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26: #24 | Live and Uncensored: Dublin Podcast Festival

"We can't end a comedy podcast with 'And then he died'" This week of Up To 90 is a very special episode, as we come to you live and uncensored from Liberty Hall in our Dublin Podcast Festival double-header aver the wonderful 'Dubland'. With musical intros from Fred Cooke, we invited our panel of hilarious guests in to talk everything nineties - from ninja turtles to Riverdance to all things foreign-currency, this episode took many expected twists and turns, punctuated by some serious dance...


25: #23 | Macaulay Culkin

‘Please stop injecting blood into your face’ This week on Up To 90, it’s return of The Mack as we chat Macaulay Culkin. Macaulay Culkin burst onto our cinema screens as an adorable little brother in 1989 with ‘Uncle Buck’, and from there became the most successful child actor since Shirley Temple, before retiring in the mid nineties at the grand old age of 15. We talk Home Alone and the unhappy home life which pushed Culkin into the spotlight, his relationships with Michael Jackson and Mila...


24: Up To 90 Extra #2: Byker Grove

The girls talk favourite Geordie genre and the perils of paint balling in this special feature episode


23: #22 | Saved by the Bell

'I really think that's something we found really funny but the listener is going to be like what the f*ck' So we've finally given into the pleadings of our favourite Tommy Tiernan show MC Fred Cooke and allow him the honour of dieting with our wonderful Emma D in a stunning musical intro as we dissect American TV hits. This week, we talk nineties teen-com favourite: 'Saved by the Bell' Originating as Good Morning Mis Bliss, the show explored high-school social dynamics, pivoting around the...


22: #21 | Oasis

‘He’s like a man with a fork in a world made of soup.’ This week on Up to 90 we look at the band responsible for bringing Britpop into the mainstream: the iconic supergroup: Oasis. We debate the individual strengths of Noel versus Liam and map the Twitter fall-out between our two favourite Meath/Mayo hybrids, but first we look back on how this rock and roll phenomenon came into being. Using their troubled Manchester background as divine inspiration, Deifnitely Maybe and (Whats the Story)...


21: #20 | Monica Seles and The Macarena

This week we talk cringe-inducing dance moves, abandoned tennis rackets and Hamburg stabbings on Up To 90. Monica Seles was the burgeoning Queen of nineties tennis, vying with her professional rival Steffi Graf for the coveted accolades of best professional female player of her time. It was on a fateful date in Hamburg 1992 that her professional dreams came tumbling down: when she was stabbed in the neck by a disgruntled audience member in a vicious on-court attack. In a completely unrelated...


20: #19 | Mike Tyson and The George Foreman Grill

We talk lisps, grilling at an angle, Mike Tyson, George Foreman and all things nineties fat reducing in this week's explosive episode of @Upto90Podcast. In the latest segment of 'Shane Debates', Emma and her partner come to verbal blows over multipacks: do they really taste different or should Shane just back the f*ck up? We talk 'Pulling a Julie' and murdering clutches; explain the mystery of last week’s shorter than usual episode and give shout outs to our loyal fans who accost us in the...


18: Up To 90 Extra #1 | Bubbles the Monkey

Bubbles the Monkey: In this Up To 90 Extra, your favourite ginger duo discuss Michael Jackson’s one true love in this bonus bestiality special.


17: #17 | Nineties Toys Part One: Tomagotchi & Stretch Armstrong

‘Even now whenever I smell JD and Coke I always think: Aah, Dreamphone.’ This week on Up To 90 your favorite comedy duo talk nineties toys: specifically our favourite vehicles for juvenile sadism ‘Tomagotchis’ and of course our old mate Stretch Armstrong. We peruse fan websites dedicated to having a sneaky stretch, trace the joy in feeding an egg, the protracted horror of watching a pet live out its final moments in your Backstreet Boys pencil case and go through the many faces of Stretch...


16: #16 | Talking Spice Girls with Seann Walsh and John Colleary

'Do you think it helps being so ugly doing stand-up?' This week of Up To 90 comes live (and inebriated) from Vodafone Comedy Festival 2018 in The Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, as Seann Walsh confesses to his formerly consuming Spice Girls obsession. We talk Limewire, putting your destiny in the hands of an iPod shuffle, favourite Spice Girls, moving to Brighton from London as a young 'un, doing stand-up in playgrounds and garnering quite the South London primary school following, serving seafood...


15: #15 | Interview with Danny O'Reilly

‘We’ve been on your Instagram and seen your exes and it’s clear that looks aren’t important to you’ This week, we talk to the soundest rock-star in the bizz Danny O’Reilly of The Coronas about all things nineties. Recorded in the Harbourmaster in the heart of Dublin IFSC, Danny took us back to his first gig in the Catholic all-girls secondary schools Santa Maria, Joseph and the Techi-color Dreamcoat; saying goodbye to songs when they’re shite, the joy of being right, his composition of...


14: #14 | 90s Internet with Gordon Rochford (Those Conspiracy Guys)

‘The way you’re talking about Avatar is like me talking about my first cigarette.’ This week on Up To 90, we try our best to keep it clean (but fail miserably) with the ever-knowledgeable and entertaining Gordon Rochford, the man behind the podcast phenomenon ‘Those Conspiracy Guys’, as we talk 90s Internet. Kids today will never truly understand having to wait for your mom to get off the phone to your auntie to chat to your cyber-boyfriend in Colorado, getting cat-fished on MSN on a daily...


13: #13 | Murders of the 90s: Part One

'It was that awful, awful woman that did it, don't blame me!' - The House This week, Up To 90 sees our favourite comedy duo dip into the murky waters of true crime, as we look at infamous murders of the 90s: The Menandez brothers of Beverly Hills who shot and killed their parents and The Black Widow of Sacramento, Dorothea Puente. To all intents and purposes the Menandez brothers epitomised the American dream: a fancy house, impressive vacations, nice cars and professional excess. Against...


12: #12 | Interview with Pamela Flood

This week on Up To 90, we talk to former Miss Ireland Pamela Flood about everything from ‘getting the wear’ to competing in Miss World; from being an eco warrior to laying your cards on the table with men; from the soundness of Charlene Spitari to the many cups of tea that were drunk while continuity announcing in RTE, from ‘Off The Rails’ to the scourge of online trolls; from being an older mother to what Miss Jamaica was really like. Most tantalizingly of all we find out how she ended up...


11: #11 | Paying for Sex: Hugh Grant and Eddie Murphy

‘I did a bad thing and there you have it’ This week’s episode focuses on two men who got caught ‘paying for sex’ in the nineties: Hugh Grant and Eddie Murphy. We look at The Nutty Professor being a ‘Good Samaritan’ by kindly offering a transsexual sex worker a ride home and how Divine Brown succeeded in building an industry out of Hugh Grant’s ‘bad thing’. We talk playing the perpetual ‘I forgot my wallet’ card, Liz Hurley and THAT dress, numeric tattoos, bad decision-making, tea with the...


10: #10 | Sex Tapes and Tommy Lees

‘He was wearing a dog suit’ This week on Up to 90 we discuss the holiday vid Pamela Anderson and her bad boy husband Tommy Lee didn’t want you to see and why you should never piss a tradesman off. We ruminate on the original ‘personal footage’ invasion and why you should never repeatedly marry the same person, no matter how rad his gothic bangs are. We also look at another Tommy Lee-this time it’s the King of Texas/Men in Black and do some ON POINT impersonations of the role which saw him...


9: #9 | Extra-Marital Affairs

**‘There were three of us in this marriage so it was a bit crowded.’** This week, we look at extra-marital affairs, with former Hollywood Star Arnold Schwarzenegger doing the naughty with his nanny whilst Prince Charles couldn’t shake that Camilla feeling. Princess Diana, Maria Shriver, love children, tampons, Irish bishops, screentime and Austrian accents abound in this saucy episode of Up to 90\. If you feel Emma and Julie have plummeted to a new moral nadir with this adultery special...


8: #8 | Paul McGrath Interview

This week the girls chat to football legend Paul Mc Grath. ‘You’re on the pitch playing football, where’s your wallet?’ As we’ve learned in previous episodes, the fact that the girls know nothing about football isn’t going to stop them from talking about football. This week, the girls interrogate the delightful Oooh Aaaah Paul Mc Grath. This happy trio talks nudist beaches, World Cup breakfasts (how’d you like your eggs?), Apres March, favourite popes, Michael Jackson songs and Vanilla Ice....


7: #7 | The Commitments & The Snapper

This week on Up To 90, Emma and Julie talk Rabbits and Curleys as they look back on Roddy Doyle’s seminal films The Commitments and The Snapper. Emma identified with the latter so much, she actually went off and got pregnant in the summer of fifth year. It was all in a bid to earn the coveted title of ‘Roddy Doyle’s number one fan.’ Meanwhile, the penny finally drops with Julie as to what the point of the podcast is. We see Colm Meaney as the Father of Ireland, Andrea Corr is a disconcerting...