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2M4I Episode 92: DoorDash HeadGash

On this weeks show Pat, Glen and Rob discuss taking mental health days and what exactly they think mental health days SHOULD consist of, DoorDash, Uber etc adds to the low-skill jobs, amazon training their employees, minimum wage across the country, why stay in your lane is a trash saying, Instagram blocking likes, Lion King, female 007 and NOT Idris Elba is buffoonery and the lack of creativity and excessive pandering in Hollywood.


2M4I Episode 91: Chris... Pauls So Lonely

On this weeks show the guys talk Pacquiao v Thurman, RIP Maxim Dadashev who died Tuesday after his fight Friday, Gatti Mayweather, Russel Westbrook and James Harden, Dantoni, whats next for OKC and Chris Paul, MLB trade deadline, Mets, Yankees, NBA, OneGottaGo Iverson, Nash, Kidd or Curry, Mariano Riveras Enshrinement, Hall of Fame requirements, NY Giants and Odell Beckham


2M4I Episode 90: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

On this weeks show, Pat, Glen and Rob discuss storming Area 51, Believing in Aliens, what Aliens look like and a Museum of National Alientry.Blackouts, Food Road Trips, A Philly Taco, how many is too many streaming services, how to properly watch a series, dreams and white vans.


2M4I Episode 89: RIP Sweet Pea

On this weeks show Pat, Rob and Glen talk about E-Sports, Automating American Sports, letting your kids play sports, what advantages to sport video games do athletes hold over just pure gamers, Ready Player One, legacy kids in sports and predictions for Lebron James upcoming season, NBA 2K20 ratings and RIP to the GOAT Defensive Boxer.. Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker.


2M4I Episode 88: Stop Fcuking Kids

On this weeks show Pat, Rob and Glen talk about their 4th of July, Stranger Things Season 3, Coke, Jeffery Epstein, Lotto thieves, pill poppers, Top 5 prescribed drugs in America, how youre fed as a kid and should sugar be repackaged plainly to promote healthier living?


2M4I Episode 87: Equal Pay For Equal Revenue

On this weeks show Pat, Glen and Rob talk Womens Soccer, Equal Pay for Womens Sports Yay or Nay? Women vs Boys who would win? Sleeveless Baseball games, how to dress for golf, how to fix baseball, Sportsmanship, Kawhi and PG13 to the Clippers, Who Wins The West next year and the Brooklyn Nets ticket prices rising for no reason.


2M4I Episode 86: Born In The USA

Happy belated 4th of July.... On this weeks episode Pat, Glen and Rob talk 4th of July, sleep patterns, Spam calls, Preferring to fuck with the Robocalls yourself instead of an app, San Francisco banning e-cigs, smoking habits, the taco bell hotel, favorite menu items, nyc stupid law to decriminalize weed, cbd oil, government spending 22 million on lobster and other excessive shit, Trump stepping foot in North Korea and how to properly create art for a living.


2M4I Episode 85: Happy Bobby Bonilla Day Mets Fans

On this weeks episode Pat, Rob and Glen discuss the Mets having another shit season, Bobby Bonilla Day, Yankees vs Redsox in London, The Knicks free agency losses and wins, NBA free agency PRE-KAWHI, USA Womens World Cup, Sports Gambling, Fantasy Football, Golf Outings, Sports Documentaries and a few predictions for next years NBA.


2M4I Episode 84: No Me Gusto El DeBETO

On a special Democratic Debate episode Pat, Rob and Glen give a quick review on Night 1 and Night 2 of the debates, winners and losers as well as which candidate has the best chance to beat Trump.


2M4I Episode 83: Bitch, Better Have My Money - Fannie Mae

On this weeks show, Pat Rob and Glen talk about the Student Loan Debt "Crisis" the NBA getting ride of the term owner in favor of governor, the Dominican Republic killing more, what you need to earn to rent a 2 bedroom apartment in the United States, guidance counselors, community colleges, career specific schools vs major universities, and the military draft


2M4I Episode 82: Depends On How Nasty The Hoe Is

On this weeks show, Pat, Rob and Glen discuss the St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup and their rainy day parade, the Toronto Raptors beating Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, Jermell and Jermall Charlo, Paulie Malignaggi vs Lobov in a Bare knuckle Fight, ESPN and their bullshit, 30 for 30s, NBA Free Agency, Cortisone shots, NBA Season Awards and Marcy Darcys resemblance to Bruce Jenner.


2M4I Episode 81: Que Lo Que

On this weeks episode Pat, Glen and Rob are joined by Guido and talk about the Americans getting killed in the DR, Dominican Republic vacations, hard rock hotels, bad hotel experiences, robot made pizza, road trips, haunted hotels, horror movies, best pizza places, beyond meat, food challenges, tacos vs pizza, Carvel, ice cream and carnival cruises dumping waste


2M4I Episode 80: Kevin Doh!Rant

On this weeks episode Pat, Rob and Glen are joined by Guido and discuss the Kevin Durant Achilles tear, Game 5, Torontos asshole fans, Warriors part owner pushing Kyle Lowry, Psychotic Beyonce fans sending death threats, what level of crazy is commenting on celebrity IG posts, wearing the opps jerseys or hats, ring doorbell and people not locking their cars, Hall of Fame trips, Teddy Atlas, Zab Judah, drive slow or fast? Stanley Cup finals and Frank Gore possibly playing with his son


2M4I Episode 79: Uber Nowhere

On this weeks episode Pat, Glen and Rob talk Lebron Sneakers, XFactor Meal Delivery Service, Can you microwave chicken, Billions, When They See Us, Central Park 5, Family Guy, South Park, Americans dying in the Dominican Republic, Everyone's different take on the woman getting beat on the resort in DR, Amazon Corporate coming to NYC, Tipping and Uber and Waiters salaries


2M4I Episode 78: All That Time In The Gym Don't Help Your Chin

On this weeks episode Pat, Glen and Rob discuss Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz, Onions, Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Where Glen, Rob and Pats ideal come up in Sports would be, NBA Live vs NBA 2K, Ballin Presidents, Jeff Ross Historical Roasts, How to get around your companies site blocker, Youth vs Veteran team building and MLB Prospect skipping the minors to go play in Japan.


2M4I Episode 77: I Believe I Can Fly...Board

On this weeks episode Pat, Rob and Glenn talk about Allergies, Car Washes, Sporting event Bucket List experiences, climbing Mount Everest, the Grand Canyon, NBA Finals predictions, things to do in Vegas, Competitiveness, Ziplining, Always a Competition, Flyboarding, Fuck Boston Sports and the Stanley Cup Finals.


2M4I Episode 76: Please Stand By We're Experiencing Technical Difficulties

On this weeks episode Pat, Glen and Rob get hit with the dreaded recording issues, where no names mentioned *cough Pat cough* fucks up the last 45 minutes of the show... but in the first 45 they discuss mobile games, Temple Run, Video Games being considered a Mental Health issue now, Duck Hunt, getting OG Nintendo back in the 80's, Fortnite, shitty Health Insurance, Canadas over rated Health Coverage, avoiding the Doctor to avoid the bill, Ulcerative Colitis, holistic medicine and as we...


2M4I Episode 75: Fat and Lazy

On this weeks episode Pat, Glen and Rob talk meal delivery programs, binge eating, the satanic boble and principles, alabama abortion laws, adoption, usa being backwards, meh politics, democrat vs republican vs independent, huawei, china, fuck college, specialty schools, trade schools, work vs school and student loans


2M4I Episode 74: Au Revoir Point Le Pew

On this weeks epiosde Pat, Rob and Glen discuss the Knicks plans for Frank Ntilikina, The NBA playoffs, Golden State, Melo, how Portland lost, Jets firing their GM, Yankees Patriots or Warriors being the best recent dynasty, the knicks fucking up the draft according to weebay from the wire, Astro Turf and Donald Trumps Bronx NYC Golf Course


2M4I Episode 73: Game of Thrones Recap V2

On part 2 of the special 2 part Game of Thrones Recap episode Pat is joined again by Kim, Genevieve, Belkys and Manny to discuss GOT final character arcs and the show as a whole as well as if the last season (or 2) (or 3) ruined the show for them.