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Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.

Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.


New York, NY


Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.






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Biden Approval Ratings Freefalling - October 18th, Hour 1

Sean takes a look at the Biden approval ratings and some poll numbers in Virginia seem to show some troubles for Democrats heading into midterm elections. Sean has the latest numbers... Learn more about your ad-choices at


Peddling Lies - October 18th, Hour 2

David Schoen, Civil Liberties Attorney, and former Board Member of the Alabama Civil Liberties Union and Jordan Sekulow, Executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), co-host of Jay Sekulow Live and author of The Next Red Wave: How Conservatives Can Beat Leftist Aggression, RINO Betrayal & Deep State Subversion, discuss the lies peddled by Christopher Steele in his interview with Stephanopoulos on ABC. Learn more about your ad-choices at...


Defending Religious Freedom - October 18th, Hour 3

Daniel Suhr, Managing attorney at the Liberty Justice Center, has just filed a new case on behalf of 6 nurses in Illinois whose religious exemptions were denied. Here there story! Learn more about your ad-choices at


High-Class Problems - October 15th, Hour 1

Sean explains the supply chain struggles and why this is more than a "high-class problem..." Our economy can't fail because of these failures. Is anyone asking what "Empty Shelves Joe" is doing to assist?! Learn more about your ad-choices at


Contempt of Congress- October 15th, Hour 2

Gregg Jarrett, Fox News Legal Analyst, Host of The Brief, his new podcast and author of two bestsellers, Witch Hunt and the Russia Hoax, and John Solomon, Editor in Chief of Just the News, join to discuss Biden’s new laws on vaccine requirements for legal entry, but not illegal, the contempt of Congress of Bannon (even though the same was not upheld for Holder) and Biden’s latest blunder on the Supreme Court. Plus, John Moody stops by to discuss his new book, "Of Course They Knew, Of Course...


Let's Go Brandon - October 15th, Hour 3

Joe Pags, host of the Joe Pags Show, has a new parody set to the tune of We Will Rock You! “Let’s Go Brandon!” This is a MUST HEAR! Learn more about your ad-choices at


My Body, My Choice - October 14th, Hour 1

Thousands of military members are coming up against vaccine mandates and they just don't want to get the vaccine. Nearly half of the Chicago Police Department is threatening to stop working. Where are the "my body, my choice" people now?! Learn more about your ad-choices at


The Science Behind Mandates - October 14th, Hour 2

Sgt. Tre Pennie, served 21 years on the Dallas Police Force, and is President of the Dallas, Texas National Fallen Officer Foundation, Leo Terrell, Fox News Contributor and Civil Rights Attorney, and Dr. Brian Tyson, who is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has over 14 Years Experience in the ER. His hospital and medical experience has been with All Valley Urgent Care in El Centro, California. He has treated thousands of COVID patients with therapeutics and medicines that work. With...


Time To Save New Jersey - October 14th, Hour 3

Gubernatorial Jack Ciattarelli, is running against democrat socialist, Phil Murphy who has done everything he can to oppress the people of New Jersey. His ad about the current governor talks about his failed leadership, and is aptly titled “Failed.” Learn more about your ad-choices at


Biden at 38% - October 13th, Hour 1

President Biden has been falling in the polls since January and, though he's hidden in the bunker of the White House, seems to be falling rapidly in approval ratings. Sean recaps all the various ways the President is failing to produce...anything. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Every Bit Of America Falling to Biden - October 13th, Hour 2

Bill O’Reilly, the best-selling author of 15 instant #1 books including the #1 “Killing” series of histories, and his new bestseller, “Killing the Mob, talks about the demise of every sector in our nation under the Biden regime. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Censoring Safety - October 13th, Hour 3

Luke Rosiak, Investigative Reporter for the Daily Wire, broke the story yesterday of a Loudon county father who spoke out against the sexual assault against his daughter in a public school bathroom. He attempted to speak at a school board meeting about the cover up, and was escorted out. Are we now domestic terrorists when we speak out against the violence against our children? Learn more about your ad-choices at


Gas Prices Skyrocket - October 12th, Hour 1

Gas prices have skyrocketed under the Biden Administration... is anyone really surprised? Learn more about your ad-choices at


Veterans Speak Up - October 12th, Hour 2

Lt. Col Oliver North, USMC [Ret] was the counter-terrorism coordinator on President Reagan’s NSC staff. He is now CEO of Fidelis Publishing and Fidelis Media. His latest book is We Didn’t Fight for Socialism: America’s Veterans Speak Up. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Is President Trump Running? October 12th, Hour 3

Joe Concha, Fox News Contributor and columnist for The Hill, is here to analyze all the news from over the weekend. Not the least of which is the comments by former President Trump about his potential run for 2024, ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Laptop from Hell - October 11th, Hour 1

Miranda Devine, NY Post Columnist and author of the upcoming book, Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide, out this November, has written a scathing piece on the Biden White House and the lives at stake during all of their anti-American decision making. Plus, Senator Scott Brown visits with Sean. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Military Free Speech - October 11th, Hour 2

Stu and Cathy Scheller and Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas join today to discuss their son’s hearing yesterday at Camp Lejeune. Congressman Gohmert traveled to North Carolina to speak on behalf of the marine who is currently being held while not being charged with anything. Is there free speech for those who defend ours? Learn more about your ad-choices at


Meet Dr. Robert Malone - October 11th, Hour 3

Dr. Robert Malone visits with Sean. Dr. Malone is the Inventor of mRNA vaccines and RNA as a drug, and he is outraged by the government's decision to mandate people into a one size fits all medicinal solution. Malone is now working on a new media initiative that is just launching. The first rollout can be found at and This is an umbrella organization that is bringing together different physician groups from around the...


Democrats Falling Apart? - October 8th, Hour 1

Sean talks about the internal battles happening with Democratic lawmakers. Is President Biden struggling to work with his own party? Learn more about your ad-choices at


Financial Pressure - October 8th, Hour 2

David Rubenstein, the visionary cofounder of The Carlyle Group, is the author of the American Experiment: Dialogues on a Dream which came out this September. Today David discusses the negative impact of an extended debt ceiling, inflation and stagflation. How much more financial pressure can Americans take? Learn more about your ad-choices at