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Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.

Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.


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Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.






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Panic Politics and COVID - July 6th, Hour 2

Dr. Nicole Saphier, Fox News Contributor and author of Panic Attack, Playing Politics with Science in the Fight Against COVID-19, discusses the latest on COVID and vaccines. See for privacy information.


Pelosi Era Closing - July 6th, Hour 3

Leo 2.0 predicts the House will be flipping to the GOP and the Pelosi Era will end. With the end of the Pelosi era, some real investigations can begin... Leo 2.0 has some ideas... See for privacy information.


Roe vs. Wade - July 5th, Hour 3

In this "Best Of" Attorney Alan Dershowitz breaks down the legal arguments around Roe. vs. Wade! It was a legendary few weeks for the Supreme Court and it was a win for the rule of law. See for privacy information.


Best of Hannity - The US Is Suppressing Evidence- July 5th, Hour 1

In this "Best of" show, attorney Alan Dershowitz breaks down the legal argument that the US Government, via the January 6th hearings, is actively suppressing evidence. Where is the outrage?! See for privacy information.


Rand Paul and Lauren Boebert - July 1st, Hour 1

Between the crisis on the border and a failing economy, this has been a tough year! In this "Best of Sean Hannity" show, Rand Paul and Lauren Boebert outline their solutions for the future. See for privacy information.


Joe Concha and Mark Simone - July 1, Hour 2

Joe Conch and Mark Simone cover this second hour of the "Best of Sean Hannity" and tackle the big issues of the day. See for privacy information.


Trump Secrets - June 30th, Hour 1

Sean goes over the "facts" of the January 6th hearing including the latest contradictions around what happened in President Trump's limousine. It's clear that this entire spectacle is designed to do one thing, spend tax payer dollars trying to ruin one person... it's not working. See for privacy information.


Plot Against The King - June 30th, Hour 2

Kash Patel, former Pentagon Chief of Staff and author of the new children’s book, The Plot Against the King talks about January 6th and his inspiration to write fairy tales for kids based on his reality of working for the Trump administration. See for privacy information.


Blood on Biden's Hands - June 30th, Hour 3

Mark Morgan, former acting CBP commissioner and Heritage visiting fellow and Tom Homan, former acting ICE director and Heritage visiting fellow, discuss the tragic events at our border this week, and the blood on the hands of Harris, Biden, and Mayorkas. See for privacy information.


Committee Investigating Riots? - June 29th, Hour 1

The American People are spending millions to investigate what happened on January 6th. It's clear that the members have no interest in finding the truth and yet nobody is asking to investigate the violent revolutions that happened throughout the country! Remember when Seattle lost entire sections of the city to anarchy? Apparently the left has forgotten. See for privacy information.


Congressman Kevin Brady - June 29th, Hour 2

Congressman Kevin Brady, of Texas’ 8th district is the ranking Republican on the House Ways and Means committee. He’s here to discuss the economy, rising recession risks, and Republican proposals to combat inflation while President Biden still doesn’t have any that won’t make it even worse. See for privacy information.


Losing Chicago - June 29th, Hour 3

Gianno Caldwell, Fox News Contributor, lost his 18 year old brother in a shooting in Chicago’s unsafe, Lori Lightfoot streets. Today he joins to discuss the hardship he and many other families are facing under these current reckless democrat run cities. See for privacy information.


Free Speech for The Left Only - June 28th, Hour 2

Rep. Tim Walberg of Michigan has been an outspoken advocate for the pro-life movement, and one hostile leftist group made sure to let him know they didn’t like his use of Freedom of Speech. See for privacy information.


Death At The Border - June 28th, Hour 3

Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council and 20 year active Border Patrol Veteran, talks about the horrors of those running to our southern border illegally, and the dangers they face when they do. Biden and his administration have done nothing to stop these efforts, and are responsible for the open borders policy our nation faces every day. Are 48 people dead in the back of a trailer enough for the Biden administration, and Mayorkas and the rest to put a stop to these...


Abortion Will Be Legal In America - June 27th, Hour 1

Sean reminds the audience that the Supreme Court did NOT ban abortions in the United States... all they did was return the authority to the states where it belonged... Abortions will always be allowed in the United States. See for privacy information.


Governor Kristi Noem - June 27th, Hour 2

Governor Kristi Noem, of South Dakota, and author of the new book out tomorrow, Not My First Rodeo, joins to discuss today’s many challenges to families everywhere. With the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade, children everywhere are seeing the left’s desire to have future generations aborted. Noem, a stand pro-lifer, talks about her feeling on this topic See for privacy information.


Gregg Jarrett and Adam Carrington - June 27th, Hour 3

Gregg Jarrett, Fox News Contributor, Best Selling author and Host of the Podcast “The Brief,” and Dr. Adam Carrington, Hillsdale’s Chair in the U.S. Constitution, and a professor of politics and a Constitutional law scholar at Hillsdale College. He writes on the Supreme Court regularly for National Review, The Washington Examiner, and other publications. See for privacy information.


Constitution Wins - June 23rd, Hour 1

Sean covers the latest news on the Supreme Court's ruling defending the 2nd amendment against the liberal New Yorkers... See for privacy information.


Sen. Cruz and the Rule of Law - June 23rd, Hour 2

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, is outraged by the effort of the Senate to infringe upon the rights of the American people. In light of today’s ruling in New York in favor of gun owners, there is a growing sentiment that there should be more reverence paid to the rule of law and our constitutional rights See for privacy information.


Defending The 2nd Amendment - June 23rd, Hour 3

Senator Mike Lee of Utah, author of the new book Saving Nine: The Fight Against the Left’s Audacious Plan to Pack the Supreme Court and Destroy American Liberty, discusses the decision on Roe v. Wade today as protesters promise mayhem if they don’t get their way. In the meantime, gun owners in NY win a victory in the high court regarding concealed carry. See for privacy information.