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Assorted stories from WWNO-FM.

Assorted stories from WWNO-FM.
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Assorted stories from WWNO-FM.




Lives Worth Living And Stories Worth Telling: In Conversation With Folwell Dunbar

No one has stories quite like a Southerner has stories, and Folwell Dunbar proves that tenfold. From swimming in the swamps to tempting death in some unlikely situations, Folwell has compiled his most outrageous stories into a new book called He Falls Well . NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford caught up with Folwell to talk life, writing, and choices. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by Kelley Crawford.


New Orleans At The Movies: 2018 Film Festival Emphasizes Diverse, Local Voices

October 17th marks the beginning of the 29th annual New Orleans Film Festival, which brings feature films and shorts to venues across the city. NolaVie’s David Benedetto invited the Film Society’s Executive Director, Fallon Young, into the studio for a preview of the festival. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by David Benedetto.


New Orleans's Second Sandwich Get Its Due Respect At Muffuletta Fest

Conversations about New Orleans sandwiches usually center around the po-boy, even though New Orleans is also the birthplace of another classic sandwich, the muffuletta. These days, we even have a festival dedicated to the muffuletta, which returns for its second year this Sunday.


Local Photographers Celebrate The Cyanotype With A Community Workshop

This Saturday is World Cyanotype Day, when photographers everywhere will celebrate an early photographic technique that reveals images in a striking blue hue. New Orleans photographers are having their very own celebration with a workshop at the Healing Center, presented by PhotoNOLA . Kelley Crawford speaks with two of the workshop’s organizers, Jennifer Shaw and Robert Schaefer, to learn more. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by Kelley Crawford.


Southern Rep's Homecoming On Bayou Road

Since 1986, Southern Rep Theatre has been producing original and classic plays that speak to the depth and diversity of New Orleans culture. Now, after six years without a permanent home, Southern Rep has found one. The former Saint Rose de Lima Church on Bayou Road has been transformed into a theatre complex. NolaVie’s Renée Peck catches up with Aimee Hayes, the company’s Producing Artistic Director, to hear all about Southern Rep’s housewarming. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article...


Artists And Activists Come Together For Storytelling Tour Of Coastal Communities

With a couple of months remaining in the storm season, a group of organizations from South Louisiana and along the coast are looking to storytelling as a way to build community strength in the face of rising seas. Another Gulf Is Possible has launched a storytelling series called Stories of Survival , making stops in Houston, New Orleans, and this coming weekend, in Puerto Rico. NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford caught up with some of the organizers in time for their New Orleans event. Visit...


Ice Skating Glides Into New Orleans

The New Orleans Metro Area just added another amenity to its ever-growing list of attractions: an ice skating rink . The rink is located in Kenner, and it was founded by professional figure skater Sarah Zanolli. Sarah has teamed up with hockey players Deniz Guderen and Onur Pinar to bring ice skating culture to New Orleans in an ecologically sustainable way. She invites NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford to the brand new rink to learn more. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by Kelley...


Art And Nature Converge At Crevasse 22

Each week, NolaVie brings us an arts and culture vignette called Notes from New Orleans. This week, they’re sending a postcard from St. Bernard Parish. Producers David Benedetto and Sarah Holtz ventured down LA-46 to a space called Crevasse 22, where art and nature overtake one another. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by David Benedetto.


Electric Girls Program Shifts The Paradigm Of STEM Learning

The tech world is still a man’s world. Women account for only 5 percent of start-ups and 25 percent of computing jobs. Flor Serna is helping to close that gender gap with Electric Girls , a local organization that provides classes for girls to learn electronics and computer leadership skills. NolaVie’s Renée Peck invites Flor into the studio for this week’s Notes from New Orleans . Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by Renée Peck.


Caught On Tape: A Tricentennial Exhibit Gets Sticky

As tricentennial exhibits continue to pop up around New Orleans, one artist has found a way to make local history stick. NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford visits Justin Lundgren's studio to learn more. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by Kelley Crawford.


A Dive, A Float, And A Splash: Talking Summer Cocktails With Suzanne Accorsi

For many, August in New Orleans means that summer cocktails are pretty much a foregone conclusion. NolaVie’s David Benedetto invites Suzanne Accorsi, the owner of the classic Mid-City haunt, Pal’s Lounge , into the studio to talk about her favorite cocktails for summer 2018. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by David Benedetto.


NOMA Marks The City's 300th With An Immersive Exhibition

NOMA is celebrating the tricentennial with a new exhibit called Changing Course , which brings together seven contemporary art projects focusing on forgotten or marginalized aspects of the city’s history. NolaVie’s Brian Friedman invited NOMA’s Allison Young into the studio for a preview of the exhibit. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by Brian Friedman.


Murder Ballads Descend On The Tigermen Den

There are plenty of love songs written about New Orleans, but this week, a group of musicians will explore what happens when love songs become dark. Composer Tucker Fuller and singers Meryl Zimmerman and Mary Townsend join NolaVie’s Kelley Crawford in the studio to talk about Murder: A Song Cycle , a performance of murder ballads that will be coming to the Tigermen Den this Sunday. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by Kelley Crawford.


Creole Connections: Where NOLA Meets Brazil

We use the word Creole a lot in New Orleans, to define everything from gumbo to architecture. But the Creole culture has roots not only here, but also around the world. To learn more, NolaVie's Renée Peck invites Dr. Edward Anderson, jazz trumpeter and educator, and Barbara Trevigne, Creole historian and artist, into the studio to describe a new project called Creole Connections that will trace our ties to Brazil. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by Renée Peck.


A Little Bit Of Paris In New Orleans

Bastille Day arrives on July 14, and in this tricentennial year, the holiday prompts a reflection on the city’s French heritage. Kyly La Riviere is strengthening the French-Louisianan connection by bringing a little bit of Paris to New Orleans at Petit Paris Market on Magazine Street.


Project Lazarus Takes The Long View On Wellness And Education

Since 1985, Project Lazarus has provided housing for individuals in New Orleans living with HIV and AIDS. When asked to describe the organization in one word, community members have responded with words like, "compassionate," "loving," and "sanctuary. " For more on the group's vision, NolaVie's David Benedetto invited Director of Programs Jessica Kinnison into the studio. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by David Benedetto.


Lady Delaney And The Art Of Small Things

Artist Lauren George, also known as Lady Delaney , is the mastermind behind a mysterious collection of miniatures that can be found at historic sites around New Orleans. She and NolaVie's Kelley Crawford discuss some big ideas about things that are very small .


Event Preview: Black Girl Giggles Comedy Festival

As the city welcomes locals and visitors to Essence Festival in July, the Black Girl Giggles Comedy Festival will kick off its second year. Here's David Benedetto with more on the festival, which begins on July 4.


The Juror Project Aims To Rebalance The Scales Of Justice

As the state prepares to vote on several key laws in November, many voters are turning their attention to the split verdict issue in Louisiana. 48 states in the US require unanimous verdicts in felony trials, but Louisiana is not one of them. NolaVie's David Benedetto speaks with William Snowden, a federal trial attorney and founder of The Juror Project . The group aims to increase diversity on juries and challenge perspectives on jury duty. Visit ViaNolaVie for a related article written by...


From The Bayou To The Tundra: Cajun Music Finds Another Home Up North

The Mississippi River, now reined in by levees, once flowed wild and boundless. The river wound its way through towns whose residents — perhaps inspired by its symbolic freedom — created American music. In Louisiana that meant Cajun music, among other traditions. While it’s obvious to those of us who live here that the cultural imagination of the Mississippi is still as wild as ever within our music, it turns out that the same can be said along the waters that feed the Mississippi at its...