repeat themselves in the nation's capital, and more in this edition of Your Weekly Thunder! @thundertalkthor on Instagram


YWT Extra - Stan Lee Passes Away

Stan Lee, the master and commander of Marvel Comics who made comic books and the movies that adapt their stories and characters a force to be reckoned with, has passed away at the age of 95. Sexy Thor sounds off on a bit of Stan Lee's history and what he's meant to pop culture through history.


Your Weekly Thunder - November 12, 2018

The set up for Survivor Series gets underway(which is great for anyone who follows Becky Lynch on Twitter), Disney's streaming service gets a name but Avengers 4 still doesn't, Dez finally gets a job...then gets hurt, and the Jimmy Butler drama is finally over in a special morning edition of Your Weekly Thunder! Facebook: (page is called Thunder Talk) Twitter: Instagram: @thundertalkthor


Your Weekly Thunder - November 5, 2018

Rick Grimes goes bye bye(sort of), Obi-Wan tells Harley he has the high ground and Shane McMahon tells the same thing to the entire Raw family. Also Sexy Thor messes with the time stone and finds out what happens to the Raw Tag Team Champions tonight(see: internet) and more in a whole new Your Weekly Thunder!!!


Your Weekly Thunder - October 29, 2018

Sexy Thor didn't get to go to Monday Night Raw tonight(SADDEST FACE) so he's bringing you another on time edition of Your Weekly Thunder! He covers WWE Evolution, the Lakers winning two(in a row???), Boston won that baseball thing, Clemson beating the brakes off someone else, and Avengers 4 will get something before the year is up(gee thanks). #ThankYouRoman


The Thunder Talk Project - Infinity War

In August of 2018, two Asgardians disappeared while recording a weekly podcast about the latest they gave a damn about in comic books and sports. Two months later their recordings were found. Starting off is Sexy Thor and Lightning Lad discussing a little arthouse film that no one ever heard of called "Avengers: Infinity War" the day after it came out on blu ray. Enjoy and try not to get motion sickness or start yelling about a map.


Your Weekly Thunder - October 22, 2018

The Lakers' fun offseason starts coming into play, DC starts invading our TV sets even more and our movie theaters even less in 2019, and we learn more about the new not dusty Spider-Man and still just as much of nothing about Avengers 4! Its Your Weekly Thunder! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @thundertalkthor E-Mail:


Your Weekly Thunder - October 15, 2018

Sexy Thor once again brings the headlines of the past week to you involving stuff that's relevantish in Thunder Talkverse! Lots of those DC shows coming back to The CW for the season! Batwoman is revealed to going to look like Batwoman in the Arrowverse! And WWE! Lots of WWE! Its like Sexy Thor is jockeying for an official reporting job for the company or something.... Find us on the three main socials and yell at us or something! Facebook: Twitter:...


Your Weekly Thunder - October 8, 2018

Hail, Thunder Faithful! Sexy Thor here with a new way to bring the discussion to you with Your Weekly Thunder! I lay down the major headlines from the past week pertaining to thing we have and will talk about on Thunder Talk. Worry not - the issues will be back soon enough. These episodes will just be news, with minimal sounding off by me. Except considering most of these topics are things I'm passionate about...can't really say it'll be too minimal. Finally, pardon any moments that sound...


Reading Rainbow Bridge - Deadpool 2 edition

Asgard in the sky, I can go twice as high. Take a look, its in a book! A sexy Deadpool! Well close. Sexy Thor reads you "Deadpool 2: A Not So Children's Book" that came with the "Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut" blu ray. Enjoy the accents.


Sexy Thor's Joker Watch!

Sexy Thor sounds off on news concerning one of his favorite things: sexy clowns! Specifically The Joker and Harley Quinn. Specifically that wacky Joaquin Phoenix movie coming and the (hopefully actually going to happen) Birds of Prey movie! Sexy Thor gives you the who's who on this version of the Birds, to fill in whatever gaps the Arrowverse didn't fill for you. This was recorded a few weeks ago so of course the news of that Joker screen test and reveal of his look hasn't happened yet but...


Asgardians of the Galaxy Issue 1 - On Stands...Like A Week Or Two Ago!

In the first new Thunder Talk content in a while(like I literally just recorded this), Sexy Thor tells the world about a new comic series they should be reading - Asgardians of the Galaxy! Yes, this is an actual series and not a parody he just thought up! Its quite good. Attn anybody listening to this from Marvel Entertainment, Sexy Thor's Sexy Voice is definitely for hire, hit us up at Or tell us how bad we are! We love adversity, it fuels independence.


Thunder Nibbles 3 - Lightning Lad on CBS All Access

Lightning Lad hops on the mic to tell the Thunder Faithful about CBS All Access, because its not all Jason Isaacs and roses. There's CBS programming.


Thunder Nibbles 2 - Deal With LeBron's Lakering

In this sort of retrospective/on demand tidbit, we're throwing it back to Sexy Thor helping out a confused soul who loves LeBron yet hates the Lakers in what sets the grounds for future "What Would Thor Do?" episodes where he seems to be helping out a lot with sports. I guess its that whole "Sexy" thing in the title?


Thunder Nibbles 1 - Lightning Lad On Reconnecting

Well met, Thunder Faithful! While Lightning Lad deals with wounds fighting a completely random frost giant - dark elf alliance, we figured it would be a good opportunity to present Thunder Nibbles, the Thunder Talk On Demand service where we'll be putting up old segments individually so you can play through your favorite segments without all this rewinding and fast forwarding as if we're still in the cassette age! This is also for those of you who need bite sized methods of persuasion to...


Thunder Talk - Issue 5 - The Fantastic Mr. Mouse

There's a Mouse in the Fox house! Disney lifts 20th Century into the 21st. Brian Dawkins gets real, Sammy Sosa gets fake, and Ray Lewis gets weird. Plus Dan asks how Fantastic is the first family of Marvel? And we're just getting started! Revelator pops into Studio D to have A Conversation With God About Family. We respond to Thunder Fans' thunder mail with shout outs and kisses. Missy wants to know "What Would Thor Do" at EST Fest and the bad advice just keeps getting worse!