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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.

Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.
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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.






Verbal Shenanigans Episode 258-A Chat with the NightSweats

What a great episode we have for you today. First, we are joined by saxophonist, Jeff Dazey. Jeff has worked with some amazing acts like Frank Turner, Leon Bridges, and is a a key member of the amazing horn section of Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats! So, as we dove into Jeff's saxophone origins, his music, playing with Leon Bridges, and how he became a Nightsweat, we were pleasantly surprised to also be joined by bassist, Joseph Pope. We had such an amazing conversation with the guys...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 257-Bobby Rush

We are back with another really fun installment of Verbal Shenanigans . Today, we are joined by Bobby Rush. Bobby is a 2017 Grammy winning blues legend, a Blues Hall of Famer, a 12x Blues Music Award Winner, and a B.B. King Entertainer of the Year. Bobby was a tremendous guest. He was hilarious, truthful, and full of amazing experiences including work with the likes of B.B. King, Fats Domino, Howlin' Wolf, and Muddy Waters. Bobby is 86 years young and still going strong with new concerts and...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 256-Magic Wheelchair

Ok, ok, ok, we are sorry for missing last week, but we are back with another great episode of Verbal Shenanigans. Today, we are joined by Ryan Weimer, founder of the amazing foundation, Magic Wheelchair. Magic Wheelchair is a nonprofit organization that makes epic costumes for children in wheelchairs. The results are amazing. From Transformer, to Star Wars, to the Batmobile, make sure to check out the foundation and some of the amazing work they have done for children with disabilities all...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 255-Jeffrey Gurian

After a quick vacation, we are back with another fun episode of the podcast. Today, we are joined by Jeffrey Gurian. You may know Jeffrey by his wild hair and great interviewing skills on ComedyMattersTv, but Jeff is also a great comic, producer, author, and writer. We talk about Jeff's longtime experience as a joke writer, Jeff's transition to on stage performing, dentistry, comedy, and so much more. Jeff has worked with so many great names like Rodney Dangerfield, George Wallace, Joan...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 254-Jenn Vix

We are back with Jenn Vix. Jen is an American solo electronic-rock recording artist, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer. We discussed Jen's recording process, her music, surviving abuse, and working with great musicians like the Beastie Boys. Have a listen! We go off the rails this week and discuss moving, spiked seltzers, Shaquille O'neal, Mike's frog visitor, and we hear another one of Mike's amazing 5th grade stories. Have a listen! Follow...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 253-Ecce Shnak

We are back! Today we are joined by David Roush of a band called Ecce Schnak. Ecce Shnak (pronounced Eh-kay sh-knock) is a 7-piece art-rock band. They are based in NYC. We discuss the origins of the band and its name, recording, and ShnakFest. Make sure to check em out! We also discuss hangovers, July 4th, building bread towers, dog swimming, women's sports, and hear an orginal story by a young Mike Burlew. Have a listen! Follow...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 252-The Return of Victor Wooten

It doesn't get much better than this. For the second time, the world's greatest bassplayer, Victor Wooten joins the show. Victor is a grammy award winning musical legend, but more importantly, he is an absolutely great human being. We chat with Victor about his amazing bass camps, how he tries to push himself musically, his favorite all time gigs, and his love of art, photography, and videography. Victor is a class act and we couldn't be happier to have him back on the show. Go check out...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 251- Terence McGovern

Back again, with another week of unique audio. Today, we are joined by Terence McGovern. Terry is is an American actor, voice actor, television broadcaster, radio personality and acting instructor who is known for several prominent roles including Launchpad McQuack and for his the dialogue as a stormtrooper in the first Star Wars movie. Terry was funny, open, and shared a ton of experiences with radio, acting, and more. Check it out! We also discuss Scott's Oktoberfest cup stacking...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 250 Garrett McNamara

Unbelievable. 250 episodes. And today was a really fun one. We are joined one of the most interesting guests we've had on. Garrett McNamara is an American professional big wave surfer and extreme waterman known for breaking the world record for largest wave ever surfed, riding tsunami waves, and his massive amounts of contributions to the surfing world. Garrett is hilarious, humble, and infinitely interesting. Check it out! We also talk about Scott's lack of underwear, play a special...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 249-Martin Earley, The Ballroom Thieves

A few months ago, Scott came across an amazing rock band called The Ballroom Thieves. Today, we are joined by guitarist and singer, Martin Earley. Together, we discuss everything from the formation of the band, the band's recording process, and the struggles of making it as a band today. Martin was a fantastic guest who even took time to learn a little about this crazy podcast. Make sure to go check out The Ballroom Thieves today! We also discuss Mike's life in Georgia, the strangest...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 248-Dungeon Master Timm Woods

This one is for the true nerds! Today, we are joined by professional dungeon master, Timm Woods. Timm is an educator and storyteller who specializes in game-based education. Timm describes his love of Dungeons and Dragons, the origins of his business, and why D & D is still successfull to this day. Hire Timm for your next party! We also talk about Scott joining a men's club, the men's clubs love of clams, and we play a game where we analyze unknown celebrity beef. Antoher fun week in the...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 247-Julie Meringer, Your Call Football

Back again, and today we are joined by Julie Meringer, the President of Your Call Football. Your Call Football is a new league that allows fans to call plays through a mobile app in live time. Julie goes into great detail about how this revolutionary idea came about, what players can experience, and the future of Your Call Football. The league sounds extremely fun and fits into the ever changing landscape of pro sports. Check it out! We also talk about Scott's first experience as a mattress...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 246-Goodyear Blimp Pilot Taylor Deen

Outside of bald eagle in a white powdered wig, carrying the American flag while listening to the National Anthem, what is a more iconic, recognizable American symbol than the Goodyear Blimp? Today, we are joined by Goodyear Blimp Pilot, Taylor Deen. We discuss her life in aviation, what it's like to work for Goodyear, the ins and out of a blimp, and what it is like to cover some of the world's largest sporting events. Taylor was very laid back, smart, and extremely informative. We also...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 245-Don Hartsell

Today, we are joined by Don Hartsell, the first Commissioner for the World Air League. WAL is organizing the World Sky Race, the historic first race of airships to circle the planet. Don is quite an interesting character. Hartsell is an advocate for a greener sustainable path using lighter-than-air airships. We discuss Don's interest in aviation, the science of airships, and the goals for the first ever World Sky Race. Check it out! We also talk about Scott talking to a Canadian bobsledder,...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 244-8MM and Jeff Whalen

We are back with a great batch of new guests. Grammy-nominated producer/mixer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Beavan and his wife/vocalist Juliette Beavan, make up the musical duo of 8MM. Sean has worked with the likes of Nine Inch Nails, No Doubt, Thrice, and Slayer. Together, Sean and Juliette have put together a new album consisting of a great combination of dark pop and atmospheric rock. Sean and Juliette were a great interview, where they were both hilarious and really interesting to...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 243-Abraham Joffe

We are back! And this week, we are joined by producer, director, and cinematographer, Abraham Joffe. You may have seen Abraham's amazing work on Netflix's Tales By Light or Big Cat Tales on Animal Planet. Abraham shares his amazing adventures with wildlife from around the world, what it is like to direct and film nature documentaries, and the challenges of work and family life. Abraham was open, honest, and extremely interesting to talk to. Go check him out! We also learn that Mike knows...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 242-Atreyu's Porter McKnight

We have had the pleasure of interviewing so many amazing, strong musicians here on the podcast. Today, we add another to the resume. Porter McKnight is the bassist of long running metal band, Atreyu. Atreyu have been entertaining audiences and releasing music for over 20 years. Porter is a great bassist, a skilled photographer, and a hilarious storyteller. Listen to our inteview to hear all about Porter's music, Atreyu's newest album, his beard, his photos,his management of family, and a...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 241-Frank Turner

This was by far one of my favorite interviews to date. Singer, songwriter, and beyond talented musician, Frank Turner joins us this week on the podcast. Frank Turner has become quite a prolific writer, with 7 studio albums and more on the way, numerous ep's, and now his second book. We discussed a great variety of topics from songwriting, opening the 2012 Olympic Games, Frank's work with Dignity in Dying, touring, to dealing with social media scrutiny in this digital age. Frank was honest,...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 240-Chris Lucas and Thumpasaurus

We are back with another very unique batch of guests, and another week of unique content. First, we are joined by Chris Lucas, an accomplished author, NYC tour guide, and Disney historian. Chris is also the son of Ed Lucas, a blind broadcaster who has worked for the New York Yankees for decades. We discuss his book great book, Seeing Home, life with his father, his love of all things Disney, and his latest work, Top Disney. We are also joined by the truly unique, LA punk-funk outfit,...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 239-Creedence Clearwater's Stu Cook

There are people on this planet that you'd never imagine getting a chance to talk to. On this week's episode, we sit down with one of those people. Today, we are joined by bassist Stu Cook of the legendary band, Creedence Clearwater Revival. Stu has over 50 years of playing experience to share. We discuss everything from the early days of Creedence, to performing at Woodstock, to now performing on the final tour with Creedence Clearwater Revisited. Stu was laid back, humble, and extremely...