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Part 2: That Which You Most Need To Find Will Be Found Where You Least Want To Look (w/ Richi Watson)

In part 2 of this 2 part episode - Richi talks about the challenges and tragedies that he has faced in his own life and how he has been able to make peace with them and move forward. We discuss movies, hero archetypes, and the powerful influence that these fictional stories have on our development. We also discuss the violent acts being committed against people with differing opinions and whether there is a limit on comedy and what is and isn't allowed to be said. Before wrapping it all up...


That Which You Most Need To Find Will Be Found Where You Least Want To Look (Part 1 w/ Richi Watson)

Richi Watson (the founder of LifeWell UK) returns to the Uncle2Beers podcast for a very special 2 part episode! In part 1 of this episode Richi and I discuss why acting with integrity is so crucial, especially when it comes to coaching people; flexibility and the willingness to pivot and change; why talking about doing something so often leads to in-action; perseverance and being prepared to meet opportunities when they arise; parenting and allowing kids to be uncomfortable, and letting...


Music Therapy, Market Gardening, Identity, And Escaping Communism (w/ Lian Wong)

Today my friend Lian Wong joins the show! Lian is an audio engineer, market gardener, seamstress, and motorbike mechanic (a particular set of skills only bested by Liam Neeson himself!) In this episode we discuss music therapy and the interesting role it plays in helping stroke victims and dementia patients, why Lian started a personal audio recording service, how she got into market gardening, identity and the constant "yeah but where are you really from?" question, and her families history...


A Close Encounter Of The Lion Kind (w/ Rebekah H)

Who doesn't love camping! Getting out into the wilderness, the stars above, the warmth of a bonfire, the sweet and smoky taste of roasted marshmallows, and of course being visited by two male lions in the middle of the night... This week, my friend Rebekah from Switzerland joins the show! Rebekah is studying English Literature and Anthropology, and has been spending a lot of her time in Africa over the past few years. In this episode we talk about her time in Africa and THAT lion encounter....


Banned From A Local Reddit Page For Advertising A Jordan Peterson Study Group (w/ JP McGlone)

He might be banned from his local Reddit page, but he's not banned from this podcast! JP McGlone is a software engineer, blogger, YouTube channel host, and the first ever American on the Uncle2Beers podcast! In this episode JP and I discuss being banned from his local Reddit page, why Jordan Peterson's message is so misunderstood by so many, Conservatism and the political divide in the US, how social media and technology is changing human behavior, and much much more in a wide ranging...


The Aussie Youtuber Destroying Snowflakes And Riding Rickshaws! (w/ Gerald Pauschmann)

Do you enjoy travel? Do you like to laugh? Do you find this current social justice/identity politics era strange and confusing? Then you'll love the first guest episode of season 2 of the Uncle2Beers podcast! Gerald Pauschmann (aka G-Man) is an Australian youtuber who reports on crazy and ridiculous stories on a weekly basis, predominantly for his 87 year old father Rudi, cheers Rudi! In this episode G-Man and I talk about PC culture gone mad, the rise of identity politics, getting trolled...


The Return! (Season 2)

A slightly awkward introduction to season 2 of the Uncle2Beers podcast! Build A Website With SBI! (90 day money back guarantee!) *Solo Build It (SBI!) *Solo Build It (SBI!) For WordPress *affiliate links WalkYourCamino.com (travel site I created using SBI!)


This Is Not The End (An Update)

A quick update about the future of the Uncle2Beers podcast. Thank you to all of the guests that have appeared on the show during our first year of podcasting, and a big thank you to all of the listeners and subscribers too! Stay tuned for season 2, coming July 2019.


The Insanity That Is Music

If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Do certain tones cause bowel movements? Do smart people listen to more complex music, or just think that they do? Why are we bombarded by the same song over and over? Is music a good learning aid? What's the point of musical virtue signalling? Yes we're diving deep into the world of sound and music! NOW that's I what I call ...... a podcast! Sam's Music Articles: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Build A Website...


Richi Watson

Richi Watson is the founder of LifeWell UK. In this episode we talk about how consciousness, our imaginations, and our primitive brain programs, all come together to create chaos in our every day lives, and tools for dealing with that chaos. We also discuss confronting fears (and how he is helping guide his daughter through anxiety), the current victim hood culture that we find ourselves in, and yes even THAT Gillette ad. All of this and much more in another guest episode of the Uncle2Beers...


Road Trip!

The Uncle2Beers podcast hit the road for a classic Kiwi road trip in January 2019, and recorded a podcast along the way! So in this episode we discuss our road trip and traveling with no set destination; fear setting, where you'll learn some of the deep fears held by the hosts; and hear about Matt's experience busking in Germany. Plus get behind the scenes access to Matt's critically acclaimed "Bad Comedy Trip" Instagram series, and be wowed by his Pukeko impersonation.... Matt's Award...


Paul Trimmer

Brought to you by Sergio Georgini, actor and real estate agent Paul Trimmer joins the Uncle2Beers podcast! In this episode we talk about Paul's acting career, focusing on his role as Clint in the web series AFK, as well as his latest film Finding Jesus, where he plays... Jesus! We also talk about why networking is important in the acting world, finding a balance between working hard and relaxing, mental health, and a whole lot more in this, fairly good, guest episode of the show!! Build A...


American Sports And Bandwagon Fans! #SportsShow

In our first ever sports episode we head to the States to talk all things American sport! We also discuss bandwagon fans and why Sam has happily boarded that bus... All while riding the highs and lows of Matt putting his retirement savings on the line with some live NBA betting #gambleresponsibly Sports Comic: Friedrich Nietzsche is a Fan of the Cleveland Browns Build A Website With SBI! (90 day money back guarantee!)* Solo Build It (SBI!) Solo Build It (SBI!) For...


David Domb

David Domb joins the show for our first episode of 2019! David is a freelance broadcast journalist who has worked for the likes of the BBC and Talksport. Here we discuss what got him into broadcasting, how tough it is to succeed in the industry, why doing the best job you can is important (even if you find yourself reporting on a guy, who has been standing in line for 24 hours, waiting for the first iPhone 2 to be released) and much more in this guest episode of the Uncle2Beers...


The Matt And Sam Highlights Of 2018

If thought experiments, profound realisations, knowledge bombs, jokes, a severely drunk co-host, and environmental interruptions are your thing, then boy do we have the episode for you! Let's take a look back on the Matt and Sam highlights of 2018! Check out "The Guests of 2018" for part 1 of this 2 part highlight special. Build A Website With SBI! (90 day money back guarantee!) Solo Build It (SBI!) Solo Build It (SBI!) For WordPress WalkYourCamino.com (travel site I created using SBI!)


The Guests of 2018!

As our first year of podcasting comes to an end it seems only natural to look back (before moving forward) to see how far we've come, and to remember all the laughs, drinks, knowledge, and deep and meaningful moments that we shared. This is part 1 of a 2 part highlight episode. Here we feature the guests that were on the podcast in 2018. Build A Website With SBI! (90 day money back guarantee!) Solo Build It (SBI!) Solo Build It (SBI!) For WordPress WalkYourCamino.com (travel site I...


The Catch Up!

After an extended absence Sam Brinson returns to the show for a good old fashion catch up! In this, life changing, episode we briefly discuss Sam's latest travels, my work injury (and having a bunch of needles stuck in me for extended periods of time!) before eventually getting into the serious stuff and focusing on tribalism, politics, and the lack of appreciation shown by people in today's hyper-connected society. Build A Website With SBI! (90 day money back guarantee!) Solo Build It...


Tymon Kruidenier

Tymon Kruidenier is a musician and producer from the Netherlands. Having spent 20 years with his band Exivious, as well as being part of the band Cynic for the Traced In Air era, he is now writing and recording for his new project Our Oceans. In this episode we talk about taking over the lead vocal role in Our Oceans and the expectations that come with it, introverts and extroverts in the music world, how to use social media to promote art but also be a genuine person, and I even learn how...


Will Fleming (Please Blow My Mind)

Will Fleming is a podcaster and videographer from New Zealand. His podcast Please Blow My Mind is all about having deep conversations and shining a light on individuals who blow our minds! Will is also one part of the Rad Dads duo creating podcasts and videos with other dads, all about being a dad! Will's Podcasts Please Blow My Mind Rad Dads And previously My Kiwi Life Support Will's Podcast Caravan! Do you have a few dollars to spare? Or better yet, a really really wealthy...


Karen Gadd

Karen Gadd is a certified animal behaviourist, author, musician and mum! We talk about how she got into the music scene, social media, martial arts, dogs, and much much more in this guest episode of the Uncle2Beers podcast. Books Being A Dog: The World From Your Dogs Perspective The Purrfect Guide To Thinking Like A Cat The Pawfect Guide To Thinking Like A Dog Support Karen directly by purchasing signed copies of her books! E-mail karen@pawprintpets.com Music Burning Codes Yousician...