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Commentary is America's premier monthly magazine of opinion: General, yet Jewish. Highly variegated, with a unifying perspective.

Commentary is America's premier monthly magazine of opinion: General, yet Jewish. Highly variegated, with a unifying perspective.


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Commentary is America's premier monthly magazine of opinion: General, yet Jewish. Highly variegated, with a unifying perspective.




The Attack on Parents Is Radicalizing Parents

Today’s podcast goes through a spate of criticisms of parents for daring to speak out about the education of their children and how spectacularly self-destructive such efforts are on the part of the critics. Give a listen.


The Worst Press Conference in Presidential History

Today’s show is dedicated to Joe Biden’s ponderously long press conference, in which the president made more news in a shorter period than perhaps any of his predecessors, and none of it good.


Can Biden Save Himself from Himself?

With a rare Biden press conference commemorating his first year in office coming up, the podcast crew tries to imagine what on earth he can say that won’t dig his various holes any deeper. Give a listen.


The Democrats’ Mock Senate

The Democratic Party’s efforts to pass just one progressive reform bill in the Senate are now verging on the comical. The hosts discuss their strategy, or lack thereof, as well as the imminence of 5G internet and its complications and the implications of the nascent feud between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.


A Crisis of General Incompetence

On today’s podcast, we lay out a veritable smorgasbord of depressing developments. From the reaction to the Texas hostage crisis to horrifying violence in New York City to the West’s inability to prepare for and deter a Russian attack on Ukraine, the news is going from bad to worse.


What Terry Teachout Taught, and What the Pandemic Hath Wrought

Today’s podcast begins with a lengthy reminiscence of our colleague and critic-at-large, Terry Teachout, who passed away unexpectedly on Thursday. Then, with our columnist James B. Meigs, we take up his blockbuster piece, “The Pandemic Public Health Disaster.” And conclude with thoughts on Biden’s terrible week. Give a listen.


The Successes of the Counter-Revolution

The podcast discusses the various fronts on which conservatives and ordinary sane Americans are fighting back against the revolutionary forces that are trying to rewrite the rules of American society. Give a listen.


Biden and the Counter-Revolution

Today’s podcast takes up the fact that inflation is rising at the fastest rate in 40 years while Joe Biden…desperately tries to change the subject to something pleasing to the Democratic base. Good luck with that. And we discuss Abe Greenwald’s blockbuster piece from our February issue, “Yes, There Is a Counter-Revolution.” Give a listen.


Voting Psychotics, Left and Right

Yuval Levin joins the podcast to talk about the Biden trip to Georgia to promote “voting rights”—and how the ideas promulgated by Democrats are both non-starters and have the effect of delegitimizing…Biden’s own victory in 2020! Give a listen.


Russian Demands, American Plans

Today, the gang discusses the bleak choices available to the U.S. in the face of Putin’s unceasing demands. Then there’s the incoherence of the CDC on vaccines and the Democrats’ attempt to paint Republicans as anti-democratic. Check it out.


Aaron Burr Sings a Song on January 6

Today’s podcast takes up the Congressional treatment of January 6, including the bizarre interpolation of a song from Hamilton that offers a positive view of…a man who staged a seditious conspiracy against the United States? Also, public-health people call for more public-health people, and a bad jobs report. Give a listen.


January 6 and All That

In Noah Rothman’s absence, we’re joined today by Matthew Continetti to discuss the president’s speech about the January 6 riot and what it portends for the Democrats, the Republicans, and Donald Trump. Give a listen.


Bragging Rights

The podcast today takes up the astonishing case of the new Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who has announced he will do everything he can to keep convicted criminals out of jail. What will this do to Democrats? And what will the Chicago teachers union and its refusal to return to school do to them and to the party that serves them? Give a listen.


Does Anything Work Any Longer?

From cars stuck on a frozen highway in Virginia to the constant revisions of the public-health leaders to the conviction of Elizabeth Holmes in California, the question arises yet again: What happened to competence? Give a listen.


A Democratic Disaster: Baked in the Cake?

We’re back live and on topic, and the topic is the weird shift in tone among the COVID hawks over the past week and how it may be a reflection of just how badly they think they’re doing in the public’s eyes—and just how badly Democrats are going to do in November. Give a listen.


The Culture Wars of 2021

The podcast crew concludes a week of politics-free podcasts (sort of) with a look back on the best culture wars of 2021.


The Best Holiday Fare of 2021

Though the podcast hosts have chosen nothing from the year 2021 to highlight as the best holiday fare of 2021, we nevertheless have some timeless seasonal recommendations for you to check out.


The Television of 2021

The podcast’s hosts explore their favorite television shows of 2021 and provide some binge-worthy recommendations for your holiday week.


The Movies of 2021

The podcast’s hosts discuss their favorite movies of 2021 and why they found them particularly moving, interesting, visually exciting, or just not as bad as what they were expecting.


The Books of 2021

This week, the podcast will be doing something a little different: We’re talking about our favorite contributions to the culture this year. In this episode, the hosts discuss their favorite books they read over the last year, whether they were published in 2021 or not.