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The Federalist Radio Hour features a conversation on culture, religion, and politics with the editors and writers of The Federalist web magazine. Hosted by Ben Domenech with regular guests Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi, the show takes on controversies in America from a contrarian point of view.

The Federalist Radio Hour features a conversation on culture, religion, and politics with the editors and writers of The Federalist web magazine. Hosted by Ben Domenech with regular guests Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi, the show takes on controversies in America from a contrarian point of view.
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The Federalist Radio Hour features a conversation on culture, religion, and politics with the editors and writers of The Federalist web magazine. Hosted by Ben Domenech with regular guests Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi, the show takes on controversies in America from a contrarian point of view.






Hemingway And Harsanyi: Happy Mueller Report Day!

Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi react to William Barr's press conference prior to the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on the Russian collusion. They also discuss the calls to investigative obstruction, hysterical media reactions, and their latest music and television consumption.


The Burning Of Notre Dame: Catholics, France, And Its Future

Christopher Bedford, Editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller News Foundation, joins Emily Jashinsky to discuss the historical significance of Notre Dame, what it's loss means to Catholics, and what we can expect as the French look to rebuild. They also discuss the forthcoming Mueller report and the predictable media reaction to it's contents.


Canadian Comedian Sugar Sammy Offends Audiences Across Cultures

Samir Khullar, better known as Sugar Sammy, is a Canadian comedian who performs comedy in multiple languages and cultures. Sugar Sammy joins Ben Domenech for discussion on joke writing, the art of the "Special," Canadian politics, and the future of comedy.


Charles Lane: America's First War On Terror, Op-Ed Pages, And Media Bias

Charles Lane is an editorial writer for The Washington Post and author of the new book, "Freedom's Detective: The Secret Service, the Ku Klux Klan and the Man Who Masterminded America’s First War on Terror." Lane and Domenech discuss post Civil War American history, the disruption of traditional news media, and the role of opinion pages in politics.


FCC Commissioner Pushes Back On Zuckerberg's Call To Censor The Internet

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is knocking down Mark Zuckerberg's proposal for the government to regulate “divisive speech." Carr joins Ben Domenech on the podcast to discuss hate speech, the future of 5G, and regulating the Internet and online privacy.


What To Know About U.S. Foreign Policy Positions In Israel, Syria, And China

Josh Rogin joins Ben Domenech to discuss the direction of U.S. relations with Israel, Trump's Syria policy, and the threat of China. Rogin is a columnist for the Global Opinions section of the Washington Post and a political analyst with CNN.


How A Secular Iranian's Spiritual Awakening Led Him To The Church

In his new memoir, Sohrab Ahmari shares his story of growing up in Iran, coming to America, and his conversion from a Marxist atheist to a devout Catholic. Domenech and Ahmari discuss the writers who influenced Ahmari during his spiritual awakening and how his conversion was received by his colleagues. Ahmari is the op-ed editor at the New York Post and his new book is "From Fire, by Water: My Journey to the Catholic Faith."


Bernie, Biden, The Woke Demographic, And Porn

Tim Alberta, chief political correspondent at Politico Magazine, joins Ben Domenech to discuss the current prospects for 2020 candidates, the shift of woke white liberals in the Democratic Party, and how the GOP lost the fight against porn. Technology and the porn content producers made the industry impossible to regulate. What now?


Designer Leah McSweeney: Fashion, Women's March, And Jordan Peterson

Leah McSweeney is the founder and CEO of Married to the Mob, a women's fashion line. She's also a columnist at Penthouse, and a journalist who first reported on anti-semitism at the top of The Women's March organization. McSweeney and Domenech discuss a range of topics including trends in the fashion industry, men obsessed with sneakers, and how the Women's March leadership responded to her reporting on their shady beginnings.


Physics Reveals 'Green' Energy Sources Are Unrealistic And Unsustainable

Can existing "green" energy match the efficiency of fossil fuels? Mark P. Mills is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, whose new report examines the physics behind green energy proposals, and shows why the world is no where near ready to undergo this "urgent" transition demanded by climate change alarmists.


American Fertility And The Consequences Of Our Plummeting Birth Rate

The U.S. fertility rate recently dropped to a historic low. What are demographers saying about this downturn? Should humans stop procreating to fight climate change? Lyman Stone joins the podcast to discuss fertility, demographics, the nature of Twitter arguments. Stone writes at The Federalist, AEI, and the Institute for Family Studies.


Hemingway And Harsanyi: How The Media Fell For The Russia Story

Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi narrate the utter failure of journalists to report the story of massive corruption in U.S. intelligence agencies, and how they instead fell for a fake story about Donald Trump's collusion with Russia. Our hosts describe the key players from the last two years, and discuss the awards the media has won for their now debunked stories.


Robert Mueller's Investigation Is Over: No Collusion

Ben Domenech, publisher of the Federalist, and Becket Adams, of the Washington Examiner, break down the weekend reactions to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe. They also discuss why the responsible journalists, who were skeptical of the mainstream media's now-false storylines, will sadly not be recognized or elevated for their critical reporting.


How To Live A Focused Life In A World Of Buzzing Technology

Is there a way to embrace technology without letting it control our daily lives? Cal Newport's philosophy of "digital minimalism" teaches how to live a focused life in an increasingly noisy world. Newport is a professor at Georgetown and the author of the new book, "Digital Minimalism."


New Zealand, Brexit, And Progressive Demand For Centralization

Brendan O'Neill is the editor of spiked, the online magazine that wants to make history as well as report it. He joins Ben Domenech on today's show to discuss the mass shooting in New Zealand and the rush to examine the attack's political framework. They also discuss Brexit, the evolution of the U.K.'s political parties, and progressive movement's struggle to accomplish big promises.


The Migrant Crisis On The Border Is A 'Money-Making Machine'

Federalist Senior Correspondent John Daniel Davidson interviews investigative journalist Jay Root on his new documentary "Border Hustle," in which TIME and The Texas Tribune collaborated to track the family separation crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. They dig into the billion-dollar smuggling industry and why the border has dominated the political conversation around immigration.


Senator Joni Ernst On Women In Combat, Iowa, And Paid Family Leave

Senator Joni Ernst joins Ben Domenech in studio to discuss women in the military, government waste, and her new paid parental leave proposal. They also discuss the highly political Iowa and the 2020 Democratic candidates that are swinging through her state.


David Frum Makes The Case For Restricting Immigration

David Frum, writer at The Atlantic, joins Ben Domenech for a discussion on how immigration impacts the economy, birthrates, and future citizens. They also discuss the college admission fraud scandal and 2020 contenders. Frum's cover story for The Atlantic this month is, "If Liberals Won’t Enforce Borders, Fascists Will"


Arthur Brooks On How To Lead Americans Away From Hating Each Other

Arthur Brooks, President of AEI, joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss increasing ideological polarization and why Americans have stopped speaking to friends and family over politics. His new book, "Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt" addresses how we can find our way out of this era of tribalism.


Jonathan Swan On The Evolution Of Trump's White House Operations

Jonathan Swan, White House reporter for Axios, discusses the challenges of covering the White House and how it's changed over the course of Trump's tenure. They also discuss the relationship between Trump and Congress, and the Democrats renewed impeachment efforts.