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Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.

Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.


New York, NY


Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.






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President Trump - May 16th, Hour 1

President Donald Trump talks about all the primaries and his thoughts on the potential outcomes given the amount of disruption across the country. See for privacy information.


Dr. Oz on Primary Day - May 16th, Hour 2

Dr. Oz is leading the Pennsylvania Senate GOP Primary but the race will be a close one. Dr. Oz swings by to talk about the upcoming primary. See for privacy information.


Senator Lou Barletta - May 16th, Hour 3

Former Senator Lou Barletta is running for Governor in Pennsylvania, and is here to talk about his upcoming primary. See for privacy information.


The Left Looks For Power - May 13th, Hour 1

Rose Tennent fills in for the resting Sean Hannity and addresses the 200 year adventure of the left who have been trying to grow Government since this country was founded! See for privacy information.


President Trump - May 13th, Hour 2

Rose Tennent sits down with the 45th President, President Donald Trump! Everyone was talking about how President Trump had lost his influence but these past primaries had him 55-0! See for privacy information.


Dr. Ben Carson - May 13th, 2022, Hour 3

Rose Tennent fills in for the resting Sean and sits down with Dr. Ben Carson. If you ever wanted to learn about the power of the human brain... now's the time and Dr. Carson is the person to do it! See for privacy information.


Beers and BBQ - May 12, Hour 1

Sean was criticized in 2016 for supporting President Trump. "The only thing that President Trump knows is beers and BBQ." Sean explains what he saw in President Trump then and how he chooses candidates in 2022! See for privacy information.


Hannity 05122022 5 PM hour

Carla Sands, Jeff Bartos and Sean Gale are running for Senate in Pennsylvania and join Sean to discuss the upcoming races. See for privacy information.


Parents as Terrorists - May 12th, Hour 2

Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio, who is a ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee is here to discuss the breaking news that our government and DOJ are actively labeling parents as terrorists See for privacy information.


Biden Depleted America - May 11th, Hour 1

Joe Biden's climate cult has caused America to lose the lifeblood of America. Putin is still earning billions off the Western World. We NEED energy independence and we need it now...and we can have it! See for privacy information.


Fighting the Ministry of Truth - May 11th, Hour 2

Rep.Lauren Boebert of Colorado is never one to shy away from confrontation in the fight for justice and freedom. She has been pushing back in the House against the Ministry of Truth led by disinformation experts, Mayorkas and Jankowicz and told Mayor Lightweight exactly where to shove it: See for privacy information.


Dr. Oz - May 11th, Hour 3

Dr. Mehmet Oz discusses the state of his PA Senate race. See for privacy information.


Biden Is Unwell - May 10th, Hour 1

Sean looks at some pretty hard evidence that President Biden is truly not performing well and has lost significant cognitive function. America truly does have a major concern! See for privacy information.


Do Nothing DOJ - May 10th, Hour 2

David Schoen, Former Counsel for President Trump,Civil Liberties Attorney and former Board Member of the Alabama Civil LIberties Union and Bob Salzer (SAUL-ZER), Philadelphia area Civil Attorney and Former Prosecutor discuss the SCOTUS position on Roe V. Wade and the threats of violence and protests outside of the Justices’ homes. Currently the White House claims that they have seen no violence, and the DOJ is doing nothing. See for privacy information.


Power of the Parent Vote - May 10th, Hour 3

Freedom Foundation's CEO Aaron Withe, takes on the teachers union led by Randi Weingarten who has spent her career pushing indoctrination and leftist agendas. With midterm elections around the corner, parents’ votes will play a big role in who takes office See for privacy information.


Unpeaceful Protests - May 9th, Hour 1

Sean covers the liberal response to the Rowe vs. Wade discussion including the promise of "unpeaceful protests..." See for privacy information.


Remembering The Contract with America - May 9th, Hour 2

Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House and author of the upcoming book out this July, Defeating Big Government Socialism, Saving America's Future, continues to remind us about his Contract with America, and why it is relevant today. See for privacy information.


Ted Budd - May 9th, Hour 3

Congressman Ted Budd is running for Senate in the state of North Carolina, and as a small business owner and someone committed to America first principles he is resonating with the people of North Carolina. See for privacy information.


Ban Conservative Violence - May 6th, Hour 1

Liberals never complain about violence when it is liberal violence. Harassments against Supreme Court Justices. Joe Biden calls MAGA "extreme" but there's nothing extreme about individual rights; sensible spending and energy independence. The liberals are very quiet when it's on their side of the aisle. See for privacy information.


David Perdue - May 6th, Hour 2

Gubernatorial Candidate for the State of Georgia, former Senator David Perdue, discusses his race, his opponents and the state of the nation and Georgia See for privacy information.