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Canada's longest-running radio show/podcast about comedy – probing the brains, the minds, and the psyches of the people who make the funny since 2004. Hosted by Georgia Straight comedy writer Guy MacPherson

Canada's longest-running radio show/podcast about comedy – probing the brains, the minds, and the psyches of the people who make the funny since 2004. Hosted by Georgia Straight comedy writer Guy MacPherson
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Vancouver, BC


Canada's longest-running radio show/podcast about comedy – probing the brains, the minds, and the psyches of the people who make the funny since 2004. Hosted by Georgia Straight comedy writer Guy MacPherson




Vancouver Co-operative Radio 110 - 360 Columbia Street Vancouver, BC V6A 4J1 (604) 684-7561


What's So Funny? with guest Brad Upton - April 16, 2017

Brad Upton has been entertaining audiences for 33 years. And he still kills! The Seattle-area comic talks about the best way to deal with hecklers, how standup and teaching 10-year-olds are intertwined, playing mind games in athletic and comedy competitions, and dishes the dirt on the likes of Rodney Dangerfield, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, Smokey Robinson, and George Jones.


What's So Funny? with guest Joel Plaskett - April 9, 2017

Joel Plaskett went from a power pop rocker with his band Halifax-based band, Thrush Hermit, in the '90s to a "nationally adored" singer-songwriter. In this episode, we talk about me fake-kissing his wife in university, Jimi Hendrix's high school career, getting heckled on Twitter, and John Candy's van. And, of course, Anne Murray.


What's So Funny? with guest Camilo the Magician - April 2, 2017

Camilo the Magician is... you'll never guess... a magician! He's also our first guest with a pop song written in his honour. It's a good one, too, by the band Said the Whale. In this episode, Camilo Dominguez (that's his given name) talks about growing up in Bogota before moving to Victoria at the age of 15, scaring religious old ladies on airplanes, and even performs a card trick for me. Nothing like magic on a podcast!


What's So Funny? with guest James Kennedy - March 19, 2017

James Kennedy burst onto the Vancouver standup scene and became a headliner in short order after spending most of his 20s in a band. He's never met a competition – be it in comedy or music – that he hasn't conquered. Not bad for a kid who never finished high school. Oh, and he also loves monkeys.


What's So Funny? with guest Harris Anderson - March 12, 2017

Harris Anderson and I first met sharing a bowl of alcohol. Now he's in studio talking about his comedy and music. He also talks about his love of Jonathan Winters and Victor Borge, quotes Milton's Paradise Lost, says why jazz makes him nervous, and expresses his love of dogs.


What's So Funny? with guest Barry Crimmins - February 26, 2017

Barry Crimmins... the man... the legend. The great political satirist joins us despite having a love-hate relationship with podcasts. Despite industrial work being done right outside his hotel room window, we manage to talk for an hour about the best and worst US president of his lifetime, the problem with Hillary, his experience on Air America (or Err America, as he calls it), and the early days of comedy in Boston.


What's So Funny? with guest Fred Ewanuick - February 5, 2017

Fred Ewanuick teaches me how to pronounce his name and then we get down to business. The professional pretender talks about his time as a bad theatre student, performing improv in his mom's coffee shop, his role as Hank on Corner Gas, and his regrets about his starring turn on Dan For Mayor.


What's So Funny? with guest Lori Gibbs - January 29, 2017

Lori Gibbs returns after a 5-year absence. Or I return to her hotel room, is more like it. She talks about getting hit on in comedy clubs, how she got her nickname "the human antidepressant," her radio career, being a keynote speaker, the art of crafting, and we settle, once and for all, who has the bigger head.


What's So Funny? 2016 Highlights Episode 2 - January 22, 2017

Part two of our 2016 highlights, with guests Steve Bays, Graeme Duffy, Jy Harris, Ed Hill, Chris James, Richard Lett, Brett Martin, Efthimios Nasiopoulos, Scott Patey, Nancy Robertson, Ari Shaffir, and Sam Tonning.


What's So Funny? 2016 Highlights Episode 1 - January 15, 2017

We look back at highlights from our shows in 2016. Clips from guests Dino Archie, Byron Bertram, Jason Bryden, Sophie Buddle, Sara Bynoe, Jeff Cooper, Grahaeme Cowie, Ivan Decker, Glen Foster, Jessica Holmes, Caitlin Howden, Paul Hooper, Shauna Johannesen, Sean Kent, Julie Kim, Simon King, Dave Merheje, Camille Mitchell, Tim Nutt, Rob Pue, and Mike Storck.


What's So Funny? with guest Harry Doupe - January 8, 2017

Harry Doupe returns to rehash 2016. We go over the top comedy specials of the year, comedy deaths, the Human Rights Tribunal, game shows, SNL, and Harry gives us a taste of the book he's been working on since the 1980s.


What's So Funny? with guest Nancy Robertson - December 18, 2016

Nancy Robertson may be best known for her role as Wanda on the hit Corner Gas, but she's so much more. We talk about her start in acting, learning from one of the finest cowboy thespians in the business, and her formative years in improvisation. We also get into her love of British series, her dislike of her new slow cooker, and classic movies I've never seen.


What's So Funny? with guest Sam Tonning - December 4, 2016

Sam Tonning tells dirty jokes at night, but by day he's a mild-mannered paper-pusher for The Man. In this, his first episode with us, he talks about his unabashed and unironic love of Phil Collins, Ted Nugent, Jay Leno, and Dennis Miller. We also discuss TV talk show sidekicks, moustaches, and a whole lot more.


What's So Funny? with guest Scott Patey - November 13, 2016

Scott Patey is an actor, improviser and comedian. I think I got the order right. He hails from the border town of Lloydminster, which fascinates me. He explains how it works. We also talk about how his hockey career was cut short by a breakup, his funny brother, portraying Donald Trump, working with celebrities, I take him on in a best-of-five battle of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and he promises to take me to New York when he hosts Saturday Night Live.


What's So Funny? with guest Graeme Duffy - November 6, 2016

Graeme Duffy returns to talk about his very public – and swift! – engagement. He tells of how he proposed to his girlfriend four months after starting to date in front of 1100 people at the Vogue Theatre. He also talks about getting bullied in Scotland, the busy local movie and TV scene, cruising the Baltic Sea, and his love of moustaches, tattoos and Kanye West.


What's So Funny? with guest Larry Miller - July 31, 2011

Larry Miller has done it all. He was one of Carson's favourites on the old Tonight Show and has been a ton of movies and TV classics. And he's still going strong, performing stand-up whenever he can, hosting a podcast, Tweeting, FB'ing, blogging and acting in films. We talk about it all and go a little longer than usual in the process. And could have gone on a lot longer. But we'll save that for another episode.


What's So Funny? with guest Steve Bays - October 23, 2016

Steve Bays returns, this time with girlfriend and actor Siobhan Williams in tow. To make things even, I brought my brother-in-law along. I do my best to get Bays to do one last tour with his band Hot Hot Heat, who has a new album out. We also talk about lyrics, ego, and emo. And we tie it all together with comedy.


What's So Funny? with guest Sean Kent - October 16, 2016

Sean Kent lives in the heart of Texas, if Austin is considered the heart. I have no idea. It is the liberal oasis, I know that. And that fits, because Kent is a liberal through and through. In this episode, we talk a little bit about the Norman Conquest and a lot about Donald Trump. And he recounts what it's like to be thrown out of a Trump rally.


What's So Funny? with guest Sophie Buddle - September 18, 2016

Sophie Buddle makes her debut on What's So Funny? The 22-year-old is making waves in the standup world. She's already a veteran of the Just For Laughs gala and hip Los Angeles comedy shows. She explains how she got started at the tender age of 15, talks about a photo shoot that wasn't a lot of fun, hobnobbing at an LA Emmy party, and explains why Woody Allen is innocent.


What's So Funny? with guest Efthimios Nasiopoulos - September 11, 2016

Efthimios Nasiopoulos gamely stepped up at the last minute when our scheduled guest fell ill. And only a week after he moved to Vancouver from Toronto, to boot! The biggest name in comedy talks about glaciers in Vancouver, two broken engagements, serving people summonses, retiring undefeated in boxing, and fudge.