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Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.






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Debate Breakdown - September 28th, Hour 1

Sean breaks down the latest opinions from the GOP debate and wonders, out loud, if there were any real winners. See for privacy information.


Newt on the Debate - September 28th, Hour 2

Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House and author of March to the Majority, discusses the debate last night and what his expectations were headed into the evening. See for privacy information.


Congressman Jim Jordan - September 28th, Hour 3

Congressman Jim Jordan, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, talks about the impeachment inquiry, the attacks on Trump, and his letter to the very corrupt DA, Danni Willis. See for privacy information.


Disorder in America - September 27th, Hour 2

Bill O’Reilly, author of Killing the Legends: The Lethal Danger of Celebrity, has a new book out just yesterday, Killing the Witches, The Horror of Salem. Today he talks to us about the debates tonight and Sean’s moderation of a debate between Newsom and DeSantis. From Bill: We are now witnessing the rise of disorder in America, and it is hurting every single one of us. Unchecked immigration has led to chaos, unpunished crimes, fear, and higher costs for everything. It's creating massive economic anxiety. The President is diminished mentally and totally disinterested unless there is a racial component to be exploited. See for privacy information.


Speaking As An Expert - September 27th, Hour 1

Sean spends some time with Lynda talking about the right to "medical freedom" when it came to responding to COVID. See for privacy information.


Senator Tom Cotton - September 27th, Hour 3

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he serves as the Ranking Member for the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice and Counterterrorism, the Intelligence Committee, and the Armed Services Committee, he went to Harvard Law School and was a practicing private practice attorney. He is better served to discuss these issues than most of the people calling for the resignation of Menendez. See for privacy information.


Tired Joe - September 26th, Hour 1

President Biden nearly fell again! 75% of Americans don't want the President to run again and it's very clear the president is tired and unable to fulfill his duties! It's time to call for a replacement! See for privacy information.


Adversity of Diversity - September 26th, Hour 2

Leo Terrell, Fox News Contributor and Civil Rights Attorney and Carol Swain, author of The Adversity of Diversity discuss the race baiting game of the left which added yet another gem to its highlight reel this weekend. Biden in his infinite wisdom thought it would be good to patronize a room full of black guests by mispronouncing one guest’s name, and then referring to him as “boy.” Biden’s history of racism is decades long and this past weekend was no exception. See for privacy information.


Senator Tuberville - September 26th, Hour 3

Senator Tuberville joins Sean and discusses his hold on the DOD nominations and votes and the games the left is trying to play with the rules of the Senate. What they didn’t realize was that Senator Tuberville was way ahead of them, and prepared for their absurd antics. See for privacy information.


Devin Nunes - September 25th, Hour 3

Devin Nunes, CEO of Truth Social and TMTG (Trump Media and Technology Group) and former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee discusses the start of the impeachment inquiry hearings this week. See for privacy information.


Senator Menendez On The Hot Seat - September 25th, Hour 2

Gregg Jarrett, Fox News Legal Analyst and author of Trial of the Century & Jordan Sekulow, Executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), discuss Bob Menendez, his sorted past and where it crossed with none other than special counsel Jack Smith. See for privacy information.


2 Trillion Dollars - September 25th, Hour 1

2 Trillion in additional government spending has driven inflation through the roof and that has led to car costs to an all-time historical high! Who's paying the bill here? American families... at a cost of about $7,000 a year. See for privacy information.


Illegal Immigrants in Chicago - September 22nd, Hour 2

Gianno Caldwell, Fox News political Analyst and author of Taken for Granted: How Conservatism Can Win Back the Americans That Liberalism Failed, and Sara Carter, Fox News Investigative Journalist, are here to talk about the Biden administration's efforts to support illegal migrants over American citizens. And now we have 30 million going to Chicago, while hot mess Hochul flip flops on immigration. See for privacy information.


DNC Panic - September 22nd, Hour 1

President Trump is under attack from everywhere and yet the polls show him growing in the polls. Sean shares the latest on the DNC's panic.... Joe Biden is failing fast toward 2024. See for privacy information.


Here Come The Storms - September 22nd, Hour 3

Joe Bastardi, and author of the book, The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War, talks about the storm coming our way tomorrow. See for privacy information.


Poor People Don't Employ - September 21st, Hour 1

Sean reminds listeners why it's pretty important to have rich people... no poor people are hiring contractors. See for privacy information.


The Challenge to Save the Vote - September 21st, Hour 2

Scott Pressler, Founder and Executive Director of Early Vote Action (EVA), where the goal is to turn out the Republican vote in future elections, joins us to discuss National Voter Registration Day. The priority for EVA is to register more Republicans and encourage them to engage in early voting, vote by mail, & lawful ballot harvesting. This year, we have elections in KY, LA, MS, NJ, PA, & VA. If we want to defeat Joe Biden, it starts by winning 2023. See for privacy information.


Congressman Jeff Van Drew - September 21st, Hour 3

Congressman Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey joins Hannity following his extreme exchange with the head legal liar AG Merrick Garland. See for privacy information.


Garland Under Fire - September 20th, Hour 1

Sean covers all of the ways in which Attorney General Garland has struggled to perform the duties of his office! See for privacy information.


Bill O'Reilly - September 20th, Hour 2

Bill O’Reilly, author of Killing the Legends: The Lethal Danger of Celebrity, has a new book out in September, Killing the Witches, The Horror of Salem, out on September 26, 2023 - Bill had this piece on his site about Hunter and Joe and their extended family’s involvement in their many nefarious business dealings. Kimberly Strassel of The Wall Street Journal is an excellent columnist. On Friday, she reported that "suspicious banking transfers" were reported 170 times in transactions made by Hunter and Jim Biden, the President's brother. That may be a record. See for privacy information.