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WORKSHED. Noun (Plural Worksheds) A shed where work is carried out. Host Ian Lawton is joined by Robert Holt in 'I Digress', 'Dog Thoughts' needs a dead cat & Ben Red cuts loose on 'Misanthropy Rising'.

WORKSHED. Noun (Plural Worksheds) A shed where work is carried out. Host Ian Lawton is joined by Robert Holt in 'I Digress', 'Dog Thoughts' needs a dead cat & Ben Red cuts loose on 'Misanthropy Rising'.
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WORKSHED. Noun (Plural Worksheds) A shed where work is carried out. Host Ian Lawton is joined by Robert Holt in 'I Digress', 'Dog Thoughts' needs a dead cat & Ben Red cuts loose on 'Misanthropy Rising'.






Episode 45 - Above Us Only Sky | Grieving Without God With Mary McGrath

Host Ian Lawton and author Mary McGrath discuss how one may experience grief without the trappings of religion. Mary is the author of Grieving Without Gods, contributes to Moments Magazine and volunteers at A Little Lifetime Foundation. Mary's blog: For more information and support for bereaved parents visit: Help me support A Little Lifetime here: For all the other things and...


Episode 44 - Honesty, Bereavement and Allowing Vulnerability with Peter Hanlon

Host Ian Lawton speaks with Peter Hanlon a Bereavement Therapist from A Little Lifetime Foundation in a podcast that was never intended to be a podcast. This episode is the rescued audio from an interview conducted for a documentary where the footage is unfortunately unusable. Ian and Peter speak openly and honestly about infant loss from the point of view of the father. If you are effected in any way by this episode, please do not hesitate to get in...


Episode 43 - Understanding Sajja & Conquering the Hungry Ghost with Vince Cullen

Host Ian Lawton connects with Buddhist Recovery Teacher Vince Cullen as they discuss Vince's colourful history in how he became connected to the world of Buddhism as a form of recovery from addiction. To connect with Vince: The Forgiveness Workbook mentioned on the show. To book one of his upcoming retreats please visit below: August 24th Dublin August 25th Cork Photo of Vince by: This episode is brought to...


Episode 42 - Twelve Months Later | From Morbidly Obese to Marathon Runner

Freeform update from host Ian Lawton on his dramatic weight loss, one year later. A rough unproduced, unedited, off the cuff 30 minute catch up on the last year. (and why there hasn't been a podcast for the last two months.) 'pologies for the popping plosives... For all the things and stuff: Help me:


Episode 41 - Documenting the Big Change | Conquering Obesity and Leadville with Jason Cohen

Host Ian Lawton connects with Filmmaker, documentarian and ultra runner Jason Cohen to discuss documenting the incredible story of the human ability to adapt, change and endure. What is it with the compulsion of those who have lost extreme amounts of weight to run extreme distances? Connect with Jason: This episode is sponsored by:


Episode 40 - Zen and the Art of Endurance | Rebirth, Running & Recovery with David Clark

Host Ian Lawton connects with ultra athlete and bestselling author David Clark in a raw, open, emotionally charged conversation about conquering obesity and the essence of what it means to be human. For all the things and stuff: Help me support the work of A Little Lifetime Foundation here: To connect with David:


Episode 39 - The Conversational Pace | Running With Ultra Athlete Barry Drennan

In this episode host Ian Lawton sits down for a lengthy conversation with Barry Drennan the 2016 Winner of the Kerry Way Ultra. The insane 200km Ultra Run held every year in the beautiful south eastern peak of this island. Barry goes into detail in how he found his way into the sport of Ultra Running and in turn imparts some genuinely sound advice for anyone finding their feet as a runner in their advancing years. Please visit for Barry's enjoyable essay on his...


Episode 38 - Include Us In | Author Wayne Byrne on the cinema of Tom DiCillo

In this episode host Ian Lawton visits the home of film historian and author Wayne Byrne to discuss is new book The cinema of Tom DiCillo | Include Me Out. It's a lengthy episode but please do strap in if you have any interest in an engrossing conversation of film appreciation, VHS culture, Tony Scott, Masters of the Universe, Burt Reynolds and of course Tom DiCillo! Find Wayne on Twitter: @DiCilloBook This episode is sponsored by Book Depository For FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: The...


Episode 37 - The Don't Die(t) Day #256 | Being vulnerable with Robert Holt

In order to advance, one must retreat. And in this case, back to January 2015. A conversation I had with Robert Holt that ended up on the cutting room floor. An embarrassing tale of frustration. Considering what has changed in the past 4 years, it's time to share. Ian This episode is sponsored by Book Depository Free international delivery on every purchase For all the things and stuff:


Episode 36 - Vague plan for 2019

Vague plan for 2019... For all the things and stuff:


Episode 35 - The Don't Die(t) Day #14 | Entering Phase Two

More warts and all ramblings of a Fat Guy fighting for his life by following an unusual health regime that defies convention with no exercise or calorie counting... And it's working! For all the things and stuff


Episode 34 - We Need To Talk ABout Abortion

In a hastily thrown together episode, Ian get's real on Abortion recounting a story from his past when he accompanied a friend on a 'trip to England' #Repeal #Repealthe8th #TogetherforYes #VoteYes For all the things and stuff


Episode 33 - The Don't Die(t) Day #01 | Penn Jillette, Kevin Smith and Several Potato's

Ian gets real. He will probably regret this. For all the things and stuff...


Episode 32 - The Skeptic, The Truth & The Dharma with Douglass Smith

Joining Ian Lawton in the Workshed is Douglass Smith of the Secular Buddhist Association, the Centre of Inquiry and the host of the YouTube Channel; Doug's Secular Dharma. Links for Doug: This episode is sponsored by AUDIBLE: For all the things and stuff visit:


Episode 31 - Artificial Intelligence | Opening The Pod Bay Doors with Calum Chace

Joining Host Ian Lawton on this episode is Author, Futurist and Public Speaker Calum Chace to discuss the inevitability of the arrival of Artificial Intelligence and what it could potentially mean to humanity if we don't get it right first time. For more information on Calum, visit his website For all the things and stuff Visit the above website for direct links to Calum's books. This episode is sponsored by...


Episode 30 - Those Kind of Cars Don't Pass You Every Day | Remembering Prince with Thomas Dunning

The title says it all. This day last year we lost one of the most important artists of our generation. Thomas Dunning reminisces about the myriad ways Prince enhanced our lives. Those kind of cars don't pass you every day... This episode is sponsored by For all the things and stuff:


Episode 29 - Can One Be Both 'Pro-Life' and 'Pro-Choice' with Carl Sagan

Listen to dyslexic host Ian Lawton mispronounce more words than he is probably aware of. Help support The Planetary Society founded by Carl Sagan by donating here Help support the Irish Abortion Rights Campaign by donating here This episode is brought to you by For all the things and stuff...


Episode 28 - A Play Date with Mark 'The Boy' Jordan

Two old codgers reminisce about the Dublin indie music scene. Guitar legend Mark Jordan joins host Ian Lawton as they dissect his past as a working guitar player in many of Ireland's best indie rock combo from The Dudley Corporation to Large Mound and more recently from The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock to The Run Ons. Links to some of the bands Mark has been involved in over the...


Episode 27 - Dog Thoughts Extra #8 - We Were Never Being Boring

Just some thoughts on Pride For all the things and stuff:


Episode 26 - Removing Self from Self Righteousness with Mark Price

Joining host Ian Lawton in the Workshed is Mark Price, a social activist from Dublin. They discuss the relationships between Activism and Humanism, the meaning of Engaged Buddhism and our responsibility as human beings on planet earth. This episode is sponsored by Audible. For all other things and stuff visit: