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This is a show about anything, everything and nothing. Really it's just, Ryan Wilson and Jerry Taylor, two lifelong friends talking about what is interesting to them on whatever day it happens.

This is a show about anything, everything and nothing. Really it's just, Ryan Wilson and Jerry Taylor, two lifelong friends talking about what is interesting to them on whatever day it happens.
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This is a show about anything, everything and nothing. Really it's just, Ryan Wilson and Jerry Taylor, two lifelong friends talking about what is interesting to them on whatever day it happens.




Episode 145: United Airlines is lying to you

Imagine that. Another large corporation lying about why they have to raise prices. This time it's really ridiculous. Listen to this weeks show for that story, and more! Including thoughts about Crypto Currency, strange names for kids and how to detect junk mail. Thank you for listening and please tell your friends about our little show! @United #unitedairlines #dogecoin #cryptonews @dogecoin


Episode 144: A Visit with Deano Salter

Meet Dean Salter, professional English speaker and English person. This week Davin was drunk on a golf course so Dean sat in to hold up that side of the show. We talk about conspiracy theories, Louis CK, Kathy Griffin, the state of comedy in the U.S., Silent letters, Monty Python, Bruce Campbell and Evil Dead and the drunken Scottish.... and beer. Yes, beer. @deanosauruz @GroovyBruce #AshvsEvilDead #Guinness


Episode 143: Marching bands and Cannibalism

This week we tackle the ever popular topic of Cannibalism. With a shout out to @CourtJunkiePod! We also cover a lot of other strange ideas as well, like: Dog names, what to be buried with and jacked up pickup trucks with insulting stickers on them. Have a listen and please... comment, share and enjoy! #ArethaFrankinFuneral #courtjunkie


Episode 142: So Long Aretha

We've lost a great talent. Listen to the end of the show for a few stories about meeting her. But before that, we have the usual amount of laughs on a multitude of topics. Including how not to get a tip and peeing out of a hotel window #aretha #RIP #hotellife #hotdogs


Episode 141: Pound Me Too

This week we yell at our audience for no reason. Don't worry, it's all a large corporate ruse. Listen for more details. This episode is full of corporate complaints, mixed with the usual juvenile behavior and swearing. #metoo


Episode 140: Quit Crying! Here's a new Episode

We're back! We apologize for the delay. We'll explain it in this episode. This show is jammed with topics. We hope you enjoy it!


Episode 139: NO! You pay it forward Starbucks!!

Starbucks has completely ruined the idea of "Pay it forward". You won't believe what they're doing! Also on this episode, we cover celebrity deaths, the new Mt Dew bottle cap game, and a bunch of other topics. Too many to list!! #Payitforward #Starbucks #Delta #Manson


Ep 137: Don't forget to warsh your hands

Danger!! Lots of swearing and bathroom humor. You'll have to warsh (yes that's right warsh) your hands after listening to this so you don't spread disease.


Flashback - Ep 95: The smell of burning Teeth

Flashback to one year ago episode 95. Enjoy this walk down memory lane! Original description below: Nov 3, 2016 Topics: The World Series. Davin has a trip to the dentist at a strange time. There was a mishap at a soccer game. Women in Men's locker rooms. Renewing your license plates. Sales tax is a scam! and much much more! #trump #gardnerwhite #WorldSeries #Cubs


Episode 135: The Episode with no Title

This week, we have a last minute, almost live show. We have to upload it so fast there is no time to create a proper description It's like a mystery episode. Let us know what you think!


Episode 134: Naked Jumping Jacks

It's been a sad week. Maybe we can cheer you up! Listen to this stuff: Can dogs be retarded? The state fair of Texas Running with the devil Sneak into the Drive In Theater The Las Vegas National Slot tournament Naked man in Vegas Apology to Jake Deep Fried Jello Shots Charlie Daniels is sometimes dumb. To kneel or not to kneel The media is lying to you The problem with winning prizes Unidentified Flying objects and more, more, more #LasVegas #nakedjumpingjacks #fakenews


Ep 133: The episode with technical difficulties

Everything was going so well until Davin's headset breaks and then we go off the rails!!! #KenBurnsVietnam #hotelissues #yogapants #takeaknee


Episode 132: Does Trump do Ecstasy?

It's entirely possible that the reason everything is "great" and "the best ever" for President Trump, is that he's on Ecstasy. More topics: The ghost of "Bob in the Background" Bill Murray is frugal PeePoop Problem Creating a scene in a public restroom Show Promo Plan Gay Pride Weekend in Dallas Pepe the unpaid intern interupts the show Miami hurricane money making plan The National Anthem issue Stuff Lisa says Stupid Laws Randy's neighbors think he's a terrorist where do...


Ep 131: Really? Another Disaster?

Looks like we're in for some nasty weather for the rest of our lives. Good luck Florida! Topics: Apology to a listener Jerry's new uncle Canadian Tunnels The "Dear David" Story The Renassaince Festival and more! #Irma #virgin #hugechessset #winecellar


Episode 130: The Great Flood...again.

It happened again. Do you think it's part of a normal weather cycle? Or is there something going on with the weather? This week we talk about the Flood, new bad neighbors and all the stuff below including the Crotch Pot! Yes, The Crotch Pot!! Topics: Davins New Laugh The Big Fight Bill Christensen Complains about things How to organize a home move What lottery winners need to know. Davin has a bad neighbor too! Charity bullies The Great Flood..again. Stay out of my loving and...


Ep 129: My Neighbor is an A$$h@&e

This week the world turned dark in two ways. An eclipse and Jerry found out that his neighbor is "one of those neighbors". Listen for that and more on this weeks episode!!! #Canada #GreenDay #wherethesungo?


Ep 128: Pee Pee Caca Poo Poo

Wow! You need to hear this one!! It's exactly as juvinile as you think! Ok, not the whole thing. Topics: Allen Says something weird Eytemology of poop Chinese Virgin Urine Eggs Womens Health Magazine Benifits and pitfalls of baldness Davenport College for stupids Fixer Upper Positive forms of Identity Theft Reply All Podcast Voted #1 Sexy Accent Which way is up? and more, more, more!!!


Ep 127: Thank God it's Friday!!

We're back!!! We are going back to Friday's at 5pm for our new show release schedule. To kick this off we have a big Friday episode that includes these topics: A long irritating story about a chair, a waitress and a deck. Davin's car accident The fastest way in rush hour is thru the ghetto A Lazy police officer Davin Says "Prostitots" Jerry realizes he's a crabby old man Scary Vein story Davin explores his anatomy Facebook fights with artificial intelligence And that's just the...


Ep 126: Siri is kind of a B!#@h

Who do you like better? Siri or Alexa? Maybe you should ask Jeeves. For this fine episode our topics include: Having no topics improper random license plate number Davin worries about teenage relationships Your children will always do the opposite of what you say Dumb Amazon underwater storage idea Gluten free body of Christ New invention with moral and ethical issues. The eternal hot dog and bun mystery Davins issue with his relatives Improper structure of insults Snowflakes are...