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Gaming Talk for Everyone A podcast of two friends (of disparate ages and body types), who have gaming discussions; sometimes serious but mostly hilarious, about gaming in all its forms. This podcast is a way to share stories and experiences, interview local gamers, support games, the players and have a blast while doing it!

Gaming Talk for Everyone A podcast of two friends (of disparate ages and body types), who have gaming discussions; sometimes serious but mostly hilarious, about gaming in all its forms. This podcast is a way to share stories and experiences, interview local gamers, support games, the players and have a blast while doing it!
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Gaming Talk for Everyone A podcast of two friends (of disparate ages and body types), who have gaming discussions; sometimes serious but mostly hilarious, about gaming in all its forms. This podcast is a way to share stories and experiences, interview local gamers, support games, the players and have a blast while doing it!




Old Man Yells at the Sky: Indigenous Voices in Pop Culture

In a follow up to our Cultural Appropriation episode of Old Man Yells at the Sky, our friends at Inside 254 podcast have shared with us some amazing content!


Episode 29: MicroCon1 Interview with Maury Brown

We’re always constantly amazed at the caliber of people that actually say, “Sure, I’ll talk to you intermediate guys!.” This interview is no exception. Maury Brown is the creator of the Wizarding College LARP: New World Magischola as well as Learn LARP. The amount of work and creativity to put all this together and be an educator blows our mind but somehow she does it and discuss how during our si [...]


Episode 28: MicroCon 1 Interview with Irene Glasse & Chris Kackley of Kindred Crow

Our second interview from MicroCon is with two amazing folks from the pagan folk band Kindred Crow; Irene Glasse and Chris Kackley. They talk about their musical history and how they came to be involved in the gaming community. Specifically how they came to be involved with and are doing special projects with Lost Colonies LARP.


Bonus Track 21: The Mystery of the No Episode Week

So as some of you may have noticed, there was no episode last week. There have been some changes, some not so great but others pretty damn good, going on behind the scenes. Old Man breaks down those changes and what to expect for the coming year!


Episode 27: MicroCon 1 - Interview with Mike Young

Our good friends from Lost Colonies LARP hosted us in June for what became known as MicroCon! We met a slew of amazing people and they even talked to us! One of those amazing individuals was Mike Young. Mike has written, created and published gaming materials in many forms over many years! There’s a good chance you’ve played a game that Mike has had some part of c [...]


Bonus Track 20: Preparation for our 1 year anniversary!

Old Man wants your help in celebrating our anniversary! Take a listen to find out how you can be part of our celebration!


Episode 26: Interview with Jake & Gigi Edgley!

I know we said we are on hiatus and we were. But Skinny Gal, Shannon Fidler of Episode 2, and I wound up at Saikoucon in Allentown,PA this past weekend and got an amazing opportunity to interview Jake and Gigi Edgley! They also perform a song for us! This wonderful sibling duo is on the road with their


Bonus Track 19: Support Your Local Gaming Store

So if you’re looking for Old Man to talk about the positive aspects of supporting your local gaming stores, then we have filled that oddly specific need. In fact, its probably a little scary how much he addressed all the questions you were just asking yourself. It’s almost as if he was reading your mind and not looking in your living room window though binoculars. By the way, your new couch is nice.


Episode 25: Interview with Zach Hershberger

Are you looking for a live action role play (LARP) game that’s unique, fun and puts you in the American west? If the answer is yes, then you need to hear the creator of Dead Legends talk about that very game he created! If the answer is no, then you already play Dead Legends, know Zach and should be listening anyway because you know how awesome the game is! Zach discusses his inspirations and passions for Dead Legends along with his amazing team and players. He also discusses his passions...


Bonus Track 18: Get your @$$ to Dexcon!

With the holiday weekend upon us, many folks want to do more than just blow things up to celebrate the independence of this country. Double Exposure offers that to you with Dexcon 21! This is your amusement theme park of gaming and fun! If you’re in or can get to Morristown NJ and looking for fun, there isn’t any reason to not go! In this bonus track, find out more details on how to be part of the Dexcon fun! Also, we will be recording live with some amazing guests on Saturday! We also...


Episode 24: Interview with Aaron “Walbert” Brownbridge

Your heroes take an opportunity to sit down with a gamer with abilities some would call “extra ordinary”. He has no plans of creating his own games however. All he wants to do is play them for all their worth and challenge himself. In this interview, we get the perspective of a player that loves to play games yet doesn’t have a podcast of his own and therefore needs our help to spread his message of hope and love of games. “Wally” as he is known to his friends, and now the rest of the...


Bonus Track 17: The Origin of Kevin & The Legend of Mike Malecki with Kate Beaman Martinez

n the vein of our unusable episodes, we were able to save some parts of an interview with Kate Beaman Martinez where we discuss our one an only listener (at the time) Kevin. Kevin is actually the founder and editor of Raging Chicken Press and it’s podcast Out d’Coup and a great friend to our show. From the website, ” Raging Chicken Press, based in Kutztown, PA, is a left/progressive media site devoted to covering and helping build on-the-ground activism and communities of resistance. “ We...


Bonus Track 16 - The Worst of…The Phantom Penis

As with all podcasting,we tried to find our voice early on. What kind of format will we have? What topics should we discuss? How heavily should we drink? In this excerpt of an unreleased episode, you will hear none of those questions answered in anyway whatsoever. We do discuss Star Wars but not in any significant or meaningful way nor do we link it to gaming, You will probably hear very quickly why we never released the full episode. Even with all that said, it does have some...


Old Man Yells at the Sky: Cultural Appropriation in games

On our latest segment of Old man Yells at the Sky, we talk at length about the issue of cultural appropriation in games; specifically tabletop, video and live action role play (LARP). We reached out to a number of communities on social media to get their take on this important issue. We also talked with Dr. Amanda Morris who is an associate professor of writing and rhetoric at Kutztown University and a scholar of contemporary Indigenous rhetorics. She currently serves as chapter...


Episode 23: Interview with Gia Grillo and Sean Jaffe

If the episode art is any indication, taking those thermal detonator safety classes was well worth the money! We sat down with Gia Grillo and Sean Jaffe and they talked all nerdy with us! Sean tells us how he got into tabletop and larping and how both types of games inspired him to not only become a better storyteller but to create the games he wanted to see in the world! He is not only one of the creators of Nerdy City < [...]


Bonus Track 15 - Sneak Preview (Gia Grillo and Sean Jaffe)

Another sneak preview of next week’s episode! Our guests (multiple for next episode!) are Gia Grillo and Sean Jaffe. Their sound check was so hilarious there wasn’t any doubt that we would share it with all of you. These amazingly entertaining folks who love to tell stories and entertain others give you a sample of the great interview they gave with us! Enjoy!


Episode 22: Interview with Megan Dawson Jaffe

How does one go from mild mannered to full on mega creator of awesomeness? We find out from our latest guest, Megan Dawson Jaffe. And the only thing false about the stated question was the mild mannered part. Megan talks with us about her beginnings that have led her to the path she is currently on. She shares with us some of the games she has helped to develop like


Bonus Track 14 - Sneak Preview (Megan Dawson Jaffe)

This bonus track is a sneak preview of next week’s interview with Megan Dawson Jaffe. She is an amazing designer that is also a gamer and puts her skills to amazing use in both the gaming and real world! If you want to learn more, you’ll just have to listen to next week’s episode! If you can’t wait until next week, then listen to this sneak preview! Enjoy!


Episode 21 - On Location: At Dreamation 2018! (Live)

This year at Dreamation 2018; yet another amazing event run by Double Exposure Inc., we recorded a live show with some amazing folks! Shannon Fidler - Who you might remember from


Episode 20 - On Location: At Waerloga!

We visited the LARP of some of our favorite folks, Team Waerloga! They were gracious enough to allow us to talk with some of their players to talk LARPing, Waerloga and the mysteries of the universe. Most of those mysteries reside in NJ for some reason. Interestingly enough, they actually wanted to talk with us! We got some really good perspectives of why players specifically come to Waerloga and why they LARP in general. They also shared some of their favorite battle stories! They can be...