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Only God Can Judge Me Ep.26

The pimpcast males sit back & have a discussion regarding why people need validation from someone else. Why people especially exes lurk on your social media. Why do you put any energy into looking how they want you to..... eating what they say you should eat..... what brands will make you cool and etc....? We sit back and even discuss what makes us different? We discuss if we want to wear male leggings to be in the cool club. All Listeners We Thank You For Tuning In Continue To Support Us....


Good Guys Finish First? Ep.25

Velvet Vibez Pimpcast Sits Around With Beverages & Discuss How Sometimes We Get Fooled By The Good Guy/Good Girl Role. #VelvetJugganaut Opens Up About Getting Scammed Into This Madness & Allow The Rest Of The Cast To Gage This & Share Their Thoughts On It. Bad Date Gone Very Left & He Knew Better! The Whole Cast Get Into How We Can Compare These Situations To The Great Chucky...... We Even Get Sentimental & Ask The Question Do You Even Still Believe In Love...... Not To Mention We Even...


It Seems Like You Ready Ep 24

The PimpCast Crew Really Have A Seat With Guest The Cookie Lady & Discuss These Type Questions: When Is A Man Done With Being In The Streets? Do Women Have Too Much Patience? If Someone Becomes Successful After Your Relationship But You Invested Do They Owe You? *SPOILER ALERT* Acrimony Breakdown Reactions To The Movie & Q&A That Stemmed From It. All Listeners We Thank You For Tuning In Continue To Support Us. We Are Only As Great As Our Fanbase Allows. So Let's Laugh, Cry, & Laugh Again...


We Admit It Ep.23

A big week to discuss alot. R Kelly releases "I Admit It" The Pimpcast has their reactions to it and thoughts on his music and if it is still ok to listen to R Kelly. More reactions on the Charlemagne allegations and the way his surrounding companies are reacting. Then somehow we get into sex, squirters, reactions to different sexual shockers and experiences that are simply hilarious. How real can we keep it all the way real. Instagram:Velvet_Jugganaut Facebook: Velvet Vibez Pimpcast (Group)...


Cakez & Compromise II Ep. 22

The Cast Sit Around & Dive Deeper Into The Lies That People Tell To Seem Interesting. Each Member Opens Up About Bad Moves In Relationships. We Discover Better Ways To Manuever Out Here. Most Importantly We Really Look At Being Single & Find Out Is It Really So Bad To Be With The Person You Should Love The Most Yourself. Everyone Is Out Here Lying To Not Have To Spend Time With One's Self???? Hmmm????


Waist Management Ep.21

Velvet Vibez PimpCast Is Ready To Address The Elephant In The Room, Middle Ground. Men/Women Nowadays Get Into Situations With People & No One Knows What It Is Sex, Couple, Side Piece, & It Causes Trouble. The Men Of The Squad Address Their Wrong Moves That Causes People To Be Confused & #Lynneopoly Addresses What Issues It Can Cause & Holds Them Accountable. Instagram: Velvet_Jugganaut & Lynneopoly Email:


Poppa's Got A Brand New Flag Ep.20

Finally The Moment Has Come Where We Get Some Female Support Up Here So We Can Discuss These Issues In The Realist Way. We Are Discussing Red Flags In The Talking Phase & Why We Ignore Them Why Do The Men Bamboozle Women To Seem Like They Are Not A Pile Of Feces? Keeping It So Real We Answer & Also Give Our Assumptions About Women On Peter Size, Looks, Honesty Vs What Men Will & Won't Accept. The Bigger Question Is Addressed As Well. After Bamboozling Women Over Time Before They Find Out...


Crucial Conflict=Cakes & Compromise Ep19.

The Velvet Vibez PimpCast Is Here To Talk About It All. First The Top 5 Comments Of The Week In The Velvet Vibez PimpCast Group Are Discussed. This Is Quickly Followed By Strip Club Etiquette Discussion & The Art Of Not Catfishing But HouseFishing A Strange Art But We Get Into It & Then Finally We Get Into The New Form Of Solving Conflict With Women Invented By The #ScorpionKing. Confessional Will Be Had As Well By The #VelvetJugganaut Informing He Has Had A Woman Use Him For His Body & He...


Game Of Cologne

Time to talk about it. You cannot address any relationship without the origin story. The Velvet Dynasty is going to pretty much be interrogated by #Lynneopoly, she addresses #Velvet Jugganaut #SaWildChild & even the guest #NewYorkMenace. Approaches are discussed & the guys even show that they are not as simple minded as most would assume. Looks like in a first date they just may be looking for more than your figure in those britches you are wearing.


Captain Hunch Ep. 17

Velvet Dynasty Comes Together To Discuss The Importance Of Sex In A Relationship With A Twist. Inviting A Guest From The Gay Community To Be Prepared To Talk About This From Every Angle Possible. Our Guest Pimp B. Bilal Is Ready To Combat & Shock The Other Guest #NewYorkMenace & The Rest Of The Cast. Discussing How Long Is Too Long Without In A Relationship & A Little Heads Or Tails & There Is No Coins Involved. Get You Powder Doughnuts & Get Ready To Buckle Your Seat Belt One Shocking...


Story Time W/ Velvet Juggnaut *Bonus Episode*

In The Prior Episode We Determined That There Are Times People Should Be Friend Zoned, Well Velvet Jugganaut Decides To Open Up About Dating On Myspace With A Lady Who Immediately Opened Up About Having Schizophrenia , Insomnia, Psychosis & More. This Is A Moment For The O.G. To Speak Out & Simply Allow His Peers To Tell Exactly What They Think Of This Tomfoolery.


Homie, Loveless, Friendzone....

How do you get in the friendzone? How do you get out? Great questions we are tackling today along with personal experiences, humor, more humor, but better yet #PimpCastTalk. We have a guest back that you all loved the #NewYorkMenace & just like the rest of the crew he is keeping it 100% Velvet. Not to mention before getting into the shenanigans the Velvet Jugganaut needs help dissecting his friend's refusal to have sex life theme. Come on and enjoy us once again, have a seat relax and...


Baby Got Whack? Ep.14

The Question Is Posed Would You Allow Your Partner To Cheat Back To Heal Your Relationship? Scorpion King Teaches How To Cheat With Class, Jugganaut Drops Sexual Knowledge, Sa Wild Child Opens Up About Past Decisions Under The Blanket, & Jugganaut Debates If He May Have Another Child Out There He Doesn't Know About. This Episode Shows The Comical Chemistry Our Cast Has But Still So Much You Can Learn Here. Tune In & Pour A Glass Of #YourChoice & Enjoy.


Nice 4 What (Come & Talk To Me) Ep. 13

The Velvet Dynasty Discuss A Variety Of Things From What Jobs Are Intolerable In A Relationship, All The Way To The Scorpion King Discussing His Close Calls With Attempting To Live A BackPage Life. Velvet Simply Poses A Question Of Would You Co Sign For An Ex While Currently Being In A Relationship? "Don't Answer Just Tune In For This Extreme Convo."


Children Of The Porn

The Velvet Vibez Dynasty Invite A Guest "#NewYorkMenace" To Compare The Infatuation With Porn With Velvet Jugganaut, Sa Wild Child & Scorpion King. We Discuss Types Of Porn, How It Can Help & Hurt, & Even Deep Dived Into Expectations In A Relationship After Watching Porn. Prepare Yourselves For A Humor Filled Conversation.


Child Support (Can You Spare Some Change)

In This Episode Velvet Jugganaut, Lynneopoly, & Scorpion King Take A Deep Dive Into Child Support, Personal Views & When Is It Needed? A Situation That Is Run Into On Many Occasions In Many Relationships.


Trick Ross- Hustlin

In this episode the Velvet Jugganaut discuss when is giving money to your significant other considered borrowing, tricking, or helping bae. Nobody wants to get played in this situation so Velvet Dynasty will break this down in the most fashionable way you could imagine.