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Episode 43: James Mast- • Communicating as a Psychotherapist • New Parental Role

James works at the Penn Foundation as a Psychotherapist and gave me some insight on ways of communicating better, listening better and ultimately being better. I am claiming James as my personal therapist!


Episode 42: Chief Randy Floyd- • Police Chief Perspectives • Message on Illegal Immigration• Marijuana Policy • Mixing Faith & Law

Telford Police Chief Randy Floyd sheds light on issues going on in the community that often are not spoken about, as well as a surprising message on Illegal Immigration. He speaks on personal convictions and faith that play a role in his day to day.


Episode 41: Cindy Joy King- • Raising 9 kids • Understanding family dynamics of adopted, natural and foster children under one roof

Cindy Joy King and her husband have 9 kids and have tackled many issues that have perplexed parents and families for generations. They are raising a family with natural children as well as fostered and adopted children. The complexities are real but the way they have redefined what success looks like in their family was both challenging and inspiring to hear their story.


Episode 40: Kyle Hoff- •Paralyzed By Work Accident •Rethinking Identity and Meaning of Dependance

Kyle was paralyzed from the waist down by a work accident in his 20's, he opens up about how his world shifted and how he needed to rethink it all. Now a husband, father of two twin girls and successful businessman he has managed to impact the world in an entirely different way than he ever imagined. Very inspiring man with quite a life story.


Episode 39: Jessica Miller & Emily Hedrick- •Pastoral Roles and How they are Perceived Differently for Men and Women •Reaction to Kavanaugh

Was great to spend some time talking with two sisters who are both pastors. They share the differences in their experience as women in the church and the perceptions and expectations people bring into church and leadership. We also touch on the Kavanaugh Vs Dr. Ford and what a world would like where it's "safe" for women to report abuse.


Episode 38: Shelly Grasse- • Marriage and Divorce • Finding a New Identity • Creating a New Exciting Future

Shelly has gone through changes in her life far outside her expectations. A quick marriage and divorce led her to discover and new and exciting side of herself.


Episode 37: Harry Anselmo- •Reconciling Science and Christianity •Leaving Career to Teach •Defending His Conscience Objector Status

Harry "Mr. A" Anselmo was a requested guest by many and got into sharing about his life after retirement but moreso about how he got into teaching, how he has reconciled faith and science and speaks on his time when he had to defend his stance as a "Conscience Objector".


Episode 36: Mark Boorse- •"Seeing" Those in Need •Truly Listening to Others •Thinking Local

Mark works in the community differently than anyone I know. Access Services is involved in many way in our community including serving the homeless, the handicapped, and widespread social services.


Episode 35: Debbie Rotelle- •Introducing Living Streams Ranch •Experiencing Love through Horse Therapy •Sexual Abuse

Debbie Rotelle introduces a new ministry based out of Quakertown, PA where she gets to know women, invests in them, all the while on the trails with the horses at her ranch. She opens up about some the trials she has gone through that got her here and how God is using those hardships to make change in her and others. An inspiring and exciting conversation with a woman that is using her passions for a great cause right here in our community.


Episode 34: Miles Musselman- The Meaning of the Dock Community •When does Manhood Begin? •Losing His Mother

Miles went to Christopher Dock and has since reflected alot on the value of community and what it means to him, he also goes into his experiences of journeying into manhood without his mother who he lost to cancer


Episode 33: Brent, Phil & Bev Anders- Coming Out Gay in a Christian Home •Pursuing the Relationship over the Difference

Brent came out as gay to his Mennonite parents Phil & Bev 9 years ago. For Phil and Bev they had read the Bible, and thought it was clear that this was something God considered wrong. How does a Father and Mother work through a difference in belief with their son? How does Brent feel towards his parent and community after feeling rejected? 9 years later they sit down and share all the ups and downs and challenges they have been forced to face.


Episode 31: Marc and Meghan Hendricks- Losing Their Baby and Working Through a Miscarriage •Finding Meaning and Purpose in Great Pain

You ever notice there are things that aren't talked about much and when they are spoken about they are only after they have been resolved or there is closure? Marc & Meghan Hendricks open up about the loss of their son Ezra after a miscarriage. Their vulnerability and openness is truly inspiring and heartbreaking but hearing the purpose, personal growth and faith that have come from their tragedy is remarkable.


Episode 30: Brian Jenkins- •How Chosen 300 Began •Feeding the Homeless •What to do When Someone Asks for Money •Racial Division on Sunday

Brian and his wife Shanai are the founders of Chosen 300 a Homeless Ministry that feeds over 140,000 meals a year and is based right in Philadelphia. I have been involved with the ministry for years and got the opportunity to talk to the founder. We also discuss the reality of cultural differences on a Sunday morning and how that leads to a cultural divide.


Episode 29: Stephanie Martin - Stay at Home Mother Life, Struggles and Anxieties that Accompany Parenthood, Marriage, Working in the Home Vs

Stephanie opens up about whats its like being a stay at home mother and the challenges that come with being at home with the kids all day. She takes us into the ups and downs and the perhaps commonly misinterpreted and misunderstood struggles of being at home.


Episode 28: Sharon & Gladys Hunsberger- A Recycled Child • Adoption • Loss of a Child • Blessings of Family

The day before we did our first LIVE podcast on location we did this recording in long form. Sharon and Gladys spoke about the life they have lived which started dramatically with Sharon being thrown out with the trash as a child only to be rescued by his brothers. Later in life he met Gladys and they had 4 children, 2 biological, 1 adopted and 1 foster child. We learn of the challenges of raising a large mixed family. Lots of wisdom in their life story. Enjoy these wonderful people and...


Episode 27: Glenn Bauman- Conscientious Objector • Differences in Being a Father and Being a Grandfather • Best Business Practices of Hiring

Glenn has been married to his wife Chris for 52 years and he genuinely loves to share about the ups and the downs. He said to me "I'm not sure my life will be interesting to folks since I am pretty ordinary..." I said that is exactly why your life is interesting because its relatable and relevant to those around you. We don't need to go across the world or the country or find the outstanding people. I am out to find the outstanding IN people. And let me tell you Glenn is one of those guys...


Episode 26: Todd Hendricks- World Travels of 195 Countries • Befriending World Leaders • The Rise, Fall and Rebound of TH Properties

Todd has traveled all over the world meeting with world leaders of countless nations. A truly amazingly well connected man with a absolutely distinct perspective on the world. Despite his successes he has been through some dark times both professionally in a very public bankruptcy and personally in losing his identity in his company.