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Fascinating Guests. Captivating Conversations. Intriguing Interviews. Witty Banter. & Compelling Bullsh*t. with a side of Trivia, Games & other Amusements.

Fascinating Guests. Captivating Conversations. Intriguing Interviews. Witty Banter. & Compelling Bullsh*t. with a side of Trivia, Games & other Amusements.
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Fascinating Guests. Captivating Conversations. Intriguing Interviews. Witty Banter. & Compelling Bullsh*t. with a side of Trivia, Games & other Amusements.




Episode 11. - Hip-Hop, Techno & Italia with DJ Tony Loko AKA mynd.eu

It's been a minute since we last spoke.. Alex took some time to himself, did some soul-searching & traveling, some of which was with this week's guest, Alex's good friend DJ Tony Loko AKA techno producer mynd.eu. Together the two talk about what matters most in life... music. Starting with some reminiscent old-school hip-hop talk & first albums bought to Tony's wheelhouse festivals, techno & deep house. mynd.eu also shares with us some music he's been cooking up. Finally Alex & Tony talk...


Episode 10. - Edu-tainment with Myster-E

This week we have another music episode when Alex is joined by Myster-E, rapper / educational & motivational speaker. Myster-E goes deep into his unique, positive, intellectual and often educational rhymes which he uses to teach and inspire inner city youth through hip-hop culture. E also shares some stories from his days on the radio with Wu World Radio, some rappers who inspire him and his involvement with the Zulu Nation. We even get to learn some new mind-blowing acronyms like RAP, LASER...


Episode 9. - Crossroads with P Double

This week we have another musical episode when Alex meets up with his friend Pete AKA Staten Island rapper P Double to discuss his new project titled "Crossroads" (Out Now). P Double plays us a couple of tracks off the new album along with a meaningful throwback and he also debuts an exclusive joint title "Us" for your ears only (until "King's Road" drops). They also discuss what artists influence him and how he got started out in hip-hop back at age 12 to represent his forgotten...


Episode 8. - The CORNERSTORE Jawn with Twizz and Scanz

This week Alex sits down with his lifelong friend rapper and producer Scanz and Phili rapper Twizz for a deep look into their new independent record label (No Label), artists, albums, and upcoming projects like Twizz & Scanz's first official album "CORNERSTORE". Twizz tells it all from his teenage years growing up on the streets of Phili, to what inspired him to start writing and recording, he shares some ridiculous Phili-native street slang and even shares a bunch of his music, most out to...


Episode 7. - Cheesy Jokes & Pig Puns with Mike Cava

Join me and one of the self-proclaimed silliest dudes I know, comedian Mike Cava, on a ridiculous laugh-filled adventure. Together Mike and I nerd out on such topics as his legendary comedy idols, the deliciousness that is cereal milk, the monotony of Hollywood, how grotesquely vile Ren & Stimpy was, running pig races at a local farm, how baller my apartment is & pineapples on pizza (controversy warning). Follow Mike Cava on Instagram @cavacash See him live Monday nights at Brighton Bar in...


Episode 6. - Music Is My Drug (DJ James Strzz)

This week we get deep into the insane, bone-chilling life story of my good friend and work associate DJ James Strzz. From how he started as a just a kid in the DJ industry going to teen nights and falling in love with the music (and ladies) to flyering and promoting other DJ's at local bars and clubs, to how he started to blow-up getting huge DJ residencies at major clubs like Pacha in NYC or The Pool at Harrah's in Atlantic City. Then we get even deeper as we get a look into how James'...


Episode 5. - Paul Shvonzenshtooker

You're in for a treat this week when I am joined by the Fabulous & Fazionable "Can't Count of Zabriskie" Paul Shvonzenshtooker. Join us on this rollercoaster ride of pure hilarity and insanity as Paul shares with us his favorite confectionary treats, plugs his newest innovation (his customized Waze interface), roasts me on my own show repetitively, regails us with tales of too many edibles, plays us his new song "You're Not Getting In", samples for us some Shtooky Shtyle ASMR, but mostly...


Episode 4. - New Lease On Life with Adam Grutman

In this episode my good friend Adam and I go deep on yet another laundry list of topics from... a new music review of the week to why rappers have tattoos on their face, reminiscing about the wildest parties in high school history to how insane the link of smell & memory can be, from the eclectic genius of Donald Glover vs Will Smith to the unlistenable garbage that is Takashi Sixnine, from why only jews get to experience the joy of sleepaway camp to a classic game of Celebrity Net Worth and...


Episode 3 - Try Vegan (Vince Gulino)

Join my good friend & ex-frat brother Vince & I on a journey deep into the world of Veganism (vs. Bacon), the health benefits of distilled & ionized water, the hectic life of owning a food truck/meal delivery service & rehash some ridiculous frat house tales from the good ol' days. Also, Vince is the reason I decided to start my own podcast as the idea (& title) were born organically while appearing on his show "Catching Up With Vince". Check out Try Vegan Food Trucks -...


Episode 2. - Cody High & Jason Kowalsky

On this episode of Wait, Where Were We, I interview my life-long best friend (Coach) Cody High about his intense, self-made career coaching football along with my temporary co-host, but permanent cousin, Jason Kowalsky. Together we cover a hefty range of topics from crazy airplane stories to a debate on the best actor to play The Joker - What music we are currently bumping to what Netflix documentaries we are currently binging - & we close it off with a great game of That's My Ish where...


Episode 1 - Family First

I've always said & believed in the saying Family First, so what better way to start my podcast journey than with my cousin Jason Kowalsky joining me for my inaugural episode. Jay is an actor, musician & a hilarious, very influencial person in my life. Listen as we venture through an overwhelming variety of topics from the movie business to dating in the modern age to marijuana reform laws to the controversy over ladies hating the word "moist" with some occasional, obnoxious yet adorable...


Episode 0 - Allow Myself To Introduce... My, Self

Just a quick introduction to give you an idea of the goings-on on the Wait Where Were We Podcast. Fascinating Guests. Captivating Conversations. Intriguing Interviews. Witty Banter. & Compelling Bullshit. with a side of Trivia, Games & other Amusements. Figure out 5 of the movie quotes sampled in the intro First, and I will send you a Ca$h Prize!! DM me on our Facebook page to enter. I hope you enjoy my podcast, and if you do feel free to tell people about it.