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3 slightly manic tomboys are out to conquer the world by tirade-ing their way through the world via their fortnightly podcasts. Listen as they chat, whine, scream, shout and drool over anything and everything that catches their fancy.

3 slightly manic tomboys are out to conquer the world by tirade-ing their way through the world via their fortnightly podcasts. Listen as they chat, whine, scream, shout and drool over anything and everything that catches their fancy.
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3 slightly manic tomboys are out to conquer the world by tirade-ing their way through the world via their fortnightly podcasts. Listen as they chat, whine, scream, shout and drool over anything and everything that catches their fancy.






Episode 55: Best of Tirade Special 2 (Farewell Podomatic)

Join us on the Tirade Time Machine as we go back in time to unearth some of our most memorable episodes of 2014 and 2015. We turn the clock back and revisit episodes featuring one of India's top standup comedian, Aditi Mittal, UK indie comedy group AhhGee Productions and Jaime Dempsey, biker host of History's Channel 's travel adventure show, Ride N' SeekTHIS EPISODE FEATURES EXCERPTS FROM:Episode 35: Mumbai Jamming f. Aditi Mittal Episode 34: New York in New York City f. AhhGee...

Tomboy Tirade Episode 53: Yummy Mummies with Jasmine Han and Shelly Holly

In this episode, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven get babysitting advice from Singapore's funniest moms Jasmine Han and Shelly Holly. We find out whatis liketo survive, and not perfect motherhood from these wine loving ladies and how they get away with writing an "explicit" motherhood book. Rated P for Poop! As ex-Shield agents on the run, Tomboy Tarts Persis and Raven are forced to go undercover as security guards at a pool party. Theover-enthusiastic Raven wants to issue a Pool Party...

Tomboy Tirade Episode 52: Balik Kampung with Fakkah Fuzz

In this episode, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven along with Singapore's funniest man, Fakkah Fuzz head to his hometown mansion in Malaysia to ring in Eid. We find out what makes this funny man tick and what he looks forward to for "Hari Raya" or Day of Celebrations after a month-long of fasting. It's Eid or Hari Raya as the folks here in Malaysia and Indonesia like to call it and we're ringing it in with Singapore's funniest man right now, Fakkah Fuzz as the Tomboy Tarts are invited to...

Tomboy Tirade Episode 51: Comic Con Escapade

In this episode, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven are excited to attend their first ever comic con. But things go awry when the tomboys run into their nutty nemesesNuchtchas and Tek,of the Nutty Bites geek podcast. The nutty duo is plotting to take over the comic con and now seeks revenge against the tomboys for accidentally blowing up their peanut butter factory. Can Persis and Raven survive crunch time or will they be crushed into bits in this very nutty episode? [shortshare] LISTEN TO...


Tomboy Tirade Episode 50: TEASER

In this episode, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven are taking their new stint as Gotham City Police Department detectives pretty seriously as a spate of iconic DC Comics villains go missing. With the help of Geek Girl Con's Kristine "Kitty Woman" Haselle and her sidekick, sub-editor and master geek expert of geek site,, Ryan, the crew delve into the dark archives of Gotham City to find out where our favourite villains have disappeared to. Watch out for our 50th episode...

Tomboy Tirade Episode 49: Countdown to Canada

Football fever has taken over Tomboy Tirade as the 7th FIFA Womens World Cup kicks off in Canada from June 6th to July 5th! In our World Cup Special, we are joined by Tameka Butt, Australian professional football midfielder who plays for the Australian Women's Football Team The Mathildas and representing her country in the upcoming World Cup and Danielle Warby, advocate for women in sport and founder editor of This week on Tirade, Persis and Raven find themselves on...


Tomboy Tirade Episode 48: Agents of G.E.E.K

"Thisweek's episode is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Persis and Raven find themselves as agents trying to escape S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters during an attack from some nasty Asgardians, along withMatt and Pete, hosts of the Phantastic Geek podcast, who arealsoagentssecretly working for a sub-section of S.H.I.E.L.D, also known as G.E.E.K. Listen as we talk Agent Carter, Avengers: Age of Ultron and more." The Tomboy Tarts, Raven and Persis once again, find themselves in a...

Tomboy Tirade Episode 47: COMIC BOOK SHOP TAKEOVER

"The comedy duo Persis and Raven, runs a comic shop this week in this comics themed episode of the Tomboy Tirade." Its a slow sales day, even as the comic book shop is slowly overrun with customers turning up in superhero costumes. But first, the Pawn Star Wannabes have to channel their Kevin Smith and decide if Patrick s zombie baby dolls are a good bargain for the shop. Things never stay quiet for long in the wacky world of Tomboy Tirade. Are those customers your typical cosplayers or do...

Tomboy Tirade Episode 46: Night of the Nutty Bites Kind

Its a Nutty Bites Kind of Night this week on the 46th episode of Tomboy Tirade! as Persis suffers from some serious peanut cravings! She ropes in tomboy BFF, Raven to break into the Nutty Bites Peanut Butter factory one night, owned by Nuchstas and Tek, also co-hosts of the geek podcast, Nutty Bites, to steal their one-of-a-kind peanut butter. With crates of peanut butter all stacked and loaded up in a Nutty Bites delivery truck, the Tomboy Tarts attempt to flee the scene before they get...


Tomboy Tirade Episode 46: TEASER

How nutty is nuts? Well, we give you the complete low-down on this on an upcoming brand new episode of Tomboy TEE-RAHD! Featuring Nuchtas, co-host and self-confessed geek of the Nutty Bites podcast right out of Canada, we talk everything Orphan Black, the new Spiderman reboot and even have time to play a quiz focused on - you guessed it - NUTS! Coming to iTunes, Stitcher and everywhere else on the 16 April!

Tomboy Tirade Episode 45: Fifty Shades of Singapore

Feathers are ruffled as the Tirade tomboys serve up a comedic roast of wacky proportions! Persis and Raven are waiting their turn at a local comedy roast. Unfortunately they are up against the wildly popular comedic duo of Crispy the Talking Cock and Cindy his human sidekick from Singapore. The Tirade tomboys need to get rid of their competition. But now? They decide they first have to know their enemy by "warming up their dinner", so to speak. Crispy the Talking Cock and Cindy have a...


Tomboy Tirade Episode 45: TEASER

The Tirade tomboys are up to their tricks as they ruffle some feathers at a local comedy roast, with wacky duo Crispy the Talking Cock and Cindy, his human sidekick. With Who will be the subjects of the first ever Tirade roast this week? Stay tuned for a crispy new 50 shades of awesome episode of Tomboy Tirade, fries and coke not included.

Tomboy Tirade Episode 44: The Asian Insurgents

The Asian Insurgents are coming as the Divergent sequel, based off on the Veronica Roth books, hits theatres this week! The Tomboy Tarts, Raven and Persis once again, find themselves on the run. This time they are factionless, fleeing out of dystopian Chicago on a train. They bump into the Disoriented Comedy faction members, Jenny Yang and Atsuko Okatsuka, who are also on the run and looking to escape a city at war. Jenny and Atsuko share their story on how Disoriented Comedy came about...

Tomboy Tirade Episode 44: The Asian Insurgents

It's our Insurgent-themed episode coming atcha from the dystopian world of Veronica Roth's best-selling young-adult fiction novels. Our guests this week are the Asian Insurgents of comedy, Jenny Yang and Atsuko Okatsuka from Disoriented Comedy in LA. Disoriented Comedy is the first-ever nationally-touring stand-up comedy showcase that features the fresh and diverse voices of Asian American female-identified comics and the diverse friends who love us. In cities throughout the country,...

Tomboy Tirade Episode 43: Adventures in Archaeology

"This week, Persis and Raven embark on an Indiana Jones style of adventure of their own. Joining their quest for a 2500-year old missing lamp is travel blogger writer, and history geek, Candice Walsh. But the stakes are high, as they are not the only ones coveting the precious artifact. Can the zany trio survive Soviet spies, time travel and nasty bugs in this zany new episode of Tomboy Tirade?" The tomboys are in Greece but a beach holiday is far from their minds. With help of an ancient...

Tomboy Tirade Episode 42: The Oscar Odyssey Awards

In this tyre-screeching 42ndepisode of Tomboy Tirade, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven, are planning to illegally gate-crash the Oscar Odyssey Awards, a cheaper, China-made version of the Academy Awards, with their friends and accomplices from Canberra, Australia, the Silver Screen Queens, Katie Malloy and Melissa Savage. Persis and Raven travel in style in Ellen Degeneres limo to the awards venue. Along the way, Persis reveals that Ellen Degeneres limo is packed full of surprises, from a...

Episode 42: TEASER

Get ready to gatecrash the biggest film awards in town, our very own Oscar Odyssey Awards, an award show that's kind of like the Oscars, except it's the cheaper, made-in-China version. Get cozy with us backstage, front of stage and everywhere else as we present to you the next zany episode of Tomboy Tirade, Asia's biggest and ONLY all-female comedy chat podcast featuring film review podcasters, the Silver Screen Queens from Canberra, Australia and Sanif Olek, director and producer of 'Sayang...


Episode 41: Tomboy Tarts Flying Circus

Persis and Raven have changed careers! The podcasters are now owners and ringmasters of their own circus, the Tomboy Tarts Flying Circus but as usual, something always cocks up for the duo as up and coming UK female comedy duo, Biscuit Brawn throws a spanner in the works. The crowds are cheering and they're going wild! The Tomboy Tarts Flying Circus is in town and it's going to be an hour of fun and wild entertainment for the crowd. Persis and Raven welcome everybody to their glamourous show...

Episode 41: TEASER

What happens when you bring together the Tomboy Tarts and UK comedy duo, Biscuit n Brawn? Why, you get a comical disaster episode of circus proportions of course, as we bring you into the world of lions, trapeze acts and gypsy abductions! Yes, you heard us! This week on the episode, the ringmasters of the Tomboy Tarts Flying Circus get kidnapped by two ambitious, almost Machiavellian and very funny gypsies, Adele 'Biscuit' Cliff and Kate 'Brawn' Cheryl. So eat up your tarts, toast and...


Tomboy Tirade Ep 40: Tomboy Style f. Marcus AC

"Love is in the air and this Valentine's Day, our Tirade Tomboys have snared themselves individual blind dates for the occasion! But first, they need to figure out how to dress to impress and who better to ask than the celebrity stylist and makeup guru himself, Marcus AC." The competitive duo tries to hide their dating plans from each other but that fails badly when Marcus unwittingly arranges for them to meet him together by mistake. Still they are out to prove to each other who is the...