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Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.

Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.


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Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.






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Western World Wake Up - August 5th, Hour 1

The Biden Administration has been weak with China but it's obvious that the Western World needs to wake up! Our dependency on foreign energy; our dependency on Chinese computer chips...the list continues. It's time the Western World WAKES UP! See for privacy information.

The American Dream - August 5th, Hour 2

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, has authored a memoir out next week, America, A Redemption Story, and is here to talk to us about that book and what it means to him to be an American. The book is out August 9th. The American Dream isn’t a thing of the past, but a miracle of the present. See for privacy information.

China vs. Farms - August 5th, Hour 3

Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China and The Great U.S.-China Tech War, talks about the threat of China to the United State and the world, and with the land buys and food shortages China is a bigger threat every day See for privacy information.

Voting Security Is Easy - August 4th, Hour 1

Sean covers all of the effort to implement "voter security..." This should be very simple. One person, one ballot.... See for privacy information.

Florida Defends Police - August 4th, Hour 2

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has been very active in the conversation surrounding securing our southern border, and recently, the State of Florida has seen an influx in fentanyl plaguing communities. Additionally, the State of Florida is fighting back against the soft on crime states that are leading to a decrease in law enforcement morale and in turn causing an increase in crime all throughout the country. One thing Moody and Governor DeSantis have created is the Be A Florida Hero...

Dr. Oz - August 4th, Hour 3

Dr. Oz, Pennsylvania Senate Candidate, talks about his democrat challenger John Fetterman’s soft on crime policies, rising crime in urban and suburban areas, and the way that the economy is spiraling out of control due to Biden. Oz explains that Fetterman would be a rubber stamp of Build, Back Better Biden. See for privacy information.

Paycheck To Paycheck - August 3rd, Hour 1

Sean covers the latest financial news that reports 61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck! That's up from 55% just a year ago! Savings accounts are dwindling and Americans are suffering...the math says so! See for privacy information.

China Doesn't Fear Biden - August 3rd, Hour 2

Bill O’Reilly, the best-selling author of 15 #1 books including the #1 “Killing” series of histories discusses Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. From his message of the day: China is busy rattling its sabers over Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. Predictable. The Xi government will eventually make a move to subjugate the capitalist island as it did with Hong Kong, but nobody knows the timetable. By electing a weak leader, Joe Biden, the American people have raised their own personal risk. Xi and...

Defeat Cancel Culture - August 3rd, Hour 3

Matt Schlapp, author of The Desecrators: Defeating the Cancel Culture Mob and Reclaiming One Nation Under God, and organizer of CPAC, talks about the results today following a slew of primaries yesterday. See for privacy information.

Spending Bill Failures - August 2nd, Hour 1

The Wharton School of Business made headlines this week when they warned that the new Machin-Schumer spending bill will not impact inflation at all. Sean covers the latest news and all the false narratives coming from the Biden Administration. See for privacy information.


Are Politicians Safe? - August 2nd, Hour 2

Dr. Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky and his wife, Kelley Paul, an accomplished author, join to discuss her recent op-ed on the safety of our government officials in this politically charged environment See for privacy information.


Primary Season In Full Swing - August 2nd, Hour 3

Robert Cahaly, pollster and head of the Trafalgar Group and Matt Towery, pollster, attorney and syndicated columnist discussed the important primary races happening around the country today. Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona and Washington all have important primaries today. See for privacy information.


US and Taiwan - August 1st, Hour 1

Speaker Pelosi is traveling and is likely to stop in Taiwan as a measure of support. Sean covers the visit and the confusing posture of the Biden administration. See for privacy information.


Kirk vs. The View - August 1st, Hour 2

Charlie Kirk is here to discuss his new book, THE COLLEGE SCAM: How America's Universities Are Bankrupting and Brainwashing Away the Future of America's Youth, and his victory over the View ensemble who spewed hate speech and misaligned his organization and attendees. See for privacy information.


Newt on Manchin - August 1st, Hour 3

Newt Gingrich, author of Defeating Big Government Socialism, joins to talk about the big government of the left, increased taxes and the bill Manchin is pushing that will hurt every tax paying American. Schumer and Manchin are lying to the American people, and the Wall Street Journal did a pretty good job of outlying where and by how much: Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wants a Senate vote on his partisan tax deal with Joe Manchin as early as this week, and no wonder he wants to rush it...


Face It, We've Got A Recession - July 29th, Hour 1

Sean runs through the numbers again and it's obvious that we're officially in a recession. Today, we heard, June's prices have increased at the highest rate since 2005. The Biden administration is still in denial but the numbers just don't lie. See for privacy information.


A Must-Hear on the Victor Bout Case - July 29th, Hour 2

Sean is joined by former DEA Special Operations agent Derek Maltz on the Victor Bout case. See for privacy information.


Music Can Save The World - July 29th, Hour 3

News Roundup: Musician John Ondrasik joins Sean to tell us about his trip to Ukraine, and the suffering of its’ citizens See for privacy information.


Lies Continue - July 28th, Hour 1

The Biden Administration claims to be the most transparent administration to-date but Sean has compiled a long list of lies that remind us all how much that's not true. See for privacy information.


Numbers Don't Lie - July 28th, Hour 2

Newt Gingrich, author of Defeating Big Government Socialism, joins to discuss the terrible economic reports out today and what that means for the country. The numbers don't look good. See for privacy information.