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Your iPod will be Absolutely Fabulous-CuppaTea with AJ

Your iPod will be Absolutely Fabulous-CuppaTea with AJ
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Your iPod will be Absolutely Fabulous-CuppaTea with AJ




CTw/AJ-244-Hope and Change

Random….very Random….Hot Inaguration Mess Podcast with some good music from the past! No show notes….I ain’t got that kinda time bitches!

QSP-82-Cuttin Bitches Up

Like Knives – The Fashion Drugs are good…no wait…drugs are bad Speakin of Drugs – Amy Winehouse Eco Friendly Masturbation Habits Nasty Sex Talk Doggie Style…ehhhh it gets scary The New “Real World” Tranny got some EARS! Random Reality Show Chat Are you sick of the Inauguration already? 50/50 but you claim it all! Washed […]

QSP-81-Boycott This

AFA Sucks ASS AJ Hates Fergie! Kayne is a HOT MESS! Careful what you post on Twitter Prince Harry news Drag Race SNL is HOT We go off on lots of shit…so just listen and stop reading these show notes!

CTw/AJ-243-You Better WORKout

Hear exclusive MUSIC from the ADVANCED COPY of “Workout-Pumping House” Workout Winehouse Titty Twitter Hackin Obama and Sanchez China all over Google Jett Travolta – when will the pap stop it Little black girls go to school Looking Good HONEY I hate the Louisville Cardinals My UK husbands Listener Email and Comments Eating better Next […]

QSP-080-We Got Back

AJ Welcomes another new (not again?) Co-Hostess: Matt*hew “The Power Gay” It sure has been a long time since the last QSP Tigger is MIA Matt*hew “The Power Gay” steps in as the new CoHost w/AJ Lowhore Ryan Seacrest and the Playmate…ok Ann Coulter is talkin shit bout Michelle Obama Stupid Rapper gets house jacked […]

CTw/AJ-242-Happy New Year Bitches

Happy New Year My Bitches! AJ’s a DIVA What did AJ do for New Years Eve? TV Coverage of the Ball Drop Kathy Griffin will “knock the dicks out yo mouth” AC is a HOMO! RS is a HOMO! Luke R is a HOTTIE That Matt*hew..ummhmm AJ’s Best and Worst List for 2008 Rollout-LaBelle Citizen […]

Merry Pre-Xmas Bitches

AJ just loves him some Ms. Leann…especially once the queens get the song all crackwhore club mixed! mmmkkkk Merry Pre-Xmas Bitches kisses AJ Tip: right click the pic and click on “save link as” you stupid whores!

CTw/AJ-241-Aye Aye Aye

Robbie Rivera/C&C Music DJ’s-Aye Aye Aye Exercise with AJ Arifa gonna Sang for Obama No more Steve Jobs? Tom Cruises Crazy Ass Momma’s Boys – Oh hell to da No Idol Hot Mess Mindy done slit her wrist Strange Baby Names Me & Myself Some old Story Email a BITCH or Leave a Whore some […]

CTw/AJ-240-Universal Mind Control

UMC-Common K. West sucking on the SNL Amy leaves SNL Throwing Shoes at Bush IL Gov is a Crazy MFer Fuze Banana Colada is YUMMY AJ teaches the fine art of Sweet Tea done the Kentucky way! Bail Out Talk Day w/out a Gay Paula Dean be deep fryin! Y’all! Strange Weather in the KY […]


CuppaTea-239-Ringleader Matt*hew – The Power Gay Joins AJ on this all new episode! Kill the Lights Welcum Matt*hew The Power Gay BritBrit is back and better than ever Teen Idols Circus From BritBrit…to food…to PORNO … Watching Online Porn Skat anyone? Nasty Amatuer Porn is AJ’s fav Geek stuff More BritBrit Music

CTw/AJ-238-Down 4 Coxs

It’s the second podcast this week-look out a bitch is back! Down 4 U Y’all Deborah Cox has a new album out and AJ is lovin it! Can a bitch get bailed out? Gay Marriage in CT 2010 WHAT? Palin Interviews are driving me NUTS Beautiful UR Speaking of crazy bitches The two Paula’s Jennifer […]

CTw/AJ-237-Live ur Life

CuppaTea w/AJ is BACK! Russians? Sure! Swing Bitches! AJ’s take on the election, the process, the folks, the issues Religion has not right in politics Prop 8 – Caught off guard (they’ve done it before!) Gonna make Tigger podcast with me soon What should Obama focus on first? Madonna calls for unity The die another […]