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Our daily load of stuff from the Van Camp and Morgan Radio Show heard worldwide. From shower thoughts to random facts and more. On the web: On socials: @vancampandmorgan


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Our daily load of stuff from the Van Camp and Morgan Radio Show heard worldwide. From shower thoughts to random facts and more. On the web: On socials: @vancampandmorgan




Ep. 247: VC & M Right Now 11-29-23

On today's show (airdate 11.29.23) Financial goals and how much American's socked away this year. A new way to make sure your house is cleaned by Christmas. A new-ish game, our crazy crime story is on (er, in rather) the couch, and Gen Z washes their hands. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 246: VC & M Right Now 11-28-23

On the pod (airdate: 11.28.23) Top 10 cities Millennials are moving to. In honor or Giving Tuesday: strange items donated to Goodwill. The real reason we party-hop during the Holidays, Tuesday Confessionals and an former Taco Bell employee sues over a sexy party. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 245: VC & M Right Now 11-27-23

On the pod (airdate 11.27.23) Smoking turkey! Now the leftovers. The latest iOS update contains a feature the cops want you to turn off. Name something worth standing in line. Five reasons your New Year's Resolutions already suck. The crazy crime story and tacos. Black Friday was huge online. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 244: VC & M Right Now 11-21-23

On today's show (airdate: 11.21.23) Monday Night Football, did the Chiefs lose because Taylor wasn't there? Could your stomach exlpode from eating too much? Would you trade your holiday with family for a solo vacation trip? Music affects our shopping, Brown Friday's stupid list and our crazy crime takes us to the Gateway city. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 243: VC & M Right Now 11-20-23

On the pod (airdate 11.20.23) WARNING Explicit Sex Talk in this episode: Thanksgiving "posiitons." Are you a kitchen untensil boss? Going back to Florida for our Crazy Crime story today. Friday is not only Black Friday, it's also Brown Friday too. And Apple teases their update that will finally allow Androids to text properly with iPhones. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 242: VC & M Right Now 11-17-23

On today's show (airdate 11.17.23) A Philadelphia radio station is banning Taylor Swift from their airwaves this week in advance of the Eagles/Chiefs game Monday night, for good reason. She seems to be the good luck charm for K.C. How much will Thursday's turkey dinner cost per person? Would you survive the Zombie Apolalypse? Famous painting back in the Louvre, a wedding crasher criminal and would you watch Hallmark Christmas movies for $2 Grand? on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 241: VC & M Right Now 11-16-23

On the pod (airdate: 11.16.23) It's Natl. Fast Food Day! A double-dip of the Drive-thru for a McRib! Do you have tipping fatigue? There's a new trend in dishwashing, the most popular pet names for 2023 have been announced, nothing special, but we do like "Eggsy Benedict." It's This is Why I'm Broke Thursday. When do you hit the wall? And free the boobies! on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 240: VC & M Right Now 11-15-23

On today's pod (airdate: 11.15.23) A Central Perk pop up coffeeshop in Boston is serving Ross' Thanksgiving "Moist maker" sandwich. How many times pers year do we say "thank you?" Reasons you need multple e-mail addresses, cranberry's place in Thanksgiving, and relationships, our crazy crime story takes us to the UK and our 5+ things that will "back us up" this holiday season. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 239: VC & M Right Now 11-14-23

On the pod: (airdate 11.14.23) What would you do if you found your dead father's porno stash? AAA's outlook for travel next week and it's not good. Waze has a new feature to show accident prone roads. The Natl. Toy Hall of Fame inductees, a crazy police chase in Indy and more. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 238: VC & M Right Now 11-13-23

On the pod (airdate 11.13.23) Good news! From Instant Karma and paying it forward to winning the lottery, high school diplomas and kidney transplants, look at us, doing something so totally anti-us: good news. Things to do in the morning to make your day better, have you ever broken a bone? Lyft is guaranteeing on time pick ups. Our crazy crime story takes us to Albuquerque, NM (not Florida) and Dior is making a very expensive baby perfume...really? on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 237: VC & M Right Now 11-9-23

On the pod (airdate 11.9.23) Got your (discounted) Turkey yet? Turkey Day is 2 weeks from today (OMG!!!) and we have a list of the BEST cities to spend the holiday in. Wedding cakes...with a warning label, clue one, don't face plant into one, could be hazardous, nay even fatal! Binge-drinking, we're not the number one country for that. And our 5+ reasons to have a quickie. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 236: VC & M Right Now 11-8-23

On today's pod (airdate: 11.8.23) Can AI detect a heart attack before it happens? Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary warns that we're pissing away $$ on our coffee habit. Gen Z has a new selfie "face," outdated tech that we still use, the missing golden toilet and Code "H" at Disneyland. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 235: VC & M RIght Now 11.3.23

On the pod (airdate 11.3.23) Using your phone while havin sex??! Yeah, leave it out of the bedroom. DoorDash warns its app users, Baskin-Robbins is ready for Turkey Day, F My Life Friday and Lazy Girl Jobs. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 234 VC & M Right Now 11-2-23

On today's show (airdate 11.2.23) Dia de los Muertos, which was made famous by Pixar's "Coco." Cograts Texas Rangers for winning their first World Series. How long does left over Halloween candy last? Grubhub epic fail, things we hate having to re-purchase and the Florida Booty Patrol. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 233: VC & M Right Now 11-1-23

On the pod (airdate: 11.1.23) Halloween post mortem, not many revellers last night, what ever are we to do with all the leftover candy?? Warning, your Smart Home can be hacked. Our Top 10 TV Shows that should/could be red flags if your man is watching them. One product is back in demand since we're all returning to the office, our crime story comes from the middle of the road ans are you a saver or a spender? on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 232: VC & M Right Now 10-31-23

On today's show (airdate 10.31.23) Managing your kids' trick or treat haul tonight, fun size and all, the story of the guy wearing a Banana suit and gettting arrested, wine aged in a coffin, the cathardic scream, professions most likely to cheat... with a co-worker, and the Dad Candy Tax. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 231: VC & M Right Now 10-30-23

On the pod (airdate 10.30.23) Rembering our day with Matthew Perry. RIP Matty. Also, the states that are most likely to wear sexy Halloween costumes, a Ture Crime story of Arson times 3, a first date to remember, for safety's sake, missing lawn decorations mysteriously turn up as returned, and a reminder to act and drink responsibly this holiday season, smutty dress doesn't actually translate to wanting something smutty. Be good humans. Don't forget our other podcast: The Who Cares News Podcast. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 230: VC & M Right Now 10-27-23

On the pod (airdate 10.27.23) The rising cost of streaming, is it worth it? Taos, New Mexico is having a Starbucks problem, they keep burning down. From the show: Halloween Saturdays, Airbnb's AI profiling, Women with tatoos make great wives and Sugar Daddies and Babies. Congrats to Taylor Swift and the drop of 1989 (Taylor's Version) today, go listen to it and have a great weekend.' on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 229: VC & M Right Now 10-26-23

On today's pod (airdate 10.26.23) A company pays a $23,500 coins. TikTok has a trick that is supposed to work, you be the judge...toilet paper fridge. Do you have a yellow pillow? This is why we're broke, women say no to over 25 restaurants for first dates, and our crazy crime story finds our perp leaving his kid home alone...something John Van Camp has some experience with. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 228: VC & M Right Now 10-25-23

On the pod (airdate 10.25.23) It's Natl. Greasy Foods Day, enjoy! Halloween week and we're talking carving pumpkins, injuries and power tools. Tinder has a new feature that lets Mom weigh in on your dating options. Our crazy crime takes us to Florida for yet another amazing naked crime and wait til you get a load of how Medieval Monks remembered stuff. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media