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One man's quest to fill in the gaps of his knowledge via conversations with friends




Episode 26 - Pro Wrestling w/Mike Carr pt.2

And in this corner, all the way from Boston, Massachusetts; in his grand return performance: the East Coast terror! The Masshole himself! Mike “the Boston Strangler” Carr!!! The show is officially 6 months old, and to celebrate such a momentous(ly arbitrary) milestone, I’ve asked Mike Carr to come back and talk some more about Professional Wrestling. It’s a nice capstone on 2018, and a great conversation to listen to if you want to remind yourself how great a guy Mike actually is. He lives somewhere else now, but he’ll always live in our hearts if we choose to never forget him. Let’s dive in.


Episode 25 - History of Animation w/Brett Waldon

I've had enough people ask when I'm going to do an episode about something I'm into that I decided to finally sit down and talk about the history of animation. My beautiful wife, Gemma, (reluctantly) agreed to sit down and be the host for this special episode, and I think you'll agree her soft British accent is much more preferable to my nasally Midwestern whine. Anyway, I hope you're "drawn" to this conversation.


Episode 24 - Mystery Science Theater 3000 w/Katelyn Stephenson

In the not-too-distant past -- About a month ago -- There was a guy named Brett, and asked Katelyn to his show. She talked all about Joel and Mike, And which of the hosts that she liked; So many positive things she could say, But she didn't like the redhead part Had gone to Felicia Day. If you're sitting there grumbling because we messed up your favorite facts (la la la), Then repeat to yourself, "It's just a show, I should really just relax For Mystery Science Theater 3000!"


Episode 23 - Soccer w/Michael Ferris

Do you like soccer? How about futbol? Well guess what, friend? We’ve got it all in this episode of What Am I Missing? Join me as I talk to Michael Ferris (“Ferris” to his friends) about why the Beautiful Game is just so damn popular around the world. He actually has a pretty good answer for that. At the start of the conversation, you’ll want to buy a Vuvuzela. In the middle of things, you’ll be chanting, “Ole! Ole Ole Ole!” And by the end of the episode you’ll have no choice but to yell, “GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!” at the top of your lungs. It’s gonna wear you out! Let’s dive in (but no hands though).


Episode 22 - DC Movie Universe w/Jared Ross King

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Jared Ross King! Talking about the DC Extended Universe! Or the TV shows. Or...what is going on over there? Join us as we chat about the good, the bad, and the really bad when it comes to Marvel's main competitor. Is there hope for DC? Hmmm...I Wonder...


Episode 21 - Jaws w/Megan Borkes

Duh-DUN. Duuuh-DUN. DuhDun DuhDun DuhDun DuhDun DuhDun! What’s that sound? The ominous soundtrack to your impending doom? A prelude to being torn limb from limb by a bloodthirsty shark?! No! It’s just Megan Borkes come to talk to me about all things Jaws. From the ride at Universal Studios, to the book, to the movies, Megan is a one-stop shop for all things Great White. How did he get the name Bruce? Is there a curse on the Brody family? How old does Megan think I am anyway? All these questions answered and more in this week’s episode of What Am I Missing? Just….don’t go in the water.


Episode 20 - Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas w/ Daryl Black

What's this? What's this? It's Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas! Who's this? It's Daryl Black: improviser, artist, father, superfan. Where's this? The WAIM studio, AKA my office. How's this? I don't know...Apple figured out the technology like 12 years ago to make this stuff accessible and easy to listen to on the go. Why's this? I wish I had an answer for you. I should have just stayed in my lane. Let's dive in.


Episode 19 - Dinosaurs w/Ryan Gigliotti

Quick, how many dinosaurs can you name? 3? 5? 8? How many prehistoric eras can you name? 1? Maybe 2? How about classifications of species? 0? How many opinions about Jurassic Park and Dungeons and Dragons do you have? Some? A lot? If you were Ryan Gigliotti, the answer to every question would be "All of them." Learn something now. Let's dive in.


Episode 18 - Bruce Lee w/Andy Ransom

You know who Bruce Lee is. We all know who Bruce Lee is! But do you KNOW Bruce Lee? His outlook? His philosophies? His Cha-Cha? Well Andy Ransom does, and he is bringing his dulcet tones into the WAIM studio to talk about The Dragon himself. So pour yourself a tea, pull up a beanbag, and get ready to get meditative. Let's dive in.


Episode 17 - Beauty Pageants w/Meg Wittman

Here she is: Miss America! Or Miss Ohio? Or Miss Ohio runner-up? Anyway, she was there. Join me as I sit down with Meg Wittman while we discuss the ins and outs of what it takes and (more importantly) what it MEANS to be a beauty queen. Put your preconceived notions aside and dive in. This ain't no Toddlers and Tiaras.


Episode 16 - The Beach Boys w/Matt Midgette (part 2)

There's a world where I can go and tell my secrets to. In my room...where all my recording equipment is. It's not a secret anymore, though. Matt Midgette is here for Part 2 of our conversation about the Beach Boys, where we learn about the highs, lows, and eventual highs again of "America's Band." Also, Uncle Jesse from Full House?! Oh yes, my friends, he's here. Have Mercy!


Episode 15 - The Beach Boys w/Matt Midgette

Matt Midgette joins me in the WAIM studio and makes history by talking so long that I had to cut it up into two episodes! But that's alright, because what he says is so fascinating I couldn't edit it down to just an hour and some change. So check out Part 1, where we talk about the origins of the band, what they almost called themselves instead, and how the Beach Boys brought Matt and his wife together. Awwwwww! True love, cars, and surfer girls. It's all here. Let's dive in.


Episode 14 - Abandoned Theme Parks w/Sean Rice

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are two of the most visited and beloved places on Earth, and yet they both hold secrets that regular visitors are never meant to know about. Join me as I sit down with Sean Rice and uncover all the stories and rumors regarding these lost treasures. Whether it’s an idea that went south, a themed area that lost funding halfway through, or a current area filled to the brim with references to its past, we have all the tales for you in this episode. Let’s dive in.


Episode 13 - Barbershop w/Zachary Simpson

Zach Simpson slides into the hot seat to talk to me about Barbershop. He’s got dates! He’s got references! He’s got names and recommendations! We talk about the history of quartets; from it’s roots in African-American culture to the present as a competitive and generational artform. We also talk about our opinions regarding Back to the Future, and that one Simpsons episode starring the “Be-Sharps". How can two people talk about so much in such a short amount of time? That’s WAIM, baby. Let’s dive in.


Episode 12 - Snoopy w/T. Robert Pigott

At what point does "collection" become "compulsion?" Robby Pigott joins me in the WAIM studio to discuss Snoopy, which is interesting enough; but what if we also started to dissect pop culture and how we use it to create personal identities? Is it less meaningful because someone else created the thing that we use to self-identify? Can an arbitrary choice suddenly become a lifelong obsession? Why didn't Charles Schultz like the name "Peanuts"? All of this and more in this week's episode of What Am I Missing? Let's dive in.


Episode 11 - The Mighty Ducks Trilogy w/ Amanda Wirtz

Amanda Wirtz (Amanda and Emily: We Have a Podcast) joins me in the studio to discuss not one, not two, but all THREE Mighty Ducks movies. We follow the journey of Coach Bombay as he goes from successful-yet-troubled lawyer to successful-yet-troubled coach of a kid's hockey team. We marvel at the rapid rise of this ragtag team of misfits as they go from local heroes to international stars to...junior varsity? It's complicated. But luckily Amanda is here to help guide us through it all. Quack! Quack! Quack!


Episode 10 - Hobby Gaming w/Lawrence Collins

Lawrence Collins (actor, improviser, lawyer) sits down and defends his love of hobby gaming. He provides his testimony and withstands my relentless cross-examination as we enter into evidence board games you've never heard of before. Is it fun? You be the judge.


Episode 9 - Singer-Songwriters w/Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith has been in every episode of WAIM so far, because he wrote the theme music! Now, after 2 months of waiting, he's finally sat down to talk about the music that inspires him. We talk about our ever-evolving definition of what a 'singer-songwriter' is, how it relates to hip-hop, and who to listen to in order to get the best experience. Stick around until the end to hear an original song from Anthony entitled "Hey, Angeline!" (which is also the name of his band. Listen and enjoy!


Episode 8 - Reality TV w/Emily Fontano

Emily Fontano (Amanda and Emily: We Have a Podcast) hits the accelerator and never lets up as we talk as much reality television as possible in 90 minutes. Teen Mom, Real Housewives, Joe Millionaire, Teen Mom 2; no show is safe from our analysis and wrath! How do we feel about Andy Cohen and the Bravo network? Have we ever been on or tried out for reality shows ourselves? What’s a straight-out-of-the-vag Butch? All these questions and more are answered in this episode of What Am I Missing? Let’s watch what happens.


Episode 7 - Peter Pan w/J. Scott Browning

I am joined in the studio by J. Scott Browning, fellow actor and notorious Peter Pan fan. We discuss how he came to be, the different interpretations out there, and why this boy in green remains so endearing. Also, who is Pedo Pan? You have to listen to find out!