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A podcast where we relieve the constipation in your brain News? Politics? Entertainment? Nerd Culture? Ridiculous topics that really don't matter? Look no further than this authoritative podcast where 3 guys with zero qualifications and half baked opinions talk about anything and everything. This is where the crap flows freely.

A podcast where we relieve the constipation in your brain News? Politics? Entertainment? Nerd Culture? Ridiculous topics that really don't matter? Look no further than this authoritative podcast where 3 guys with zero qualifications and half baked opinions talk about anything and everything. This is where the crap flows freely.




A podcast where we relieve the constipation in your brain News? Politics? Entertainment? Nerd Culture? Ridiculous topics that really don't matter? Look no further than this authoritative podcast where 3 guys with zero qualifications and half baked opinions talk about anything and everything. This is where the crap flows freely.




Episode 48 - Corona Round 2

In this episode we talk about the 2nd wave of Coronavirus and how it got way worse in countries dealing with it half-assed. We also talk about an Post-Trump America, belittle the haughty american liberal and laugh at the coping maga chud.


Episode 47: Wheel of Time Special

We are joined by good friends Phil and Jams as we do a special episode just talking about the Wheel of Time series and the upcoming live action show adaptation of it coming soon (hopefully). This episode is overflowing with book spoilers so proceed at your own risk.


Episode 46: You Can't Put the Hotdog Into the Bun

Bmoney goes into an extended rant on the barabarism of roads and how some cities are subjugated by the car; this somehow turns into a talk about urban planning for an hour. The second general rant is about the absurdity of mass homelessness and excess housing. We finish with some election propaganda protips and tricks.


Episode 45 - Discount History: Mao Zedong vs Chiang Kai Shek

In this filler episode of Verbal Laxative I begin a miniseries called Discount History, which is just me babbling about history casually with 0 fact checks. In honor of Chinese National Day upcoming on October 1, the first episode of this series is Mao Zedong vs Chiang Kai Shek, where I answer the initial question of what would it be like if Chiang won the civil war (he can't lol), which then turns into a 3 hour 28 minute episode telling of history on one question. Enjoy Intro Song:...


Episode 44: Some People Don't Like When Their Circles Are Touching

In this episode guest starring Phil we talk about some dumb social norms and oddities and get real stupid. Then we talk about the Apple event and ecosystem, the Sony Playstation 5 reveal and all the games coming for PS5, Jason tells us why he hates the party game Mafia, and Xin explains why slickly produced 20 minute history videos are awful. We also talk movies and review/rant/crap on Tenet and Mulan.


Episode 43: "I would Like to Create a Religion For Animals"

In this episode with special guest and friend of the show, Phil (F1ldor), we ask him about his opinions on Covid-19 in the USA and Kamala Harris being Biden's VP Pick. (Spicy Take Included) But first, Bmoney ups his propensity to swindle and proposes to create a new religion as a business venture, but aimed heavily at animals. The conversation turns into monopolies and evolve to talking about going to colonizing Mars.


Episode 42 - The Manpisode: Choice Between a Douche or Shit Sandwich

In this "intimate 2-man episode" we talk about the US ban of TikTok and compare the olden day religious missionary fervor and the modern day theological equivalent in "freedom and democracy". We then talk about the "Business of Drugs" documentary and enjoy the delicious irony of the show being hosted by a former CIA spook and also the relation between the Golden Triangle in SE Asia and the Chinese Civil War. Finish with a rant against the infamous "Vote or Shutup" Asshole archetype.


Episode 41 - Simping for Mistress Cancel

Recurring Guest Adrian joins us for our special episode after taking an extended break from recording (we just got lazy). We talk about Cancel Culture and just turn up our stupid to maximum for 2 plus hours. Enjoy


Episode 40 - When Society Asks You "Does this Dress Make Me Look Fat?"

We talk about the continuation this week of the Black Lives Matter Protests in America and the tensions behind some loaded phrases thrown about. We then talk a bit about Cancel Culture and the futility of the ballot box. Also touch upon what the difference would be between the current protests in America and an actual rebellion or insurrection. End the episode with this question - Would you press a button for a million dollars but it kills someone? Stay and listen to our answer.


Episode 39 - They Would Nut If They Had The Same

In this special 2-man episode we dive into political talk. What does it mean to be on the political left or right and why it's diluted in mainstream discussions to become worthless labels. We dive into historical materialism, Chinese and Western political context, Hong Kong security law, recent Minneapolis protests for George Floyd, and what class based politics means.


Episode 38 - More Acceptable to Fart in Public than Cough Now

We start the episode with another Coronavirus rant and the weekly absurdities. Then we talk about things to watch: Extraction movie, Vikings, and Upload. Also bant about Star Wars clone wars vs the new movies. Discussion turns into a random talk on old languages and re-creating them, including old Chinese and the modern dialects. End the episode with a talk on Superstitions and old silly traditions.


Episode 37 - "Bob" Wayne

Another day of ridiculing the stupidity going on during the Age of Coronavirus like the lockdown protests with guns and garbage news media. We dive into North Korea gossip and talk about Kim Jong Un - is he alive? Who would succeed him? Also why his surviving brother probably wouldn't be a successor. Reminisce about soon to be relics of the past that younger people will not recognize - manual transmission, dial-up internet, payphones. Then we talk about the future and cybernetic...


Episode 36 - "After the Infection, Comes the Sex"

We start the episode off playing around with inspirobot and asian livestream thots, excellent ways to past time for Covid-19 time. Then we get into the thick of it, ridiculing the foolish notion of saving the economy at the expense of lives, the worthlessness of news outlets and their nonsensical tabloid reporting, and America losing it's mind withdrawing funds from the World Health Organization. Also some talks intersperced here and there for Netflix's Tiger King and Bmoneyisms.


Episode 35 - Coronavirus Bath

Our first episode recorded online due to that pesky Coronavirus. Quality is opposite of excellent, but enjoy our bants on the Covid-19, USA elections, stuff to do while cozy at home, and just hangout as we attempt to entertain everyone cooped up at home.


Episode 34 - Busking for DDR

We are back after a month long hiatus partly due to technical difficulties (goddamn behringer). We still lost the first 5 min and the last 30 seconds (right after ironically joking about it) We talk about the USA democratic primaries since South Carolina, Super Tuesday, tease a Trump V Bernie, and wealth inequality, Coronavirus and what quarantine life would be like. I also had a brain fart talking about Super Tuesday, should be *14* states not 4. We then end by talking about bad movies.


Episode 33 - Communist Jesus (Happy Chinese New Year)

In this episode recorded close to Chinese New Year we talk about RELIGION and some stories of conversions, scientology, Iran's monumental fuck up in the plane shoot down, and Bmoney trying to score at church. 2nd part deals with Elon Musk's companies, future environmental changes, and some rants on some action CGI and other movies that won the Screen Actors Guild Award. 3rd part deals with the US 2020 election: Bernie vs Warren, Biden's brain melt, Trump's impeachment gong-show, etc


Episode 32 - First Episode of 2020 - Nudes for Koalas

Our first episode of 2020! We start off banting about a bunch of movies including Starwars Ep 9 and we have our own surprise twist. Then we get to the main topic the recent events starting in 2020 like the massive Australian wildfires and America assassinating the Iranian general. Then we get talking about NYE "party etiquette" while getting depressed for Jason's 'forever lonely' NYE celebration.


Episode 31 - The Boobs can be where you put your Wrist

We start off this marathon episode by talking about Xin's recent vacation musings and common culture shock between East Asia and North America. Bmoney gives a rant against the deception of the ingredients list on food products which then turns into a talk about calorie counting and GMO. We talk about the K-movie Parasite, Marriage Story on netflix, and Star Wars - then somehow this turns into a discussion on contracts, marriage, divorce, rich/poor, whether Jedis in starwars were a...


Episode 30 - When Do You Learn How to Wipe Your Butt?

In this episode we start off talking about crappy art and dick drawings, then Don Cherry getting fired from Sportsnet from his poppy rant. We also do a deep dive into Bryan's disastrous social dilemmas with his neighbours and more of his terrible B-Moneyisms. Also we talk about whether it's better to wipe your ass sitting down or standing up. Then we debate what the difference is between millennial and Gen "Y" and "BOOMER" mentality; also talk a bit about past and future world war 2 movies...


Episode 29 - LolWexit- The Joke is Not Good

To start off we talk about Disney+ and the new terminator movie. Then we pivot to Canadian election results and imagine a scenario where Alberta separates from Canada: A sloppy mess.