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Episode 29: Stephanie Martin - Stay at Home Mother Life, Struggles and Anxieties that Accompany Parenthood, Marriage, Working in the Home Vs

Stephanie opens up about whats its like being a stay at home mother and the challenges that come with being at home with the kids all day. She takes us into the ups and downs and the perhaps commonly misinterpreted and misunderstood struggles of being at home.


Episode 28: Sharon & Gladys Hunsberger- A Recycled Child • Adoption • Loss of a Child • Blessings of Family

The day before we did our first LIVE podcast on location we did this recording in long form. Sharon and Gladys spoke about the life they have lived which started dramatically with Sharon being thrown out with the trash as a child only to be rescued by his brothers. Later in life he met Gladys and they had 4 children, 2 biological, 1 adopted and 1 foster child. We learn of the challenges of raising a large mixed family. Lots of wisdom in their life story. Enjoy these wonderful people. We...


Episode 27: Glenn Bauman- Conscientious Objector • Differences in Being a Father and Being a Grandfather • Best Business Practices of Hiring

Glenn has been married to his wife Chris for 52 years and he genuinely loves to share about the ups and the downs. He said to me "I'm not sure my life will be interesting to folks since I am pretty ordinary..." I said that is exactly why your life is interesting because its relatable and relevant to those around you. We don't need to go across the world or the country or find the outstanding people. I am out to find the outstanding IN people. And let me tell you Glenn is one of those guys...


Episode 26: Todd Hendricks- World Travels of 195 Countries • Befriending World Leaders • The Rise, Fall and Rebound of TH Properties

Todd has traveled all over the world meeting with world leaders of countless nations. A truly amazingly well connected man with a absolutely distinct perspective on the world. Despite his successes he has been through some dark times both professionally in a very public bankruptcy and personally in losing his identity in his company.


Episode 25: John Tyson • Merging Faith & Politics • Living Out Personal Values Publicly • Can a Pastor be Vulnerable?

John Tyson is a pastor that is attempting to scale that dangerous terrain of political activism while wearing the so called hat of being a Pastor. In this political climate that is extremely challenging to do... But perhaps now is when its needed most? I do not think I have heard any media form tackle this issue so head on and with authenticity and I think John and I came pretty close to doing that. I have been very challenged on how my personal faith is lived out in the public political...


Episode 24 - Steve Kauffman: Terminal Cancer • What Matters When Life is Ending? • The Legacy Model He Has Embraced • Peace in Death?

This episode is certainly the most moving, inspiring and life changing episode so far for me. We dive into Steve's mind to look through the lens to try and make sense of the world after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was moved to tears both during and after speaking with Steve and feel the inner tug to become a better man living with the end in mind. What does that mean exactly... Well that's exactly what Steve has been thinking about a lot lately.


Episode 23 - Pete Kranz: Local Music Scene, Writing Music, Challenge of Balancing Relationships

Pete Kranz is a name you either know from around town or will start noticing as he plays music locally and is a fun loving guy that is open to talking about his experiences in music and life. Just an enjoyable conversation with an enjoyable dude.


Episode 22- Dennis Gehman: • Family Business Questions • A Diet That Actually Works • Growing a Business

Dennis is a big influence in the community, firstly from his large restoration company he built but secondly by the many ways he is engaged with the community and his employees. His implementation of his values into work made for some interesting conversation and he gave me advice for how to a company from a few people to a large profitable staff.


Episode 21- Jason Shelly: Trucker Life • Homeschooling in the Truck • Motocross Ministry

Jason is a guy that turned a commonly known "simple" job of being a trucker into a incredibly fulfilling career involving his family, faith and outreach into something so much more. Inspiring me to consider ways of how am I using my "basic" life and opportunities into something more meaningful and passionate.


Episode 20 - J. Eric Bishop, PhD: Legendary Teacher Reflections • "Complete Mental Breakdown" • Finding Meaning in Life

The most requested guest to date is the longtime and legendary English Teacher at Christopher Dock. Now recently (semi) retired he speaks on his distinct teaching style, many teacher reflections over the years and recently his experience going through what he called a "complete mental breakdown". His journey has been high and low and is filled with wisdom and wonder...


Episode 19 - Lowell Delp: The Bikers Pastor, Ministry Struggles and Lessons, The Evolving Church

Lowell is a legendary Biker pastor who has been using his passion of riding to reach new groups of people and make a difference. You will find Lowell is not an open book and genuinely cares about others and his community. There is a lot of great wisdom in stories in this man.


Episode 18- Terry S. Derstine: Parenting through Addiction • What is a Vulnerable Life • Questioning Gods Plan

In perhaps one of the most important episodes so far we dive into the reality of addiction. The daily struggle with how to Love those that struggle in addiction. What is the way to love someone through addiction and in their addiction. There aren't many explicit answers but there is certainly a lot of wisdom in hearing Terry's Story.


Episode 17 - Andy Richter: Adventures of Fatherhood, Online Dating Success, Family Business, Stopping Amazon

Andy has one of those personalities that can't be ignored yet also can't be disliked. A big hearted man just beginning the fatherhood conquest talks on the lessons so far. We discuss the beauty in meeting our wives online and the type of foundation it laid in our relationships and dive into business talk as Andy is out to stop Amazon.


Episode 16 - Jordan Craft: Meaning in Singleness, Seeing our Culture with International Perspective, Adoption/Fostering

I have been interested in doing a podcast with someone I had no existing relationship with and seeing where things go, Jordan was recommended to me by an old friend and he seemed like the perfect chance to give it a whirl. It was an absolute blast, Jordan is a very engaging, passionate, and purpose driven guy that really made me think. We talk about being single and the challenges and purpose in what is often times indecipherable between a season of life or a lifetime assignment. Jordan is...


Episode 15 - 'Tiger' Dave Hoch: Zookeeper Stories Raising Lions, Biker days, Working w/ Troubled Boys

Known as "Tiger Dave" he shares about spending over 10 years as a Zookeeper specializing in the Bears, Lions and Tigers. He was deep in the biker world for years and now is working with troubled boys at a behavior facility. We also touch on his reflections on fatherhood and his time in the military.


Episode 14 - Kaci Hunsberger: Early Marriage Struggles, Teacher's Life and a Bald Man's Wife

Technically it could be said this is Kaci's first podcast considering the original podcast was secretly recorded. She is just the most fun personality to be around and has a way of making me laugh and think. My lovely wife!


Episode 13 - Scott Franciscus: Youth Ministry, Career Identity, Strangely Civil Political Discussion

I didn't know Scott beyond we went to the same church, but one day he posted something quite politically charged on Facebook and I felt the need to respond. He messaged me back and said lets talk about it, so we ended up have breakfast together and talked about our political disagreements. We end up talking some controversial issues but more-so challenge each-others thought process. I thought there was a good balance of challenging and listening... Did we get anywhere? ...you be the judge.


Episode 12 - John Hendricks: Losing his Father, Travel and Getting Married

It wasn't so long ago that John and I were roommates in this very house talking about life, love and the lack thereof. John has been through a lot in his life but remains one of the most jolly upbeat guys around. A great friend with some great thoughts.


Episode 11 - AJ Long: Types of Worship, A Timely Arrest, Social Media

What started as just a chance to reconnect we ended up going deep. AJ wasn't scared to talk about an incredible turning point in his life that certainly makes one consider the "what if" I had trouble editing this one because there was so much laughter, what a genuine jolly fella!


Episode 10 - Jesse Weaver: Nurses Life, Miscarriage, Dealing with Grief, Social Media

As a nurse Jesse has experienced the unfortunate reality of death much too often and has some real insight on how to have those hard conversations with those going through hard times. Him and his wife Sara now have a beautiful young daughter Ruby, but it wasn't without struggle as he opened up about their miscarriage and how that affected them both deeply. Great stuff!