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A podcast featuring 2 former Evangelical Christian missionaries talking about life, politics, and dick jokes.

A podcast featuring 2 former Evangelical Christian missionaries talking about life, politics, and dick jokes.


Seattle, WA


A podcast featuring 2 former Evangelical Christian missionaries talking about life, politics, and dick jokes.








297: A Car Full of Kit Kats

Topics include: Gearing up for Trump’s America without getting depressed, a Cheeto eagle, Dr. Phil is a piece of shit, Listener emails, Nick cried at the movies, Genevieve’s post-election speech writing, we play Nick’s “Fictional Presidents” game, and then we talk all about Westworld! Closing music – “When Christmas Comes (Boxing Day Version)” by Los […]


296: The Optimism Before the Sh*tstorm

Topics include: We’re time traveling from before the election and our optimism is adorable, Westworld (no spoilers, though you should definitely be watching), Aaron’s Halloween shenanigans, new music, which social media platform we would keep if we could only keep one, Nick had too much fun at a party, Listener emails, we play “Trick or […]


295: Homies with Ben Parsons

The Grapes of Rad co-founder Ben Parsons is back! Topics include: how to properly hang art on your walls, Ben’s new biz, don’t mess with Michelle’s garden, iOS 10 is a first-world turd, Aaron plugs his other podcasts, The Parsons went to Disneyland, psychedelics & mental health, a super sweet Smash Mouth mash-up, Genevieve brings […]


294: The Handiest of Mans

Topics include: Aaron’s back from Burning Man :), but it’s Nick & Aaron’s last show as roommates :(, Nick almost set his break room on fire, bands we love (and also Rockapella), a Florida drive-thru, listen to TANIS, Hillary in HONY, a Listener created a group on Facebook where you can actually talk to each […]


293: I’m Alone, No You’re Not with JOSEPH

If you’re a Listener, these women need no introduction. Meegan and Natalie Closner of the band Joseph return to the show for the third time to tell Aaron about all the exciting new changes since we last heard from them. Playing on The Tonight Show, people singing their words at sold-out shows, being featured on […]


292: Trapped in the Closet

Aaron is away at Burning Man, but before he left we all crammed into a closet and recorded a show! Topics include: Why it sounds funny, Joseph is coming back on the show!, the Prisma app, Tim Heidecker’s amazing face, psychos don’t yawn, Trump Talk, no more private prisons!, Gawker got chokeslammed, Nick brings a […]


291: Sharknader

Topics include: Aaron was on not ONE, not TWO, but THREE episodes of TBTL, Genevieve took off her own braces when she was 13, Bus Tales ("a-woo-hoo"), you gotta love The 'Gute, having fun at & cleaning up after parties, Hillary Clinton, Clint Eastwood, surprise Pokemon statues, Stranger Things & Ghostbusters, Genevieve plays Nick's latest game under protest, and more! Closing song: "My Friend" by Groove Armada Two of our Voicemail Songs as mentioned on the episode:...


290: Nothing Rhymes with Ninety

Topics include: Aaron will be guest-hosting 2 episodes of TBTL, we play "Pokemon or House DJ", we got new pictures taken, your voicemails, Nick fell down went boom, Pokemon Go!, and more!


289: Racism in America with Draze

These are troubling times, and we wanted to take a moment to talk about it. On this special episode, we're joined by Seattle rapper, musician, and social activist Draze to take part in a painfully honest discussion about race in The United States of America. Topics include: Draze's music and creative process, racism is obvious on the right but is also prevalent on the left, identifying and unraveling white supremacy, #blacklivesmatter, the criminal justice system, rejecting the post-racial...


288: Speaking of Segues…

Topics include: Joseph was on The Tonight Show!, Aaron was actually on the radio LIVE, Led Zeppelin didn't steal Stairway, professional broadcaster Ron Upshaw (Ron & Don) dips in for a second to bash the Olympics with Genevieve, a Cheetos-themed This Week in Nick will Totally Love This from r/grapesofrad, Sean DeTore shows us his feet, AND THAT'S JUST THE FIRST HALF!


287: Reducing Demand with the Ultimate Aim to Minimize Use

Topics include: The return of Foisting a Character on Aaron, Gay Ghost makes a quick stop by the studio, more Inexplicable 1-Star Reviews, another Aaron song parody, an oral treatise on Baja Blast, and much much more! What widely-beloved movie would YOU give a 1-star review? Closing song: Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper


286: The Continually Surprising Weight of Pure Emptiness

Fan favorite Stephanie Drury is back on the program! Topics include: Aaron wrote TWO new Trump parody songs, what to eat when you wake up from a coma, Steph explains "Bernie Bros" to Aaron, Juggalos, the DC Talk cruise, Just the Headline, "Frosted Tips", and much more!


In the Whale In the Studio

One of our favorite bands came back through Seattle last week, so we've got a hot bonus episode for your face! In The Whale's Nate & Eric join Nick & Aaron to kick it, catch up, and even play an acoustic tune live in-studio. Visit to find out when & where you can catch In The Whale as they barrel through a city near you.


285: Cool Glasses

Topics include: movies that make you Listeners cry, a new song parody, Aaron makes the definitive ruling on Snapchat, a Canadian mother rapping about transgender bathrooms, Lebowski 1-star reviews, yearbook pranks, emails, voicemails, and much more! httpv:// NEXT WEEK: A bonus interview with In The Whale, and they perform on the show for the first time... and on acoustic guitar?! Aww yeah.


284: Crinkling Papers into Microphones

Topics include: Genevieve's cats both ran away, Aaron walked in on his sister in an intimate moment with Nick, we get an r/grapesofrad update, Aaron was wrong about Prince, your emails (one of which is incredibly graphic), and so much more! Support amazing music by visiting and RIGHT NOW.


283: Sean’s Colonoscopy

Topics include: Our friend Sean DeTore joins us to talk about his recent colonoscopy, we read your (good AND bad) Vievesback about our new third host, what to do now that there’s no more OJ on TV (Dateline, anyone?), Aaron & Sean’s Trump song parody was on the radio, Jared is gross, turkeys are terrorizing a town in NJ, and much more! Leave your Celebrity ID at (206) 414-9RAD! Closing song: “Nothing Sweeter” by Grace Love and the True Loves


282: A Pair of X Chromosomes Walk Into a Bar

Everyone, welcome our new Grape: Ms Genevieve Hass! You know her, you love her, and if you don't - you will. But enough about not OJ... Topics include: The People vs OJ Simpson, we were written about in Seattle Mag, r/grapesofrad, Aaron gives Ben his due credit, we get caught up on Vieves, a man was arrested for not returning a VHS in rented back when that was a thing, Aaron tells his Ricki Lake story, Bernie Sanders, and Aaron makes a new friend right before the show!


281: MAKE AMERICA GRAPE AGAIN with Ben Parsons

WE'RE BACK! And so is Ben Parsons! That's right, the OG ("original grape" obvs) joins us as we all get caught up on Ben's life since leaving the show, Aaron's new dream job, and how Nick's been handling the loss of his brother PJ. Closing music: CHVRCHES - The Mother We Share (Moon Boot Remix)


A Short Update

We've been absent from both The Grapes of Rad and The Leap Home: A Look Bakula for several weeks, and in this short update we explain why and when we expect to return. PJ Ahlers passed away at home on January 13th. Thank you to those who have reached out to Nick both before and since the loss of his brother. You can read PJ's obituary here. Hear PJ talk about his illness on #275: Gauche about Cancer at His 10-episode podcast I'm Dying Here will continue to be available...


280: In The Whale

We won’t shut up about them, and now In The Whale is finally on Deez Grapes! Get to know Nate Valdez & Eric Riley as Nick & Aaron sit down with one of their favorite up-and-coming bands. “We’re comin’ after you, old man…” Non-ITW topics include: Sword and Scale, people are horrible when they’re anonymous, […]