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Unknown. Unplanned. Unscripted. A weekly improvised-comedy podcast that we're making up as we go along! Brought to you by the Dubai Improv Tribe!


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Unknown. Unplanned. Unscripted. A weekly improvised-comedy podcast that we're making up as we go along! Brought to you by the Dubai Improv Tribe!




Unscripted: Episode 69 - Breaking into conversations at Halloween parties

Happy Halloween to you all! And commiserations for those of you who need to attend parties. My least favorite part is getting into conversations with groups who are already talking. There's never really a smooth way to get into such a conversation, or so I thought. The rest of the tribe decided I needed a lesson. In the acting profession, directors have been known to be... how do you say, difficult. They all have particular styles of directing, some more specific, some less. And a whole...


Unscripted: Episode 68 - Our complete guide to fighting Climate Change and using Tinder for Senior Citizens!

Climate change is real, despite those news channels that tell you it itsn't. One such channel, our very own Mox News, shows you exactly how these channels operate. The process may surprise you! Who said Tinder and other dating apps were only for the new generation? People above 60 also deserve love, happiness and all the other things not usually found on Tinder. Watch as Karthik and Hari guide you on the exhilarating journey of dating after 60. Deadly Information Today!!! And if you ever...


Unscripted: Episode 67 - Superheroes are risky clients for loans

Requesting a bank loan is probably one of the most stressful things you could experience. The bank manager doesn't want to sanction a loan, the client wants as much money as they can get - it's set up to be a tense situation from the off. Add to this that anything other than the most polite behaviour is frowned upon, and you're all set to dance. Hari isn't great at dancing, and on this evidence, neither is Jay. Slightly higher on the list of stressful activities is wedding planning. It's...


Unscripted: Episode 66 - Going in Blind - A guide to surviving the randomness!

Every day is a new adventure. To be more precise, the kind of adventure made famous by movies like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist and the like. In other words, it can be quite terrifying. Facing the unknown and the unexpected is what improv is all about, as demonstrated to great effect by Prateek and Karthik. Rashmi and Hari find ways to integrate random inputs into scenes, and finally all the tribe find themselves switching in and out of a scene as fluidly as they...


Unscripted: Episode 65 - A Happy International Podcast Day! From everyone here

All right, are you ready for a different kind of show? In honor of International Podcast Day, we got all our tribe members to show up and put on a show. The best part was that the tribe members had no idea that we had planned this. It truly opened some of our eyes as to what Unplanned, Unknown and Unscripted really means! In addition to our usual gig, we also had a little chat with all of our tribe members, sharing with each other how the art of Improv has touched our lives in a very...


Unscripted: Episode 64 - A Bartender should know not to mix Artists and Therapists

You'd think artists and therapists would get along. After all, they're both obsessed with imaginary stuff reading between the lines. Watch what happens when an artist decides he needs some therapy, and they decide to do a bit of a deep dive into something they would have rather left alone. Cocktails at a bar are a huge scam, even more so when you find the vodka has been replaced by water. See how Karthik and Hari deal with bartender Prateek, while stepping gently over the word limit set by...


Unscripted: Episode 63 - Buds grow on Plants, Packs of Wolves, and going Catfishing

Interviews often bring out the most illuminating insights. Some of the best things came out of an interview. This isn't one of them. This one tries to bring out the animalistic side of politics, and we succeed... I think. Customer service can be a difficult experience. Here, you get to see both sides of the coin, angry customers, angry customer care execs, generally angry people. While unpleasant in real life, it just couldn't be funnier here. And the phenomenon known as catfishing, where...


Unscripted: Episode 62 - We Repair Roofs and Routers

If there's one mantra I can't stand in real life, it's Mark Zuckerberg's "Move fast and break things". Because of people who actually think this is a good idea, I guess some of us have jobs at DIT, so I really shouldn't complain. When our lives feel like they're breaking down, who do we call? The sane ones among us would call a therapist. Luckily, we're all out of sanity here at DIT, so we're taking the DIY approach. Whether it's roofs or your internet router, someone here can fix it....


Unscripted: Episode 61 - Cocktails, Art Appreciation and Stage Fright

Ever been to an Art Exhibition at a gallery? I haven't, and I think they're pretty stuffy with pretentious phrases tossed around like live grenades. I don't think any of us have either, but if all those movies and TV shows glamorizing artists are to be believed, this is probably how it goes down. I've known quite a few people who are terrified of speaking on stage. And this next scene will do them absolutely no favors. Enjoy our brand new game, which somehow turns into the nightmare...


Unscripted: Episode 60 - Our Diamond Jubilee!

We made it to 60 Episodes! Again, thank you to all you wonderful listeners. Improv is all about collaborative storytelling. (Note to self: Go ahead, stick that one on your resume!) And here, we endeavor to do just that. Watch how the tribe of us create a spooky story, with Jathin and Hari acting out the parts. Or how Robert can turn the most random quotes out of random books into a believable, if farcical trial. And that really is the magic of improv. It opens you up to worlds of...


Unscripted: Episode 59 - Back to school- but not to study?

The early bird gets the worm. But who wants worms for breakfast?? Yuck!! Like Garfield, Roma and Rashmi believe that mornings should begin much later in the day. And when they are forced by a well-meaning friend to join the 5 AM jogging club, they are out with their claws and even sharper tongues! It is back to school time in most places around the world. Our tribe members are no exception. Two not-so-yummy-mummies engage in an almost-fist fight as they compare the merits of their...


Unscripted: Episode 58 - A Spooky Friday the 13th!

I have little idea why people are so afraid of this whole Friday the 13th thing. But it seems suitably spooky, and since we were recording this on Friday, it was a no-brainer. To start us off, Prateek and Hari demonstrate what to do if you're ever in a horror movie and have to hide from a (or his) mummy. Rashmi demonstrates the dangers of autonomous vehicles that gain a mind of your own. And to top it all off, everyone manages to mangle a scene from FRIENDS so badly you'd think it was...


Unscripted: Episode 57 - A whole list of Excuses!

Improv can get you on lists, apparently. No guarantee what list, mind you - it could just as well be a guest list to that exclusive club, or on your boss's hit list. Improvise at your own discretion. We love well-meaning strangers. They're helpful, kind, considerate, and most of all, incredibly annoying. And it's always a bonus when someone can drive even Roma up the wall, so Rashmi does an amazing job in that department! All this and more on our show that's unknown, unplanned and...


Unscripted: Episode 56 - Fortunately, we can go hiking to the North Pole

Sometimes, it pays to interrupt people. I remember several times when a conversation I was in got hijacked and ended up in weird new places. Weird is what we do best, so check out the freezing extravaganza that starts in a single's bar for married people and ends in cryptocurrency investments. Sometimes things are fortunate. Sometimes they're not. And sometimes, you can end up sharing a train compartment with a creepy stranger on your honeymoon. Leave them alone, Aarti! And for those of...


Unscripted: Episode 55 - Superheroes can't function in Space!

The big news this week was that billionaires are going to space. Some of them in very interestingly designed rockets that make one wonder what they're trying to overcompensate for. Ever wondered if Richard Branson was a little jealous of Jeff Bezos? If so, we've tried our best to portray how that scene would have played out in real life. We also show what it would look like if you put people from DIT in charge of a space mission. Good thing none of us are astronauts. Have you ever wondered...


Unscripted: Episode 54 - Taking Alcoholic Pets on Picnics

Summer is here. Yay... Honestly, I've no idea what the fuss is all about. I mean, it's really really HOT out there. And yet, more and more people just wanna go on picnics. But beware, being exposed to the heat is only the second worst thing that could happen to you. You could run into some really creepy people, as you will shortly find out. Worse, the people in question might be even creepier.... And while these folks are away, the cats come out to play. And this cat has developed some......


Unscripted: Episode 53 - The Importance of Sturdy Construction and Senior Education

I'll confess that I've never looked forward to building a house - too many details to think about! But the pillars that the roof stands on - those are critical, and if you're not careful, can come crashing down over your heads, as Karthik's greatest fear is reveled. Jathin and Robert try their best to spare Karthik (from Roma and Rashmi). Find out how that goes! Ever since I (Hari) got married, I've been told about a hundred times that communication is key to keeping your marriage smooth. I...


Unscripted: Episode 52 - Improvise everywhere, from Boardrooms to Buses

Ever been in a meeting where you've been blindsided by a seemingly random question from the audience? Where you had no idea what to say next? Watch as we put one of us in exactly that position? If you or someone else you know need an unflappable CEO, drop us an email - we have a whole list! It should come as no surprise to anyone that members of our tribe have pretty fertile imaginations. Listen to how a conversation about never finishing what someone started spirals way out of control,...


Unscripted: Episode 51 - From below the earth to the Stars and Everything in Between

This is our 51st episode! 51 weeks of providing awesome (at least in our opinion) entertainment to all our listeners. This episode, we decided to stretch the tribe by challenging them to educate while entertaining. As always, the tribe rose magnificently to the occasion. We leave no branch of studies untouched. Always wanted to learn about astronomy? Take a stroll around the DIT astronomical laboratory – where you can gaze at stars like LoonaMoona and MoonaSoona through a special eyepiece-...


Unscripted: Episode 50 - A look back on an Amazing Journey - A Retrospective

We've made it to 50 episodes! And as a special episode, we've brought back all the members of the tribe to share their experiences on this amazing journey! This is the story of how this podcast took shape, how its creators spent a good part of the pandemic-induced lockdown, and how we've gotten ourselves to this point. Learn of all the ways that embracing the art of improv has improved our lives, and if you want to find a place to start, please feel free to drop in on one of our open jam...