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A Conversation with CICF Scholarship Recipients

Scholarships change lives. Jesus, Monica and Gloria say the scholarships they received from CICF have changed their lives, as well as their parents and, in Gloria’s case, her two sons. These three smart and talented students sat down with For Good to talk about what it was like to set foot on a college campus for the first time, their surprise at the cost of books, advice for scholarship applicants and their plans for after college. The post A Conversation with CICF Scholarship Recipients...


A Conversation with Tom Kilian

Earlier this month, Legacy Fund changed its name to Hamilton County Community Foundation to better reflects who the foundation serves, partners with and supports. In addition to the new name, the foundation has a new mission, vision and strategic direction. It’s the result of more than a year’s worth of intentional community conversations and research conducted by staff, the board of directors and a special task force. Learn more about the strategy from president, Tom Kilian, in his extended...


An emerging type of learning in Central Indiana

Several schools and organizations in Central Indiana are better understanding the long-term effect of experiencing some form of trauma, a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. This episode of For Good explores how local educators throughout Central Indiana are introducing student-focused approaches to learning that acknowledge and address the social and emotional experiences of students. The goal—to support and empower students to reach their full potential. The approaches are all...


Central Indiana’s Latino and Hispanic youth

Sept. 15 kicked-off Hispanic Heritage month with a celebration and turning the Downtown Canal orange. More than 50 percent of Spanish-speaking people living in Indianapolis are under the age of 24, so this month’s episode of For Good, is all about Latino youth. Maria DeLeon, a CICF community ambassador, talks about what she learned from her peers and shares her own story, while an undocumented college student shares his plans to give back to the community. The episode also features Miriam...


A Conversation with Brian Payne

In this special extended episode of For Good, Brian Payne has a candid conversation about CICF’s new mission, explains why the organization cannot talk about equity without talking about race; and shares his personal journey to understand the historic context of institutional racism in America. The post A Conversation with Brian Payne appeared first on Central Indiana Community Foundation.


Homelessness in Central Indiana

Ending homelessness can be done, says Rodney Stockment, senior strategy director for homelessness at the City of Indianapolis, adding that collaboration and supportive services are imperative to its eradication. In this month’s episode of For Good, hear from Rodney, representatives from Horizon House, Partners in Housing and the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) about the realities of homelessness in Marion County and the collaborative efforts to end it. The post...


This is the Far Eastside

Although there has been much focus on and development in neighborhoods close to the downtown core, communities further out are often overlooked. This month’s episode of For Good focuses on the Far Eastside and how its residents are stepping up to make change happen in their neighborhood. Both Mount Carmel Church and the Collective Impact Council are featured in this episode for their place-based initiatives that are giving residents a new sense of hope. The post This is the Far Eastside...


Central Indiana’s LGBTQ community

June is Pride month, a worldwide celebration of the LGBTQ community. Indianapolis will host its own Indy Pride Festival with an estimated 100,000 people in attendance. But LGBTQ people still face struggles against homophobia and discrimination as well as issues that divide the diverse community. The post Central Indiana’s LGBTQ community appeared first on Central Indiana Community Foundation.


Central Indiana’s Immigrants and Refugees

People from more than 120 nations call Central Indiana home, leaving their home country to start a new life as immigrants and refugees. This special episode of For Good, features representatives from the immigrant and refugee communities discussing their very real hopes and fears about living in Indianapolis. Leadership from two organizations that support resettlement will also weigh-in on the realities of life in America for these groups of people. The post Central Indiana’s Immigrants and...


This is Riverside

At 29th and Clifton, near Riverside, there’s a sense of collaboration, unity and pride. It’s a place where neighbors look out for each other and not-for-profit organizations passionately amplify the gifts and assets of the community’s youth and young adults. In this month’s episode of For Good, CICF ambassador and resident, DeAmon Harges, along with a few of his neighbors, highlight the talents and opportunities of their community. The post This is Riverside appeared first on Central...


Introducing CICF’s Community Ambassadors

Last year, CICF worked with a local agency, Smallbox, to train 36 representatives of different neighborhoods and population groups as ambassadors for their communities. Each ambassador conducted a listening tour to understand residents’ concerns, excitements and hopes. These conversations, along with national and regional data, have helped frame CICF’s commitment to dismantle barriers and build more pathways for everyone in the community to reach their full potential, no matter their place,...


For Good – Preview of 2018 season

We’ll be back next month with a brand new season of our podcast focused on exploring Central Indiana’s neighborhoods and the residents that make them thrive. You’ll learn about transformation happening on Indianapolis’ Far Eastside, what life is like for Central Indiana’s immigrant communities, plans for affordable housing in Hamilton County and much more. The post For Good – Preview of 2018 season appeared first on Central Indiana Community Foundation.


Reaching Resources

There is no shortage of senior-serving organizations in Hamilton County, yet many seniors still struggle to get the help they need in a convenient and efficient manner. To meet the needs of this growing population, Legacy Fund has committed to financially supporting and convening partners for a new project of Shepherd's Center of Hamilton County called, Reaching Resources. This program will provide better access to services with one call to one place. The post Reaching Resources appeared...


Campaign to Change Direction

Why did more people in Indiana die by suicide than by car accident in 2015? Why is depression more prevalent in women than men? Women’s Fund of Central Indiana, a special interest fund of CICF, recently brought Campaign to Change Direction to Indiana to initiate important conversations about mental health. On this month’s episode of “For Good,” learn more about how Women’s Fund is convening nine cities, seven hospitals, 46 college campuses and several businesses and organizations to make...


Undoing Racism

This month’s episode of, “For Good” introduces a transformative workshop presented by Child Advocates called, Undoing Racism. For several Marion and Hamilton county agencies, this innovative program is changing business as usual…opening eyes, hearts and minds of staff and volunteers. Over the course of the last year, all CICF employees have participated in the 2-day workshop, as well as members of its board. Listen to hear how the workshop is reshaping our work in the community. The post...