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The Voice of The People! Weekdays 5-9 AM


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The Voice of The People! Weekdays 5-9 AM




The Peter Boyles Show 5.6.21 Hr 4

Author David Horowitz joins the show to discuss his new book, and Casper Stockham discusses the "Buckwheat" comment and how it should be handled See for privacy information.


The Peter Boyles Show 5.6.21 Hr 3

Is "Buckwheat" a term of endearment? Listeners share their opinion... and how will CO Republicans handle this situation? See for privacy information.


The Peter Boyles Show 5.6.21 Hr 2

Steffan Tubbs joins the show to discuss the "Buckwheat" comment from Colorado State Rep. Richard Holtorf (R-Akron) and Pete takes more listener calls on the subject See for privacy information.


The Peter Boyles Show 5.6.21 Hr 1

A Colorado lawmaker called a colleague "Buckwheat" under the gold dome... Pete reacts and invites listeners to chime-in See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles May 5 8am

A liberal University wouldn't lie about why it was terminating a relationship with a conservative professor, would they? Peter welcomes John Eastman to the show to talk about how/why CU is not letting him teach and if their reasoning holds up. Then Peter delves into Eastman's involvement in the Big Lie running up to Jan 6. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles May 5 7am

Greg Moore, former Editor of the Denver Post joins the show to talk about the book The Holly and the investigative journalism done at the Boston Globe to uncover mob influence and church corruption. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles May 5 6am

Homeless camps in one of Denver's wealthiest neighborhoods? Arash Mosaleh joins the show to talk about the plan fo bring a homeless camp the Park Hill Follow Arash on Twitter and Parler @arashmosaleh See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles May 5 5am

Jeff Hildebrand is filling in for Tom, so Peter spends some time sharing stories and listening to Jeff talk about working for the Western Channel. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles May 4 8am

As the pandemic lifts, the Dems grab more control. Why can't we have a fireworks celebration at Mt. Rushmore on the 4th of July? Pres. Biden blames the virus, we thinks it is something else because we bet his Admin wouldn't be canceling a gay pride parade. Peter and callers discuss what is really going on. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles May 4 7am

Aren't fireworks held outside? Peter and callers wonder why President Biden wants to cancel the fireworks celebration at Mt. Rushmore. Watch the continued push for control from the Dems as the pandemic obviously lifts in the US. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles May 4 6am

Independent filmmaker Joel Eastman returns to comment on Biden canceling fireworks on the 4th of July and more. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles May 4 5am

Did the bear have to die? Peter talks with callers about if/why the mother bear that killed a hiker this weekend was euthanized. Could they have moved her? Did she have to die? See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles May 3 8am

Who is the front runner to be the next Mayor of Denver? Brother Jeff joins the show. He and Peter handicap the Denver mayoral election, Denver politics, and stories about the beginnings of the Bloods and Crips in the Mile High City. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles May 3 7am

Media critic, Paul Farhi of the Washington Post returns to discuss the coverage of the death of Jeffery Epstein and Newsmax apologizing to Denverite, Eric Coomer, over lies about election fraud in 2020. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles May 3 6am

One of the major purveyors of the Big Lie about election fraud in 202 has admitted they have no proof. Peter wonders if anyone who believes the election fraud lie is re-thinking their position. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles May 3 5am

Newsmax quietly admits last Friday that they have no proof of wide spread voter fraud in the 202 election. Peter asks if this will change anyone's mind. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles April 30 8am

Paul Scudo from Step Denver joins the show to talk about Denver giving "those experiencing homelessness" a universal income. Then Dr Julie MCallen from Cenegenics is in studio to talk about our health and more. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles April 30 5am

The Denver Post has an interesting perspective on the press conference held my Randy Corporon yesterday. Peter and callers chat about the story and the idea of Denver giving universal income to the homeless. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles April 30 6am

Father Andre previews his Sunday show and then He and Peter talk about what made Martin Luther rebel against the Catholic Church. Then weekend host Randy Corporon talks to Peter about the Denver Posts slanted coverage of his press conference in Boulder yesterday. See for privacy information.


Peter Boyles April 29 8am

October 8, 1918 was a banner day for heroes of the American Expeditionary Force. Thirteen men performed heroic deeds that would earn them Medals of Honor. Of this group, one man emerged as the single greatest American hero of the Great War: Alvin Cullum York. We speak to James Carl Nelson about his book, "The York Patrol". See for privacy information.