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Tymon Kruidenier

Tymon Kruidenier is a musician and producer from the Netherlands. Having spent 20 years with his band Exivious, as well as being part of the band Cynic for the Traced In Air era, he is now writing and recording for his new project Our Oceans. In this episode we talk about taking over the lead vocal role in Our Oceans and the expectations that come with it, introverts and extroverts in the music world, how to use social media to promote art but also be a genuine person, and I even learn how...


Will Fleming (Please Blow My Mind)

Will Fleming is a podcaster and videographer from New Zealand. His podcast Please Blow My Mind is all about having deep conversations and shining a light on individuals who blow our minds! Will is also one part of the Rad Dads duo creating podcasts and videos with other dads, all about being a dad! Will's Podcasts Please Blow My Mind Rad Dads And previously My Kiwi Life Support Will's Podcast Caravan! Do you have a few dollars to spare? Or better yet, a really really wealthy...


Karen Gadd

Karen Gadd is a certified animal behaviourist, author, musician and mum! We talk about how she got into the music scene, social media, martial arts, dogs, and much much more in this guest episode of the Uncle2Beers podcast. Books Being A Dog: The World From Your Dogs Perspective The Purrfect Guide To Thinking Like A Cat The Pawfect Guide To Thinking Like A Dog Support Karen directly by purchasing signed copies of her books! E-mail karen@pawprintpets.com Music Burning Codes Yousician...


Mental Effort (Sam's Birthday!)

Sam returns to the show to celebrate another year of traveling around the sun in this very special birthday episode! We chat about mental effort, meditation, retirement, how supermarkets purposefully drain your will power, and much much more in another wide ranging (and soon to be award winning) episode of the show! Books Mentioned Moon Walking With Einstein by Joshua Foer The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield Build A Website With SBI! (90 day money back guarantee!) Solo Build It...


Alana Zivanovic

Today Alana Zivanovic joins the show! An events manager and singer/performer, we talk about her world travels and living a digital nomad lifestyle. Digital Nomad And Affiliate Marketing Resources! 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference Nomads Summit Digital Nomad Girls STM Affiliate Marketing Build A Website (90 day money back guarantee!) Solo Build It (SBI!) Solo Build It (SBI!) For WordPress WalkYourCamino.com (travel site I created using SBI!)


Adam Willis

Adam Willis is a professional wrestler, musician, board game enthusiast, and the very first guest on the Uncle2Beers podcast! We chat about how he got into professional wrestling, his days as a performing pirate, starting a dungeons and dragons podcast, and much much more in this wide ranging conversation. You can follow Adam via his Instagram account to keep up to date with all of his goings on.


The Big Kerfuffle (Free Speech Vs Hate Speech)

Does everyone have a right to speak and express their views? When does free speech become hate speech? Who gets to be the "Thought Police" and decide what is, and isn't, allowed to be said? The free speech vs hate speech debate has ramped up over the past few years, so we head into the fray and serve up our own thoughts on the controversy. We also learn a little about John Harvey Kellogg and the sinister past lurking in your morning bowl of cereal.


Your Lazy Brain

Like it or not we are thinking, conscious, beings and that means we have responsibilities! One of those responsibilities is to engage our brain because if left alone it's more than happy to take the lazy route, on the highway of life, and coast on autopilot. So in today's episode we talk about the broken school system, why learning is a life long endeavor, and discuss some techniques to turn anybody into a learning monster! Although Matt does begin the conversation ranting about the...


God is in the Algorithm

A new religion may be emerging that comes with a code of conduct but does away with the traditional notion of God, replacing him instead with an algorithm. Yeap, today's episode is about Dataism! + Matt explains the intricate details of "Work It" by Missy Elliot...... Dataism article by Sam Brinson - http://sambrinson.com/dataism/ Matrix image used under CC2.0


The Spread of Misinformation

We have the worlds knowledge and ideas at our finger tips yet so often misinformation reigns supreme. Are we being manipulated by group ideologies? Or do we just live in a culture addicted to drama and scandal? Are we now so bad at having proper discussions that we don't even hear what's being said? Or ultimately does it just come down to pure laziness!? Let's go deeper in this award winning episode of the Uncle2Beers podcast. FUN FACT - Speaking of misinformation, did you know that bananas...


The Prefrontal Cortex

Let's drill into those heads (metaphorically speaking) and get all up in the part of the brain that doesn't fully develop until our mid 20's; the mysterious prefrontal cortex! We also hit round 2 of Theseus' Ship (or boat depending on your preference) by re-imagining this classic thought experiment from episode 15.


(Part 2) Morty's Mind Blowers!

The thought experiments continue in part 2 of our very special birthday MEGA-SODE!


Morty's Mind Blowers! (Part 1)

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Because it's time to shake up those brains (metaphorically speaking, nobody wants a concussion) and question the very fabric of reality! So settle in and listen along to our two part, very special, birthday MEGA-EPISODE, all about thought experiments.


Merging With Machines

Over the last few decades humans have begun to merge with technology. But what does the future hold? How far will we go? What are the ethical issues involved? And why is Matt seemingly obsessed with the future of robotic genitalia!? All this and more in a surprisingly wide ranging conversation.


Social Media + Discussion = Myth?

Our beloved internet has created a sea of filter bubbles that we're all drowning in! Can we pop these bringers of misinformation and have proper adult conversations online? Or are we doomed to an eternal cycle of drama and argument? At least Matt's disheartening encounter on Twitter had one positive; an entire podcast episode for you fine folks!


Can Science Determine What's Right And Wrong?

What is right and what is wrong? Can science ever give us a moral code to follow? And what about free will? A conversation triggered by Sam Harris and his book The Moral Landscape.


The Rise Of AI

Artificial intelligence is here and it's about to become your technological mother! Yes today's episode is all about AI and the documentary film Do You Trust This Computer? A bonus special gift for all of those who stick around to the very end of the show, an AI generated story featuring music composed by Matt.


Love Thy Self!

On today's episode we discuss that crazy little thing called love and how to heal from a broken heart (hint: it's not diving head first into another relationship!) We also argue over what defines a memory, and Sam teaches us all about a form of swarm intelligence known as stigmergy!


Travel Jealousy And The "Perfect Life" Image

Secretly jealous and annoyed with your friends and family for traveling while you aren't? Let's do what most people don't and confront this strange beast together! We also talk about why people need to portray a perfect image online, Matt's fear of selfies, and Sam's plan to trick facial recognition algorithms.


God, Religion, Aliens, And The Psychology of Sniffing!

American podcasts are suffering from a sniffing pandemic! So we delve into the psychology of this fascinating habit. Along with discussing the small matter of God, religion, aliens and for some unknown reason, naked old guys.... Original cover image (triangle) by Dean Hochman, used under cc2.0 attribution generic license. Modified by Uncle2Beers for this episode.