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The Spooky Halloween Special

Beware: This cursed audio recording took place at midnight within a haunted recording studio on Halloween. Listen at your own risk. Nacho, Jessica, Irvin, Elvira, and Danny meet to discuss terrifying topics which they normally do not dare discuss. Topics of conversation include otherworldly encounters, haunted houses, trick or treating memories, and serial killers. Danny also ends the Arby’s sponsorship.


Morning Drive: High Octane

Welcome back to your favorite drive time morning zoo show! Jessica and Nacho are joined again by Danny from Arby’s corporate, and are joined by Steven Traumbaum from You Guys are My Friends: The Podcast! Steven introduces the listeners to tuna pizza (try it, THEN try complaining), and everyone discusses America without a head of state in the Mustard segment. Other topics include Horsey Sauce Vs. Arby’s Sauce, Danny’s run-in with a horse at a carnival, wonderful fall recipes, and favorite...


Morning Drive III: White Line Fever

Happy Labor Day! Celebrate the more leisurely of holidays with your favorite radio crew! Nacho and Jessica are joined by Irvin the sports guy and Danny the Arby's guy and we all talk about their eventful and perilous weekends. Did Jessica and Irvin develop super powers? It's a little unclear. We talk about the Doja Cat controversy in the Mustard segment, and Jessica delivers a shocking weather report that you'll want to listen to before you fire up your grill. We learn about Jessica's...


Fact Benders: The Conspiracy Podcast

Quick—listen to this episode before the shadow government deletes it! This week’s You Guys Are My Friends: The Podcast is a very special and spooky episode devoting to asking the hard questions and getting real answers. Nacho welcomes his wife Jessica and his podcast contemporary Irvin back into the studio, along with Danny the Arby’s deliveryman. They are joined by this week’s special guests Elvira, who brought in the topic, and Chris Demarais, who discusses his recent experimentation...


Morning Drive II: Still Drivin'

Welcome back to drive time, best friends! Nacho and Jessica are back to get you to work safely (although you may laugh so hard you'll bust a GUT!), and this week they're joined by Irvin Castellanos of the podcasts Denim and Sweats and Eat My Shorts! We bring you the segments you know, love and demand from us, and yes--we tell you the time! We also speak with Danny, an Arby's deliveryman, who tells us the stories behind the meat. I do have to let you know about an audio problem, though....


Morning Drive

Good morning, best frineds! Thanks for tuning in again to the show that gets you to work on time and IN STITCHES!!! Nacho is joined by Jessica, his famous wife and editor of Nopalote Magazine (coming soon!), and they are here to deliver the radio gold you've come to know and love: current events, the music charts, sports, celebrity birthdays, and on this day in history. Plus, if you were looking for a podcast do deliver you the time and traffic--look no further.


No Gimmicks (Except Sometimes)

You Guys Are My Friends: The Podcast is back with another very special episode! Pretty cool how each episode is special, right?? This week, Nacho is joined by his famous wife Jessica, Irvin Castellanos of Eat My Shorts: A Simpsons Podcast and Denim & Sweats Podcast fame, and Austin artist Paloma Mayorga. Oh, Danny also pops in halfway through the recording. Topics of conversation on this automobile-centric episode include: Hot Links!:


The Most Potent Drug of Them All

This week's podcast is a public service announcement brought to you by Nacho Nova & Steven Traumbaum. Of course, we get into the spooky dangers of doing drugs (with a little help from some of our favorite cartoon all-stars), but--as if that weren't enough--we also discuss the madness of Chubby Checker, Steven's amazing concert experience, the Disaster Artist film, the pasttime of bowling, the enormous and great song library of Motern Media, and race & politics (again, can you believe...


The Producer's Producer

Happy holiday! This week's podcast is dedicated to Nacho's cat Bologna, who turns 5 years old today. Happy birthday, Bologna! Speaking of this week's podcast (everything I type I'm saying aloud), it is part II of the last pocast. Joining Nacho once again are his loving and famous wife Jessica, Irvin of the Denim & Sweats Podcast (soon to be a major motion picture), and Danny. Topics of funversation include local restaurant Torchy's Tacos, the Nintendo 64, some party we all attended,...


A Cacophony of Jingles

Why hello, there! I didn't see you come in. Welcome to the podcast, take your shoes off if you feel like it. This podcast is chock-full of hot pod content, so please proceed with AWESOME! This week, Nacho is joined by Irvin Castellanos of the "Denim & Sweats" podcast for a special edition of the podcast, which is not meant to devalue each one of these awesome podcasts I put out. They are all my children. Then Nacho and Irvin are joined by Jessica, Nacho's wife, and Danny, a friend and first...


Four Beers Into My Morning

Welcome, friends, to the conclusion of the previous podcast! Nacho Nova and Steven Traumbaum are back with a fat stack of yak for you and your podcast listening party. We talk mental illness! We talk video games! We talk Bod Man Body Spray (it still exists)! We finally get into the Bachelor! We also get into politics, religion, and guns, just for good measure. And Steven tells a story about reaching across the aisle to make contact with a fragile mind. Join us, as we rise together and sing.


Psychological Artifacts

Hello again, everybody. It's me, your friend the podcast description.This week's episode is gonna be a fun one, so start laughing NOW! Topics of conversation in this week's laugharama include honesty (such a lonely word), intellectual narcissism, South by Southwest (or SXSW as all you meth heads like to call it), and a big ol' extended segment on psychological artifacts. You Guys Are My Friends: The Podcast--It's the podcast with Fahrvergnügen!!


How Deep Is Your Hole

It's part two (II) of the last podcast! Nacho, Steven, & Jessica are back to have some candid conversations about more of the stuff that really matters in life. Topics this week include food delivery apps, sizzurp, Nacho's downtown ice cream assault, K2 tales (including the story of Steven's giant backyard hole), getting haircuts, holy matrimony, and a health segment. BONE appetit!


The Dollar District

Is there any LOVE?? On this week's podcast, there is! Happy Galentine's Day, everybody. On this week's podcast, Nacho, Steven, & Jessica discuss job hunting, house hunting, driving for ride share companies, annoying songs, and the classic movie "Baby Geniuses 2."


Munching Chomp Time!

Hey, we're back! This is the continuation of the last podcast, finally! Jessica, Nacho, & Steven discuss going vegan, calling in to radio shows, Toys R' Us, cooking, & CiCi's Pizza.


Limp Noodles with Sauce

You better believe we're back™! Nacho & Steven welcome a special guest to the studio: Jessica, Nacho's famous wife (and famous artist in her own right). Topics of funversation in this week's very structured podcast include cleaning pools, deity spank banks, neighborhood crimes, and--of course--we are not happy about our dayjobs!


Exercise That Demon

It's part II of the last podcast! Join Nacho as he finally gets to see Steven's new driver's license photo, and the two discuss getting back into podcasting, their new jobs, and jam to some of their flavorite tunes!


By the Grace of Our Cruel Lord

Steven and Nacho are back! In this very long-delayed episode, our pod-heroes discuss our current national climate (how can you avoid it?), politics as a kid, being poor, Steven's showdown with the gym, & convicted criminal pastor Jim Bakker.


Yak Sesh

In this week's podcast, Nacho delivers long-delayed updates & gripes about his injuries.


Sadness Fries

Topics of funversation in this week's podcast include liver & onions, real life as an extension of high school dynamics, Jared from subway, movie theatre upselling, drug epiphanies, & Bill Murray movies. Come see Nacho at the Austin Zine Fest Sunday Dec. 14!