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Hosts Eddie, Jason, and Chris talk about what really matters in this word: themselves and their absurd opinions. Experience the lives of degenerates. God bless the Internets.

Hosts Eddie, Jason, and Chris talk about what really matters in this word: themselves and their absurd opinions. Experience the lives of degenerates. God bless the Internets.
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Hosts Eddie, Jason, and Chris talk about what really matters in this word: themselves and their absurd opinions. Experience the lives of degenerates. God bless the Internets.




The Final XtremBitz….

We say goodbye to everything that is XtremeBitz….enough said. New Links: www.EJCshow.com www.Twitter.com/EJCshow www.Facebook.com/EJCshow Share this podcast on social networks


153: XtremeBitz Podcast – Moving Mountains

They just got off Warped Tour, and now they’re on a traditional club tour. We talk about the differences between Warped Tour and doing a club tour, their new projects, and more! Band Links http://www.facebook.com/MovingMountains http://twitter.com/movmou Upcoming Tour Dates Ft. Lauderdale, FL October 7 Orlando, FL October 8 Atlanta, GA October 9 Carrboro, NC October [...]


152: XtremeBitz Podcast – 10.03.11

Chris wants to have kids because of the “beautiful process” , and because he wants to look at his kids and think that they’re a “giant pile of my [Chris'] semen” / Needing a “fluffer” to have relations with an ugly chick / Chris can’t handle hot salsa / Our own Dateline NBC episode, Murder [...]


151: XtremeBitz Podcast – Interview with Victorian Halls

Eddie and Chris talk Sean from the awesome Chicago band, Victorian Halls. They finished playing a show just minutes before the interview. We talk about their new record deal, touring, and more. More about Victorian Halls The Chicago four-piece have an uncanny knack for constructing gleaming, crystalline, compact pop gems … and then going after [...]


150: XtremeBitz Podcast – 09.19.11

Being born is the leading cause of depression / Have you ever had to smuggle booze into a hospital? / A drunken crazy old lady calls the show / We open the phone lines and Chris gets upset and wants to stop taking calls / Nickleback sucks / Eddie tries to get a date for Chris [...]


149: XtremeBitz Podcast – 09.15.11

We discuss the science behind the Dominos Pizza Tracker / Should 9-11 always be a negative? / Has Chris blown all of life’s chances? / We check in with Jason and see how Baby Watch 2011 is progressing / Jason fails at a prank call /We talk Adrian from the band Operator / and more! [...]


148: XtremeBitz Podcast – 09.07.11

XtremeBitz—Underrated like Creed is on The Office Jason is out on Baby Watch 2011–we check in / Chris works his magic with a listener from across the country / Chris is a dead fish in bed / We can’t find our bald eagle / We talk to the Austin, TX band, Quiet Company (who doesn’t [...]


147: XtremeBitz Interview – Anti-Flag

We catch up with the best punk band in the world, Justin from Anti-Flag. We find out what they’ve been up to, what goes into making great punk rock and roll, their now legendary status, and more. More about Anti-Flag Anti-Flag is a punk rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States, formed in [...]


145: XtremeBitz Interview Special Part 2 – Katie on Kyle

XtremeBitz Interview Special Week continues…for our interview podcast, we take a look back into the XtremeBitz Archives. This fantastic, never-before-heard, interview has been collecting dust in our archives for about a year. We’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to share it with you…which has yet to present itself. Because we need to make room on the XtrmeBitz hard-drive, and dump [...]


144: XtremeBitz Podcast – 08.22.11 – Interview Special Part 1

In this very special episode of XtremeBitz, we take a listen to our favorite interviews of the recent past. If you’ve missed something, now’s your chance to catch up! Enjoy our world-class interview style, and hear how it annoys, angers, and disappoints bands like: Drive A, Evolove, Pentimento, and The Story So Far. We also play selected [...]


142: XtremeBitz Podcast – 08.15.11

Eddie can’t remember the number to call into the show / A new iPhone app let’s you see the twin towers in the New York City skyline / Chris talks about his band / An airline passenger pees on an 11-year-old girl /We sing the theme song for Krystal – The Hollywood Reporter / Jason [...]


141: XtremeBitz Interview – Culprit

We talk to Zach from the LA area band, Culprit, before they get ready to play a show at a small venue. They really need a new van, so make sure you check out their KickStarter project and help them get a new van! We talk to Zach about how the band enjoys the sweet [...]


140: XtremeBitz Podcast – 08.08.11

We kick it off with a Hollywood Report with our Hollywood Celebrity Sight Seer, Krystal / 3D side-boob / Want a job at Pixar? Try starting with CGI penises /Some life advice for Chris from Jason / Chris hoards each hair of his mustache…he tells us why he’ll never shave it / Eddie tries a horrible prank [...]


138: XtremeBitz Interview – Evolove [EXCLUSIVE]

An XtremeBitz EXCLUSIVE Interview with the lovely Lucy from the band, Evolove! Eddie and Chris talk about eating and drinking during interviews, Lucy’s loud ego, what it’s like for her to be the only chick in the band, and more! Plus, we debut EXCLUSIVE NEW MUSIC. More about Evolove: Last summer, Evolove was thrust in [...]


137: XtremeBitz Podcast – 07.25.11

Chris is back! / We kick off the show with A Night in Hollywood, their producer has worked with such bands as: Escape the Fate, Incubus, and more. We talk about their music, spin a track, and talk about groupies! / The XtremeBitz Lawyer, Sam E. Goldberg, tells us about a fascinating legal case involving a cross dresser being [...]


135: XtremeBitz Interview – Kills and Thrills [EXCLUSIVE]

An XtremeBitz interview with a World Premiere new song by Kills and Thrills! Eddie and Jason talk with Chris from the band, who works at a deli during the day, and delivers pizza during the night. He dreams of delivering a pizza to a fan someday…so he knows it’s time to stop delivering pizzas. Also, [...]


134: XtremeBitz Podcast – 07.11.11

It’s a smoky start to XtremeBitz with Newswoman Megan trying to cook / Chris is out / Children were severed alcohol at a restaurant, so we investigate and bring you the whole story/ Our thoughts on the Casey Anthony Trial / We call Casey Anthony’s lawyer / We call our lawyer, Sam E. Goldberg / Dan, from Australia and more! Mentioned on [...]


133: XtremeBitz Interview – The Story So Far

Kelen from the band (bassist), The Story So Far, checks in to talk about their US tour. Kelen has an out of control ego and tells us how the other band mates deal with it, and more. The Story So Far are on the verge of making a major dent into the pop-punk scene this [...]


129: XtremeBitz xtraCast Interview – Pentimento

Eddie, Jason, and Chris talk to Mike from the Buffalo, NY band, Pentimento. They tell the guys why they decided to break-up with their girlfriends and quit their jobs to pursue their passion, killer punk rock and playing live. The band answers live calls, talks to a horny woman that’s obsessed with the band, and more! More [...]


127: XtremeBitz Podcast – 06.12.11

Jason wants to take over NBC Nightly News / Would you rather bang in a women’s restroom or a men’s restroom? / Is Chris a douche bag? We find out…. / We talk about or old friend, Jerry Garcia / What’s the biggest age gap between you and someone you’ve made out with? / Should [...]