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Br!NK Festival is here to pave the way for more women playwrights in Midwest

Every year for the last five years, Milwaukee Renaissance Theaterworks hosts the Br!NK Festival as a way to uplift the voices and stories of women playwrights in Milwaukee and around the Midwest. This year a young woman named Nabra Nelson was one of two resident playwrights for the Br!NK Festival, which gave her an opportunity to turn a story close to her heart into a full-length play.


Black and Pink Milwaukee

The rare art of a handwritten letter, dare I say, in cursive, has become nearly extinct. Penpals, however, have managed to survive natural selection and make a comeback for the greater good. Listen in on a volunteer group of Milwaukee penpals, forming friendships with incarcerated LGBTQ people.


UW-Milwaukee's Enquest camp introduces high school girls to a career in engineering

UW-Milwaukee's Enquest engineering camp was created eight years ago to give high school girls exposure to an education and career in engineering. This summer, the girls created solar panel USB phone charging stations to send to a village in Guatemala. Listen to the audio story to learn more about their project.


Brown Boys Bonding Thru Books

“It’s really a beautiful experience… to be surrounded by young minds in a beautiful garden, it’s a great experience,” said Jeff Brown, as we were surrounded by the same garden he mentioned. I met Brown at Alice’s Garden on a Thursday evening for “Brown Boys Bonding Thru Books,” a community program Brown inherited from the owner of the garden Venice Williams.


Meet the woman behind the State Fair's Spin City

The bright neon lights of rollercoaster rides and carnival games light up I-94 every August – but have you ever wondered who it is that helps make the Wisconsin State Fair glow? Meet Shari Black, the woman filling your stomach with fried foods and nacho cheese then turning it upside down on rollercoasters at State Fair’s Spin City.


Join herbalist Kyle Denton in an herb walk around Milwaukee

Kyle Denton is an herbalist. His expertise revolves around all that grows from the ground: plants, flowers, fruits and more. He also owns Tippecanoe Herbs & Apothecary, a Walker’s Point boutique-style store selling herbal medicines, trinkets, household items and more. Throughout the summer, Denton leads Milwaukeeans on herb walks where he teaches them about herbs and plants to forage around the city.


Festa Italiana’s photo exhibit honors the city’s Italian communities

Christine Conley, whose grandparents are from Italy, has been a festivalgoer and volunteer from just about the beginning. She currently manages the Italian Heritage Photo Exhibit, which has a lifespan as long as the festival. It’s made up of religious artifacts and photos from Milwaukee’s Italian community dating back to the late 1800s.


Web Extra: Les Paul's famous echo chambers

Les Paul Foundation's Sue Baker talks about Paul's innovative work designing one of the most well known recording studios in the world, Capitol Records in LA.


Les Paul's life of musical innovation

Les Paul would have celebrated his 103rd birthday this year, and all these years later, the Wisconsin native's influence is still heard in virtually every genre of recorded music. Listen to my conversation with Sue Baker, program manager for the Les Paul foundation and close personal friend of Les', as she talks about his life of innovation.


Marcus Center connects high school students with theater pros

A free program is helping Milwaukee Public High School students realize their theater dreams at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.


St. Ann’s Center is on a mission to help Cameroonians

St. Ann’s Center is a Milwaukee-based organization founded by Sister Edna Lonergan. They provide intergenerational care services to north and south side communities in the city. After traveling to international conferences, Sister Edna came face-to-face with global issues specifically in Africa. In 2003, she went on to build a relationship with the people of Cameroon to provide them with livestock, clothing, medicine and foods.


Voces de la Frontera's prepares undocumented immigrants for citizenship

Creating successful immigration policies is a hot topic conversation in mainstream media, especially given the separations happening at the Mexico-United States border. While getting our politicians to agree on immigration policy has proven to be a sticky situation, Voces de la Frontera is taking matters into their own hands in Wisconsin.


‘WI, We Need to Talk’ is the conversation we need to have about youth trafficking

Last week, the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DFC) launched a new campaign to address youth human trafficking in Wisconsin. New bus advertisements and posters reading “WI, We Need to Talk” are hitting Milwaukee bus stops and businesses to promote dialogue between adults, parents and children about some of the dangerous things happening to Wisconsin’s children.


SHARP Literacy Intergenerational Art Program

Children and seniors had the chance to work together on an art project this summer at Shorehaven senior community in Oconomowoc. They formed clay butterflies -- and new friendships -- all while bringing joy to each other's days. Listen.


The Womb Room is a safe space for all Milwaukee parents

Back in January, Amy Bluhme opened the doors to The Womb Room, a birthing community center where south side Milwaukee meets West Allis. The Womb Room was originally supposed to be a space for weekly prenatal yoga, but when Amy Bluhme laid her eyes on a large space available for rent on National Avenue, she knew she would be able to provide more for Milwaukee’s parents and birthing communities.


What's it like to be a shuttle driver for a Milwaukee tavern?

It's kind of a Milwaukee thing - riding a tavern shuttle to the Summerfest grounds or to a sporting event. Do other cities offer shuttles like we do? What's it like to be a driver? We asked someone who does it every day.


A.W.E truck studios hit the road with free art projects

Artists Working in Education (A.W.E) is a nonprofit organization providing free art services for the Milwaukee Community. This summer they celebrate their 20th year of their mobile truck art studios. Teachers and interns drive to different Milwaukee County parks and teach free art lessons for kids age four to 14, and kids walk away with a fun, artistic experience and a project to decorate their homes with.


Steve Radtke of Valor Replicas brings scifi movie prop replicas to life

Steve Radtke has always been a maker. When he thinks about his first memories, he sees himself in the basement of his childhood home with his dad building random things. Radtke grew up during a sci-fi film renaissance. He grew up around the characters and futuristic technologies in "Star Wars," "Star Trek," "Ghost Busters" and more. His love for these stories and characters would become a lifelong fascination with recreating the different gadgets he was seeing on-screen.


Mission of Mercy: A weekend of free dental care

Over 1,300 dentists, students and volunteers came together Friday and Saturday to provide free dental care through Mission of Mercy (MoM). MoM is a nationwide event that started in Virginia in 2000, and came to Wisconsin for the first time in 2009. This year’s event was held at the Expo Center on Wisconsin State Fair grounds.